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Published: Wednesday, June 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Up next, a gorilla suit in a freezer, and fifteen minutes of fame.


Of course, all the Bigfoot stuff doesn't hurt Mr. Burns' bed and breakfast business in Duchesne.

It's amazing how the purveyors of one of the most often cited Bigfoot "films" have admitted how it was faked, and yet people still fall for this.


I hope these "Bigfoot" explorers arent paid off commission with finding one of these.


Could it be just Janet Reno in a gorilla suit? After all she said she wanted to hit the road and see America?


Bigfoot or Cain?

knocks and whistle sounds throws rocks in the darkness

All alleged behaviors of Cain found in the Bible.


Thousands of hunter out in the woods every year and yet no one ever sees a Big Foot. I wonder if this guy would be interested in buying some property in Florida that I have.

Why Not

Why can't it be true? Just because YOU haven't seen one before for yourself? They find never before discovered species of various living things all the time all over the world. Washed up creatures on beaches they have no ideas of what they are, dead animals in woods where there is no record of anything looking like they do ever existing before. The world is full of unexplained, and undiscovered things still. Granted, they are far and few between, and very rare, but there are new finds every year. As to the part of the story where the naysayers ask 'why there hasn't ever been any fossil discoveries for a bigfoot type species located in the past', what I have to say to that is: In my OWN PERSONAL opinion, there are NEW & PREVIOUSLY undiscovered dinasour species fossils found and discovered all the time. And we find out only then, that there were OTHER dinasour breeds/species we never previously knew had existed on our planet. So, why is it then impossible for a 'Bigfoot' to either currently, or previously existed just because we have not found any fossil 'evidence' as of YET? Just sayin'.


...Everybody knows that the Bigfoot species was hunted to extinction by Paul Bunyan and his trusty cohort Babe, the blue ox.


Don't worry about how they're getting their funding: I'm sure Obama included $75 million or so in the stimulus bill for Bigfoot research.

Re: Why Not

I'll tell you why it can't be true....because any organism of that size would require massive amounts of food to stay alive, plus its shelter would need to be quite large. And don't tell me that it's easy for "one or two" of them to hide undetected for centuries - the total bigfoot population would need to be in the hundreds to have sufficient genetic diversity to continue the species.

You said "they find never before discovered species of various living things all the time all over the world." True, but those newly-discovered species have one thing in common - they're all very small! Their impact on the ecosystem has gone unnoticed because it's so minor. That wouldn't be the case with bigfoot.

Obviously you know nothing about biology, ecology, or the food chain, so why don't you leave the discussion to the adults?


Who Cares...If the guy wants to waste time looking for bigfoot...great! After all how many hours do the rest of us spend hanging out,watching tv or maybe just playing x-box. Whatever guy... do what you want. Good luck.

Re: Re: Why Not | 8:32 a.m. June

Name calling and fault finding does not make you look good.

Take some advice: Learn to disagree without being disagreeable. I found your comment to be offensive and childish.

You may know a great deal about biology. It is my hope that you people skills will improve to the point that they match your other skills.


At the insistence of a relative, I've sat through a couple of the John Salmond tv episodes. What a hoot! He and his cronies waddle off into the woods and are alarmed by every noise and smell they encounter. They estimate the size of a supposed Bigfoot by where they find bullets in trees where some other moron took a shot at something that scared him. Let's see, if he fell down and took a shot and the bullet's trajectory sends it 12 feet into a tree branch, then, by gum, the monster he was shooting at HAD to be at least 15 feet tall! Oh, my! Lions, and tigers, and bears - and Bigfoot. Here's another thought, Why Not, because no remains have ever been found to support the existence of anything like it. No bones, no fur, no nothin'. Hopefully, Salmond and his crew are funding their own research.

RE: Mormon History@8:33

Nice. Thanks for your curious attempt to draw a connection between the American legend of Bigfoot and an anecdotal quasi-religious experience.

But since you insist: I have read the Patten account before and looked it up, thanks. 101, you rather conveniently forgot to mention it's also a SECOND-HAND account--one of those "I remember David Patten once told me that..." stories. They're easily fabricated.

I'm not saying that Bigfoot doesn't exist or that Patten never had this experience. But the first issue, since it's a scientific question, needs scientific confirmation--tangible evidence to go along with all the anecdotal material--before being accepted as fact. (The gorilla-suit-in-freezer episode and other hoaxes don't exactly help bolster the case.)

The second is largely a historical issue, since it's not truly concerned with the central tenets of my religion. Let the historians likewise debate its veracity. It doesn't need to be true for me to know the Church is true, too.


My daughter had a friend that saw a bigfoot in the mountians of northeastern Arizona several years ago, and he told her others had seen it also. Just because not everyone goes public doesn't mean others have not seen something.


That "weird feeling" is the ultimate proof we've always been waiting for. Now, finally, we know that Bigfoot exists, and he is a wise creature indeed, far more intelligent than humans or any other beast, for he has so far eluded a fate common to many humans, being hit as a pedestrian by a speeding car coming around a curve.

Charles Vaughn

Some people believe in God. I've never seen him. Does that mean he doesn't exist? Let's hear what your hobbies are. I dare you.

SLC gal

Maybe it's a human mutation. Like the people who change into werewolves when the moon is full?

Seriously though, I hope if there is a Bigfoot out there, they NEVER catch him, just becuase of the horrible poking, prodding, and the ultimate circus such a creature would be subjected to.


Stories like this just make life a bit more fun. Plus, you see far less antipathy among commenters because everyone can agree that this is just a bit crazy, but we like it.

I agree with AZ, this is no less productive of a hobby than my internet surfing, and at least this guy gets some exercise and a thrill.

The Rock

I live in Washington State.
I have never met bigfoot or seen any evidence to support the existence of this elusive critter.
I find it unusual that there is not more physical evidence for the existence of bigfoot if in fact it does exist.


I cannot just dismiss the reports from credible people who have seen, heard or smelled things they cannot otherwise explain. There are many things in this world that cannot be explained. Science requires that we keep an open mind. Much of science consists of doing that which once was thought to be impossible.

People laugh at the Liahona in the Book of Mormon (a ball or director with arrows pointing the way they should go in the wilderness and courious writting would appear from time to time). While traveling recently with my laptop, Microsoft Streets and Trips and a GPS antena, I had such a device. It pointed the way we should go and writting did appear and a voice was heard giving us instructions to boot.

If I made that claim in the 1960's I would have had my head examined against my will.

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