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Published: Monday, June 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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A milquetoast is a weak, ineffectual person.


De Colo

would be a good choice with the second round pick.

As a BYU Fan

I don't really see Mr. Nevill making it in the NBA. I'd love to see him succeed as a product of the MWC (even though I'd have to put up with hearing about it from UofU fans), but I think he and cummard are heading overseas this year. Even if Nevill gets drafted in the second round (which he's got a better chance of than Cummard), I still doubt he makes a roster, but hopefully I'm wrong.

Re: John

Thank you so much for your highly educated observation. Gee, whiz, golly gee. I don't know what I do with myself without big brained people like you pointing out meaningless spelling and grammatical errors, especially with caps for emphasis so that those of us with small brains can tell what you are so eloquently telling us. I don't think I could have made it through the day without your help.

Cowboy Joe


Cowboy Joe

Here are some Jazz recent first round drafts
Jose Ortiz
Quincy Lewis
Luther Wright
Jamie Watson
Curtis Borchard
Raul Lopez
Kirk Snyder
Chris Humphries
Scott Padgett
And many more
Minimal Success
Greg Ostertag
Ronnie brewer
In the last 20 years the Jazz have drafted two good players two okay players and a lot of losers. Sounds like they sure know how to draft them. I think they should pick the person they don't want then maybe we can get someone good. If they did that we would have Al Jefferson instead of Kris Humphries

Cowboy Joe

The Jazz seem to draft better in the second round rather than the first. Second round players on the team, not all drafted by the Jazz, Carlos Boozer, Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver, CJ Miles, Mehmet Okur, Jarron Collins, Fesenko. 3/5 of the starting line up was second rounders


why does most of the other teams try and move up in the draft and do some trades to help their team get stronger and o conner just sets on his duff and does nothing, probly still on vacation and the draft is only a couple of days off. no wonder why we will always be a first round playoff loser. get a new gm.

The Jazz do not move up

because it costs them resources and once you get past Griffin (not available) all of the prospects have problems so they may as well wait at 20 and see who falls down to them like last year (Koufos). Blair is dropping and Hansbrough is rising. Lawson is dropping Holiday is rising.

You can make a case that Blair and Lawson are actually better choices for the Jazz so there is no need to move.

Besides they can get Gibson or Johnson if both Blair and Lawson are gone. There are a host of PGs available at 20. Once you get past Griffin there is a lot of parity. There are lots of trade offs as apposed to a player the Jazz just have to have.

They have lots of good options in the 2nd round.
No one is talking about it but if the Jazz offered cash for an extra 1st round pick many teams would take that quickly.

Expect Houston to buy into the first round. They need a C (not any great ones in this draft).

The Jazz could trade Fez for Landry (I would not)or some other PF.

Griffin and Blair

rank 2 and 1 an almost all of the metrics for quality of player. Blair is #1 on PER, WS/40, and least TO/Pos. He is #2 on EFF, EFF/40, Points/Pos, TS%, FG% and RBs.

He may be gone by 20? In which case the Jazz will draft another PF who they were more likely to get who is also a good pick.


been there! done that!

Utah and the draft

I was surprised but since 2005 the Jazz have done a decent job of drafting.

In 2005 they drafted Williams in the 1st and CJ Miles and Whaley in the 2nd.

In 2006 they drafted Brewer in the 1st and Millsap and Dee Brown in the 2nd.

In 2007 they drafted Almond in the 1st and Hill in the 2nd.

In 2008 they got Koufos in the 1st and Tomic and Dragicevic in the 2nd.

The second round picks do not hurt you unless you sign them and spend money on developing them. The Jazz got both Millsap and CJ in the second and it worked.

The only bust is Almond. For reasons no one understands he has not worked out. He was a good choice when chosen. He may yet develop.

The Jazz also bought Fez (not drafted).

POR on the other hand has a long history of drafting and trading the players they draft almost immediately. They wheel and deal a lot with draft picks and also drafted players. They have dealt not directly drafted their way into a decent team.

Little research goes a long way

The Jazz did draft Hill in the second round, but the Jazz did not "buy" Fesenko, and Fess did not go undrafted. Fess was, in fact, drafted early in round two (#38) by the 76ers and traded to the Jazz for Herbert Hill. In fact, some circles believe that the trade was a quid pro quo for the Jazz acquiring Alan Henderson from the 76ers on 2/22/07 in a salary cap manuever. The Jazz cut Henderson, absorbed his salary, and the 76ers resigned him for the minimum. The Jazz actually obtained the rights to swap second round picks, which never came to fruition, which is why the trade was likely consumated.

Portland vs Utah since 04

2008 #13 Brandon Rush #23 Kosta Koufus
2007 #1 Greg Oden #25 Morris Almond
2006 #4 Tyrus Thomas #14 Ronnie Brewer
#30 Joel Freeland
2005 #6 Martell Webster #3 Deron Williams
# 27 Linas Kleiza
2004 #13 Sebastian Telfair #14 Kris Humphries
#23 Sergei Monia #16 Kirk Snyder
#21 Pavel Podkolzin

All time

Top 10 picks in the draft
2007 #1 Greg Oden
2006 #4 Tyrus Thomas
2005 #6 Martell Webster
1995 #8 Shawn Respert
1984 #2 Sam Bowie
1978 #1 Michael Thompson
1978 #7 Ron Brewer
1976 #5 Wally Walker
1975 #6 Lionel Hollins
1974 #1 Bill Walton
1972 #1 LaRue Martin
1971 #2 Sidney Wicks
1970 #8 Geoff Petrie

2005 #3 Deron Williams
1983 #7 Thurl Bailey
1982 #3 Dominique Wilkins
1980 #2 Darrell Griffith
1975 #7 Rich Kelley


Oh lest I forget big time mistakes by Portland in the draft, in 75 they picked Martin ahead of Bob McAdoo and Julius Erving. In 78 they picked Mychal Thompson inhead of Larry Bird. In 84 they picked Sam Bowie ahed of MJ, Barkley, and Stockton. In 2006 they took Greg Oden ahead of Kevin Durant, Al Horford, Rodney Stuckey, and others.
Does that help put it in perspective for you Cowboy Joe? Yeah the Jazz have drafted some duds but Portland has some of the all times busts. Also Portland has had way more franchise changing chances they have bungled up. The last time the Jazz had that we picked Dwill and rebuilt faster than anyone thought possible.

Go LUKE!!!

Mark Eaton averaged 6 pts/g and 8 rebs/g. Luke's size is comparable, as well as, speed (tic). Mark had 10 lbs on him. No, he doesnt have the bulk . . . yet. But still his size is his strength and his presence will be hard to ignore.

John Wicks

Luke would be a great starter on a Junior Jazz league team!!!!!

Utah Man

Good Luck Luke. I enjoyed your years at the U. Take heart. Okur has been in the league for years because he can shoot a 3ball. Not much else..you know how to play D and you've got post moves. Wherever you land, you'll be making more bank the all the BBall Bozos on this blog combined! Go UTES!!

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