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Published: Wednesday, June 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Healthy hobby

At least these guys are spending their time outdoors with friends, rather than indoors in some virtual-pretend-universe online.

Is "Second Life" any more real than bigfoot? Is building a pretend race car in the garage any better for the world than than building a myth in nature?

And in regards to David W. Patten, I wouldn't put it past a frontiersman on a long solo journey to tell a tall tale or two. Those days were full of myths and mystery.

Napoleon Dynamite

All the flippin sasquatches got defeated by the horses! Didn't any of you learn anything from my Utah State Fair commercials? GOSH!!!

To "Re:Why Not"

"Re:Why Not", you had written the following in your post where you were obviously responding directly to me:
"True, but those newly-discovered species have one thing in common - they're all very small! Their impact on the ecosystem has gone unnoticed because it's so minor. That wouldn't be the case with bigfoot.
Obviously you know nothing about biology, ecology, or the food chain, so why don't you leave the discussion to the adults?"

So, my response is this: First, NOT ALL newly found species are 'very small' as you stated. One newly found dinasour species (JUST THIS YEAR)is larger than a T-Rex. Myself, I wouldn't consider that to be 'very small'.

However, although I may not 'know anything about biology, etc.', as you had informed me, I guess YOU 'Obviously don't know much about comparative/relative sizes either then' if you consider a dinasour of that size to be "VERY SMALL", am I right?

Just because something hasn't been found YET doesn't mean that it definitivly doesn't exist. One just hasn't been found as of yet.

Maybe it's YOU who should leave the discussion to adults?


TO: Re: RE: Why Not 8:32....That was a great blog. Thank you for dressing down people who are immature and nasty. We can have reasonable debate and mature discussion without getting insulting.

Does Bigfoot exist? I have no idea. But I think anyone should be allowed to express his/her opinion without being insulted.

Phantom Panther

I have not seen a Bigfoot. However, I have read Dr. Meldrum's book "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science." It is well-researched and well-written. Your local library may have a copy. Also, I have a brother-in-law who claims to have seen one of these creatures. He is a religious man (currently a Stake President) and is not prone to lying or making up things for attention. So, I believe people are defintely seeing something unusual in the woods.

Ernest T. Bass

Probably the same people who think byu will one day play in a BCS bowl.

in the middle

People who claim to see bigfoot are seeing something they don't understand. There have been thousands and thousands of sightings by people who are hunters, forest rangers, doctors, lawyers, law officials etc. Why would these people risk their reputations by saying they say a bigfoot. Could it be possible that 1 sighting was real and that bigfoot exists. It's very possible. I hope bigfoot does exist and would love to look for it, but I have a wife and a daughter and one on the way. In the future I hope I will be able to search for it. I live in Western Pa. and wonder if anyone knows any stories from there. I also find it hard to believe that with all the technology today that the only good video is the Patterson-Gimlin from 40 years ago. All the people today that search have video cameras, cameras. there are also tons of motion cameras tied to trees and no good pictures. I hope they do exist and would have fun trying to prove that they do, but I just don't see that the existence being real. Thanks for Listening.

Let them come

As long as they want to come to Utah and spend money here, I say lets make them welcome. We don't have to believe, to be good hosts, and pocket their spendings.

Mocking Mockers

I like mocking folks who mock folks who believe in bigfoot. They're so certain they're right about the most trivial things . . .


I spent many years in Search and Rescue in British Columbia and Washington State, and at one of our annual training conferences, a researcher from BFRO was invited to give a presentation. Every one of his seminars were standing room only. It was absolutely fascinating. He presented a lot of compelling information and evidence that would make anyone stop and think. I have no idea if Bigfoot exists or not. I am, however, willing to keep an open mind and would probably enjoy one of those outings to look for the creature. Let those who want to believe do so. If you don't believe, that's cool too.


I do not know if Big Foot exist. It is a neat thought to think about. I have not read Dr. Meldrum book but he was a member of my ward for a short while. He was kind of on the quite side but he did not seem at all wack-O in any way. I did learn that he goes overseas a lot to do research there also so this is not just an "American" creature.. I guess that there has been quite a lot of sighting in the China area and they seem to tell about the same size and discription as the sightings here. As, I said I do not say yea or nay... but one thing to think about is the saying "Where there is smoke, there is usually fire" or something like that. Therefore I try to keep an open mind about this and read and learn as I go.

re: Ernest T. Bass

You sir are rude! You and Re:Why Not @8:32 ought to do us all a favor and take a class on being polite.


Re: Why not, re re not and re re re not :

I'm not sure if there's a big foot (but I hope so . . . just so big mouth will have to extract his probably even bigger foot from his mouth when he apologizes to the nice person who expressed an honest opinion here.

I do know that contemporary thinking at one time declared the world to be flat till someone took a wrong turn in a ship. Maybe when that happened it inflated ?

be nice kids.

The Patterson Film

I watched again the original Patterson / Grimlin film of Bigfoot @ Bluff Creek on U-TUBE. I have to say - all joking aside - this is a pretty convincing piece of evidence. Not a believer myself I have to admit this film footage is hard to refute. Slow motion shows muscles flexing in the creatures legs as it walks. Breasts are clearly evident as well. The size of the beast would have taken about a 450 lb man who was very very agile - hard to find even in the NFL. All this footage shot by ole Roger Patterson back in 1967. Holy cow even the best of Hollywood today can't put a man in a monkey suit and make it look realistic and we're talking 1967. If this film was a hoax, it was the best hoax ever created.

when the sun goes down

Everybody is a bigfoot comedian ...that is until they are setting by the camp fire somewhere in the High Unitas with the full moon shining overhead. Suddenly bigfoot seems plausible.


I agree with AZ. I don't know if Bigfoot exists or not. I don't really care enough to call this guy a crazy lunatic or a genius. It seems interesting that there is evidence for both sides. Seems kinda like religion, right? I guess those that have seen him know and there are others that only believe. There are some that are so certain that he doesn't exists and others still that are indiferent.


These people mirror thoughts of the religious out there. Believing means its fact. The degree, which you believe is directly related to whether what you believe is fact. If you can't disprove the existence of Big Feet, UFO's or alligators in the sewers, this proves it must be true.


I have been waiting for someone to go to on a quest to find Bigfoot. I have been a believer since i was a young child, and after this article i believe even MORE!! thank you!

Believer's mother

I am Believer's mother. I want you all to know that her "contribution," as it's called, was made tongue in cheek, in case it isn't obvious. Though in truth, she is 14 and is going camping in the Uintahs in a couple of weeks, and half of her does believe.

As I am 50, and have been hearing of Bigfoot sightings since I was 14, and yet no Bigfoot mama and baby has ever been found in all that time--only giant footprints--my conclusion is that they are either from space, are soon to be extinct, or as previously suggested, are a figment of the moonlight and the campfire and the rarefied air of the High Uintahs.

Thanks for listening.


check missouri 1835 then laugh your head off at your own people.

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