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Published: Monday, June 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good Luck Luke!


Good luck Luke. It's always encouraging when the comments regarding improvement are about things that can easily be addressed. Weight and strength are much more easy to address than coordination. As a BYU fan, I didn't see much of Luke in college. I wish him the best of luck.


waste any more jazz time on this guy. He will end up overseas!

Jazz could use Nevill

As bad as the interior defense is for the Jazz, couldn't they use a guy who has decent footwork and can alter/block shots? Sure he needs to bulk up, and he did that during his college career so it is likely to continue. The guy can score if needed, has a good touch from the line, can help defend the rim, and is 7'2".

Take a chance on him in round #2. He has already shown more heart and work ethic than Fez.

Nevill may make it late

in the 2nd round but he is not a good pick for Utah. The Jazz have Fez. Which means the Jazz have more immediate needs.

As far as a big slow C who can shoot, the Cleveland C comes to mind. Okur is not the only C in the NBA who shoots outside.

Nevill will probably spend a couple years in Europe which is good because he will be playing instead of sitting and watching.

As a BYU fan I hope you make it. Ditto for Cummard.

Nevill can play

I feel he has the talent to dominate the SLC rec league.

He has a pretty good chance of..

Playing in Europe with Trent Plaisted and Cummard.

lol at europe comment

the jazz need a chris bosh or maybe tayshawn prince type. not another milk toast big man.


I just don't see Luke making it. Too soft from a bad conference.

What exactly is

a milk toast bigman?


According to wikipedia:

Milk toast's soft blandness served as inspiration for the name of the timid and ineffectual comic strip character Caspar Milquetoast, drawn by Harold Webster from 1924 to 1952. The term "milquetoast" has since adopted a new meaning: a timid, shrinking, apologetic person.

Put the word "bigman" behind that definition, and there you go.

Good shooting skills aside, some team would have to take a very large leap of faith that Luke has the personality and body to make it in the league of thugs.

loyal reader

I consider myself a milk toast big man. Ask anybody.

I am

fat and old. Milk Toast would be in improvement.


U strictly college bball fans get under my skin.. "league of thugs".. there were plenty of thug players on my college bball team.. and there are plenty of thugs in the NCAA. Just to remind you, the great majority of NBA players still come from the ranks of the NCAA.. and the other players usually arent thugs.. unless you consider Nowitski a thug! LOL..


I didn't know people from New York could be offended so easily. Sorry about that (notice my own milk toast tendencies).

Ok, so league of thugs is too strong ... how about league of "as long as my rear end weighs more than you, I can shove you any direction I like any time I like"?


Thats more like it Rick!!
The Jazz need to get a defensive minded shot blocking big man.. even if it means letting Boozer or Milsap resign with another team!! No more undersized PF please!!

Old-Time Pro B-Ball Fan

Sorry NYJazzFan, but "League of Thugs" is correct. Sure the "thugs" themselves come from the NCAA but there they are minor league thugs who really don't have the skill perfected until they get to the Pros.

When in the Pros they have all the money and fame and think they are all that and many act like a bunch of children on and off the court.

I prefer the days of Dr. J, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and the boys.

The sad thing is

that POR is going to kick Utah out of the gym on this draft. With 5 picks POR is bound to luck into at least 2 very good players. Further they are very good at evaluating and developing young players.

The Jazz are rapidly dropping behind key rivals. OKC will be better next year also.

The Jazz will be lucky to maintain an 8th seed. They will have salary problems and will not be able to fix the PF or outside shooting problems this year.

They are simply being out moved by smarter organizations.

Hansbrough is a safe pick but draft express just evaluated all of the PFs. Hans is weak in rebounding. The Jazz are weak in rebounding. That is one of the reasons they lose to LA.

Boozer may be bad on defense but he can rebound. Rebounding is like secondary defense. It keeps the ball away from your opponent.

With or without Boozer the Jazz are a long ways away from making serious progress in the right direction. The Sloan bias for Vets is biting them hard this year. Vets cost a lot of money to keep.

If the Jazz are not

careful they will become the Wizards of the West with most of their money going to 3 maxed out injury prone players, paying the Lux tax and no hope of winning and no hope of trading out of the mess.

At least NYs new coach give them a little hope for improvement.


Until the Blazer stop passing on guys like MJ and Kevin Durant for guys like Sam Bowie and Greg Oden, the words "they are very good at evaluating and developing young players" should not be used again. The Jazz are a far superior drafting team to Portland.

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