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Published: Tuesday, June 16 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re:re - Knowwhat

NASA studies indicate that the ice pack in the Antartic has increased by 100,000 square miles per decade for that last four decades. Do your own research knucklehead.

That's Awesome!

I have also never been convinced that society has caused a global change of our climate. I am very pleased that we have a leader in our state that feels the same way. I think it is a very arrogant stance to take to think that us little ol humans are powerful enough to cause such a global change. It is even more of an arrogant stance to think we are intelligent enough to stop or change this alleged new global event. The only real answer to the "Gullible Warming" scare is that some people have found a way to make huge amounts of money and have power and control over others. That's really the only reason to come up with such an allegation. Give em heck, Herbert, don't give in!

For 1500 years

. . . there was near-unanimous (much greater than 97%) scientific consensus that Ptolemy's astronomic theories were correct, and that the universe was mounted on and rotated within a series of nested crystal spheres.

That consensus did not render Ptolemy's theories correct.

Teaching point:

Whenever a "scientist" tries to convince you with a consensus view, it means two things --

(1) He has insufficient facts to make his case, and

(2) He's selling something.

don't believ in global warming?

do some of you REALLY not believe we are killing this planet? are you stuck in the 1800s?

how can you possibly look around and NOT think we are ruining the planet?

wow - I'm at a loss for words. No wonder you all voted for Bush...

Re: re - Nate | 11:39 a.m

"what's your point? the issue isn't "average global temperatures" or climate change in Utah."

Really? I thought that WAS the issue, that increased human-caused CO2 emissions would lead to a significant increase in temperature.

If the actual data show NO significant increase in temperature over the past 20 years despite a steady increase in CO2 emissions during the same time period that kinda blows the whole Global Warming theory right out of the water, doesn't it?

Whether or not the polar caps are melting is irrelevant. If the earth's temperature isn't increasing yet the caps are still melting then it might be due to something entirely different.

That Red Herring, plus your gratuitous anti-Mormon slur only confirms what I posted earlier: In the Great Debate over Global Warming, the sceptics have all the facts. The Believers have only insults and invective.


NASA says, "In addition to increasing the amount of melting, global warming would also be expected to increase the amount of precipitation in the polar regions.... Global warming could therefore be expected initially to increase both melting and snowfall. Depending on which increase dominates, the early result could be either an overall decay or an overall growth of the ice sheets." Sounds to me like the science is settled. They also said they need more observations to see if climate models are correct.

Sounds like the models are theories to me.


Still no proof provided from the extremist claim, I gave you the places you could look up the data, but I can planly see you would rather read it on some blog or hear it from your Fuhrer(Gore), than study it for yourself. If you would like me to provide that exact pages and scientist's please let me know. Otherwise go back to your propaganda and name calling distractions.

Shaun N

You can still be a good steward of the earth and not buy in to the Global Warming power grab. Fear is a politicians favorite tool to control the masses and both parties are masters at using it. It is refreshing that Herbert is willing to recognize there is disagreement on GW. Just my opinion.

Sad Reality

The sad reality is that global warming is real and Herbert will be our governor.


Plate techtonics are much more violent then man could ever dream of being. They do more damage to the earth than we could ever possibly do. 99% of all species were extinct before the humans started ruining everything. The Earth is extremely resilient. Species have always changed and adapted to their cicumstances, hence natural selection. For those who think we're killing the earth, learn a little about science and how the earth works then come discuss.

its all good

don't believe in global warming? don't think we're ruining the planet with our wasteful ways?

thats fine - its all good. We won't be around when it all falls apart anyway. you, on the other hand, with your dozens of kids, will have ruined your childrens future. and I'm sure you'll say God had a hand in it...

so its all good...


re-re-knowwhat | 2:30 p.m
["Still no proof provided from the extremist claim"]

now that's calling the kettle black... are the extremeists the ones for saving the planet or against it? pls elaborate...


I still don't get it: Why those people change the wording to "Global Climate Change" from "Global Warning"? I am 100% sure climate has changed and is changing and will change, this does not need any science! The question remaining to our ordinary people still is: how people change the climate? is it good or bad? 100 million years ago, without people, climate was changing? why? how big the human factor is? I still don't get it! I got my applied physics degree 20 years ago.


Jfs, Nasa only came up with the conclusion that some ice caps would increase, after the observations didn't match their hypothesis. 2nd do you know when the glaciers on Mt. Cook peaked? It was about 7500 years ago. We are barely scratching the surface when it comes to understanding how the climate works.

Three cheers for Gary

Finally a governor who will refute the Enviro Nazis. This has sure been an awfully hot summer. LOL!

Utah is cleaning up the air?

What Utah's air is clean? You're in denial man, have you seen the inversion lately? Have you actually looked at the science? A recent desnews article stated that Logan had some of the worst air quality in the country. I agree lets bring in nuclear waste and increase carbon emissions, great idea, burn baby burn.


I have "experts" and Al Gore supporting the facts on this!!!!!

After you take a pair of 2's, put them through an intense simulated "ice age", then put them through an intense simulated "global warming", then add in their "carbon print" you miraculously come up with a pair of 2.5's, making the "theory" a "fact" that indeed, without any doubt, because the debate and the science are "over", 2+2=5.

Al Gore said so, and so does his long line of sheep following him. Plus I read it on the internet through google - so it must be TRUE


About 35 years ago, those so-called scientists told us, "Global Cooling", "Ice-age is coming!" I did some research for the titles of those books. They are looks very scary as same as right now "Global Warming" books. Is this movement another hypo to "stimulus the US economy"? What a shame.

Thomas Thompson

The Gov's comments about global warming suggest -- not to put it too gently -- that he should not be permitted to serve as the leader of our state. Global warming is now beyond scientific dispute; man's culpability for this looming catastrophe is also now well beyond dispute. Where has Mr. Herbert been that he doesn't understand these immutable facts?


are not any of you going to demean or disparage the BYU professor who is a leading authority on these matters? And what about BYU funding part of a large study?

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