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Pitt's Young would bring 'nasty' streak Jazz brass openly covet

Published: Sunday, June 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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@ Todd

Sorry, bud, it is arrogance because you're insinuating you know more about b-ball than Jerry Sloan and the entire Jazz organization and "you know zero about basketball" if you truly believe your insinuations to be facts. Rick Mahorn? Bill Laimbeer? You mean the same Laimbeer who's been winning championships in the freaking WNBA? You mean the same Laimbeer that can't get an NBA team to even sniff his coaching "abilities"? Apparently you know something about him 30 teams in the NBA haven't discovered. Mahorn is an interesting option, but he's another guy who's unproven. How do you know his "tough man" gig will translate to coaching. And speaking of "tough man" gigs, isn't that exactly what Sloan is? Yet you want another one? You're all over the map, and that's what I'm talking about when I say your alternatives are just as fruitless/silly as your mockery of Sloan supporters.


Sloan may not be the best coach in the NBA, but it is hard to argue that he is not one of the best coaches of his generation. Since, he took over as head coach 22 years ago only 3 teams have won more division titles(Pistons, Lakers, and Spurs) and only 4 teams have won more conference titles (Pistons, Bulls, Lakers, Spurs). Additionally, those four teams (Pistons, Bulls, Lakers, Spurs) have taken 18 of the 22 titles with Jackson, Popevich, Riley, Daly coaching 18 of the 22 titles as well. While, Sloan may not be at their level, I would rank him right behind those four over the last 22 years. And if the Jazz can have the 5th best coach every 22 year span, I will not have any complaints. Sloan keep up the good work.

Additional Facts

Over Sloan's tenure only 2 teams have averaged more wins per season, see listing below. While he has yet to win a title, his teams are competitive year in and year out. For example, during his Jazz coaching career he has had only one losing season (the fewest of all NBA teams during that stretch). Based on those few facts, I'll take Sloan any day of the week.

TeamAverage Wins/Year
Bulls 43.9


Sloan has his strengths

and his liabilities.

I would suggest Stockton as a possible replacement. If ever there was a player who understood the game and Sloan's system it was Stockton.

Stockton would be perhaps the greatest game coach of all time. However, he is "unproven" and he may or may not be able to handle the younger players or thier personalities.

I think Stockton would be acceptable to most Sloan supporters and he would quickly put his own stamp on the system and the team. He would not be a rubber stamp of Sloan.

Stockton is a winner and I think he would be very clear with management about what he needed to win. He also would trade any player who did not perform or put the team and winning first. I think the defense and back to back problems would disappear quite quickly.

He certainly has enough game experience and knowledge to coach an NBA team.

todd from santa ana

How am I all over the map? every human has good and bad points. Sloan has won nothing in over 20 years. the last 2 years, we have been eliminated one round earlier in the playoffs each year. I will not rehash the reasons. I have been consistent, a tough coach but yet passionate, flexible game strategies, good communicator-lets be honest. You supporters or "holics" would not "accept anyone" truly to replace Sloan unless it is a Jazz person or Phil Johnson.

Very closed minded. I am so glad you guys are in the minority....


I have been a Jazz fan since they moved from New Orleans and suffered thru many bad years. Todd should check his facts - the Jazz won 2 Western Division championships in the late 90s only to lose twice to superhuman Michael Jordan. When Stockton and Malone retired the jazz were out of the playoffs - what- 1 or 2 years? Look how long Chicago was a cellar dweller after Jordan left.
Jerry Sloan is the best. But Utah is a small market team and struggles to get $ players to come. Not the coach's fault. Judge him by who he has to work with. look at the rest of the league struggling to find a coach that wins. And Utah has the best and you want to dump him? Crazy. You will realize how good you had it when he leaves.

todd from santa ana

funny, Grant Napier the Sacramento announcer told me that also. Whether anyone thinks so or no, I listed and respect all takes if good reasons given. Today Sloan has more admirers than ever. My mind will not change, he had a free day today maybe Fathers day yesterday people in good mood who knows?

Then again I do not need to check my facts. See I have followed the Jazz since 1978-1979. Mr. Atlanta you are not a great source. See the Hawks until recently have stunk and stunk forever....A couple Fratello, Wilkins years and the last 2. 1/2 empty Omnis. Hawks gee what an history in atlanta. Cannot live forever with Hudson, Pistol and Bellamy...Sloan the best? I will not comment...Not his fault. Course not...When he leaves I will celebrate....Then again Phil comes in no.....The Jazz actually missed 3 years in a row. Small Market? Hee hee hee hee. San ANtonio is "huge">>> Drafting, good trades and talent evaluation all has to do with big market I guess.

Sorry. Gong..


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