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Pitt's Young would bring 'nasty' streak Jazz brass openly covet

Published: Sunday, June 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ford said that he could step right in and start.
Guess Ford does know Sloan. He probably meant he could step right in and start in the D-league for two years.
Heck Kobe, Lebron, Jordan, would be in the D-League for two years under Sloan.

Alex in Kansas

I thought we needed a big man in the 4 or 5 position? I realize Kirilenko and Miles aren't producing, and that Harpring is near the end of his road. But, until you unload one of them we are way overstuffed in this position. What's going on here?


Yeah, just like Milsap and Dwill spent so much time in the D-League. If you deserve playing time and can play in the league Sloan lets you play. You all are so worn out with your mis-guided Sloan hate. Even Kou got PT until he hit the rookie wall and his play really suffered.


I am thankful that IDjazz12 is not the coach of the Jazz. He obviously judges talent from what he reads in newspapers and on the internet.

For me, I'll stick with a coach who actually is at the practices and sees the talent.


Was he quoted as saying that the Jazz are a "tough" team??? Is everyone still going off of the reputation of the Jazz in the 90's. Have we not been complaining for the last 4 months that we are the exact opposite of a "tough" team?

And I think this whole "Jerry SLoan loves guys who give it their all and if they work very very hard then they will get a spot in the lineup." That is so far from the truth... Harpring played very little minutes this year, while softies Miles, Kirilenko, and Brewer, Okur, Korver, and Boozer all played plenty of minutes when they were healthy. And is there any question as far as backup point guard who played harder Hart or Price? Give me a break Sloan, you don't reward anyone for hard work.... Sloan is all talk, no action... The Jazz are all talk,no action


Dave is all talk, no action!


Sorry people but Dave makes good points.

Dug Cox

Dave is Correct!


Sloan was once a good coach.... this team has tuned him out... this generation in general do not respond to him. Its time for him to move on.


Dave would be correct if he watched the 08-09 Jazz team. Hart was traded away last summer for Brevin Knight. Give ME a break, Dave!


Anonymous and thankful:

You guys go ahead and stick with a coach who does not watch film(admittedly), who stinks at game and time management, who self professes he is not a motivator, plays Hart over Price and Knight over Price. Koufos hit no wall he showed major leaps and bounds but when golf cart crash dummy healed(Collins)and was slid into the lineup then Koufos is sent to D-league. Fes came in and competed when he got the time and shut Yao down. Reward was D-league.

Sloan had done many great things with the Jazz and I do not dispute that. But the last couple of years it seems more to me that he is going to impose his will whether right wrong or indifferent. Silly me I thought it was about winning games and not about him. You guys stick with him most average fans do.

todd to anonymous

"sloanaholic". joke... I knew we would see one today. It probably would not matter if we drafted Larry Bird, he will not develop...

todd to idjazz12

Guys, like this, Houdini, among others will call you an outsider. See I do not care to be "average" or use excuse "small market" or no one wants to go to "utah, blah blah..

San Antonio is hardly the world largest city. Is it?

They have an organization that knows how to judge talent. Even in a disappointing year, look what Roger Mason signing did. Drew Gooden would have sat the whole season. One discussion with Popovich. Then he gets into shape and is now someone they probably will keep.

Again, this is why they are who they are and who we are...Yeah they lost in the playoffs but we know they were injury plagued to real key guys. Still look at the accomplishments. The same people who are "sloanaholics" will tell you if Popovich coached the Jazz we would do not better.

Lack of Sports knowledge.


But can he score?

todd from santa ana

To Cowboy Joe, Miles, Id, Gdog, etc..

You may not agree.

However, I could make a prediction of one person who could instantly get more and develop this Jazz Roster.

Unfortunately, Greg loves Jerry like dad with Phil coming in next year---like Gomer would say "guaranteed"

He could come in right now and produce.

While Sloan could be paid off, offered another job..

A man that leads, stresses teamwork, defense, handles all type of egos, forceful, yet passionate. Handled stars. Jettisoned ones like Swim Cash who was headache.

He just quit a job that won 3 titles. His replacement is former teammate. This person could join him if he took over.

Under this watch, Miles will be "elated" because then CJ becomes a player. SLackers see you. The Bigs develop.

Answer: Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn..


@ Todd and idjazz12

The problem with your guys' arguments is that your alternatives are just as unrealistic as you guys claim Sloan winning a championship is. Phil Jackson? Popovich? Are you kidding me? Those kind of guys don't grow on trees and you guys act like if the Jazz lose Sloan one will just pop up. Todd aren't you the one who wants an uptempo style/coach? Why don't you ask Mike D'Antoni, Jim O'Brien, Flip Saunders how many rings they have.

I'm not saying Sloan is the ONLY coach for this franchise, in fact I think change could actually be a good thing. However, to watch some of you guys act as though anyone who supports Sloan is somehow inferior to your genius is just silly, especially considering your alternatives are either unrealistic or unproven themselves. You guys want to change for change's sake and Sloan supporters aren't quite willing yet to take a risk. The truth is both arguments are flawed, and for one to act as though their viewpoint is superior through mockery or dismissal speaks to arrogance not genius or resolution.


All the negatives about Sloan are right on target. The problem is that Jerry has had loads of talent over the years and that has made him look like he knows what he is doing. He has had at his disposal some of the best PF and PG to play the game. Yet he hasn't a ring to show for it.


As far as Sloan goes I think he is a very good coach. We just dont have players that can play D. I wish Boozers dad made him walk every where sideways to teach him some latteral movement. Every player just seems to run around him with ease.

If we did replace sloan what about Avery Johnson as a coach. I think he did pretty well stepping into the mavs as a 1st time coach. I was actually surprised they let him go.

todd to kj

You know why KJ> Because the support for SLoan is so one sided and for reasons so dumb, I cannot believe it. How many more examples does one have to see? There is a risk in everything.,

I do not care if it is a 1/2 court, tough mentally, strong defensive team and uptempo when called.

I want to win. Period. And I do not mean to focus on winning 50 games and figuring OK great season.

It is about the playoffs and trying yearly to be in the top 4 in the West.

Sloan is adding nothing these days to make the Jazz better, yes the voices, the atmosphere is stale and stagnant.

Change with the Jazz is needed-desparately, that is "outside thinking" that means no Hornacek..



I never named a replacement although I think Hornacek is a great candidate because he has been in the system and knows how it runs. He has been on the Jazz payroll so he can teach players who are in slumps out of them(because Sloan cannot) and that has worked well. He understands hard work as he was a walk on in college. His father was a coach so he understands many things that some would not. I would rather take Hornacek now than to endure another year of Sloan. I am not posting cause I hate the man. Its just obvious that he has lost that edge that he needs to coach todays players and he is not willing to change and that is frustrating because he preaches do what it takes to the players to be the best they can be but he is not doing that himself.
If Sloan is done after this year then why not change now instead of enduring another mediocre season? Are we gonna wait until DWills contract is up before he is gone and DWill is gone also looking for a team who wants a chmpionship.

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