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Published: Tuesday, June 16 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Blaine Nay

Anyone who was awake during those basic science and geography classes back in grade school knows that the earth has always gone through climate cycles They know that the planet was warmer a thousand years ago than it is today. They know about Lake Bonneville which coverer much of Utah and Nevada. They know much of North America was covered with 4,000 feet of ice just a few thousand years ago. They know that the oceans were once 500 feet lower than they are to day and that man's CO2 did not cause sea level to rise to where it has been for the past several thousand years. Anyone who has been outdoors long enough to be remotely aware of the incredible power of the Sun (which also goes through cycles) to heat and illuminate the earth is far more powerful even than Al Gore. To presume that man is so powerful he can affect climate in spite of solar and earth climate cycles is the epitome of arrogance and ignorance. I applaud Lt. Governor Gary Herbert for staying awake in those science classes through which the radical environmentalists and Governor Huntsman slept.


I can tell you unequivocally that CO2 is NOT a pollutant. The so-called "scientists" who cannot understand that are on a bandwagon leading to the destruction of America, and the world. CO2 is an important part of life. The earth isn't going to come to an end because of it. True, the earth will come to an end, but not because of CO2. There are thousands of scientists who know and understand this. There are a few scientists who are afraid to stand up for what they know is right for fear of losing their funding, and their grants, and their jobs. Believe me, Herbert is courageous for his small voice questioning what has been happening about this nonsense.


How sad... we actually HAD a governor that thought for himself... and wasn't afraid to question things... and now we are stuck with this fool... who just walks around like a bobble head with no real thoughts... he just does what he is supposed to do. It's a scary thing when the governor of our state is stuck in the bubble with the rest of you idiots! I need to move.

Would someone

buy the guy a thermometer?

Maybe he should spend the summer in St George, when it's a hundred and plenty for weeks at a time...


Herbert will be a much better governor for our state, and has the stones to not give into the political pressure the left has put with this "climate change" and the impact human's have on it. How naive are you people, you buy into this global warming crap just like you bought into BHO making a positive impact on our society and history will show how wrong you are on both counts.


99% of real scientists? Get a grip with reality, dude or dudette. Global warming/change hysteria is all about politics and money. Please check your sources.


Gary Herbert has guts to tell the gullible governors in the group (Montana's Gov. Schweitzer being a better informed exception) that he does not buy the alarmist hysteria over global warming.

This is far from a settled fact, despite what some advocates insist. (Misled by Al Gore and others).

It appears that most of those criticizing Lt. Gov. Herbert in comments above are from outside Utah. Probably from Kalifornia. Ignore them and their foolish ways, and let us Utahns live in freedom.

Herbert is right to demand PROOF before we squander billions of dollars we don't have on unnecessary climate change stuff, or even worse, get snookered into some "cap and trade" scheme.

I look forward to voting for Gov. Herbert's re-election again and again!

Re: goforit

Unlike particulates, sulfur oxides, and ozone, carbon dioxide is not a hazardous air pollutant. It is an inert gas that is essential for life itself; without CO2 there would be no plants.

The levels of every one of EPA's toxic air pollutants along the Wasatch Front have decreased even as the overall CO2 emissions have increased. The two are not necessarily connected.

And your contention that Utahns die at a much higher rate than the rest of the US is false: Utah has the lowest death rate from lung cancer and other respiratory diseases in the US, largely because Utahns smoke less than anyone else in the US.

Al Gore?

What makes me laugh the most about those who are convinced that Global Warming - oops, I mean the new PC "Climate Change" is real follow obediently behind their pied piper Al Gore. Yes Al Gore, the man who has more Faux Pas under his belt that George W. Bush. The man who claims to have invented the internet and many other wonderful things. How people can take this man serious on any issue is astounding to me.
One more thing, greenhouse gasses and small particles are two different things. Many times we confuse poor air quality with greenhouse gasses. Yes they contribute, but poor air quality is usually associated with small particles that damage lungs. Part of the debate needs to include this separation.

People say man's impact is minim

Is this guy serious?

When has man's impact on earth EVER been minimal?

Just look at any major city today compared to 100 years ago then tell me man's impact is minimal on the environment including the climate.


From many of the comments, you can see what lemmings the liberals are - if one of their idols say it, i.e. Obama, Gore, a movie star, then the debate IS over about anything. Since when does being a politician, a star or having more money give someone additional gray matter. The lemmings sure think so. That's why they jump on the band wagons of "global warming", "love the terrorists", "socialist healthcare", "only government can solve the problems", etc. etc. etc. They never learn from history. Now, because the lemmings have become so numerous (like a rat infestation), we have a socialist president, a liberal agenda which can only decrease our standard of living, and a focus on making sure terrorists and criminals live better and more comfortable than the majority of the world's population. Not only are all the lemmings running over the cliff together, they are pulling everyone right along with them. They are the modern day hippies and anti-americans that caused so much flack over getting out of Vietnam that getting their way caused the slaughter of MILLIONS of our fellow human beings. UTOPIAS don't work. The "smart" liberals never learn.

wow - utah

once again the people of Utah live in a fantasy world, especially Baline Nay.

Baline - It is comforting to know that you have so much more scientific expertise than the leading experts in the world. Yes - you're quite right - man can have NO effect on the earth - we are but a speck on the environment. And magical seer stones will allow you to talk to god and there really is a special celestial kingdom for mormons....

Well, all the "no global waarming" pundits do have one thing right. Man cannot possibly kill the planet. No - the planet will be here for millions of years. All man will do is make it uninhabitable for our species, thereby creating the extinction of the human race. Probably just as well.

That's ok - it won't be me - I'll be gone in the 50 yrs it takes you to ruin the planet, and I have no children. But all you mormons, pumping out kids right and left - your kids will bear the consequences of your actions.

great politicians you all have there in Utah. Gotta love the fantasy world you have created. Good luck with that.

Listen To The Scientists

Mr Herbert I thought you were going to keep the politics of one of our most popular Governors (Huntsman) the same! You're already dividing us- climate change is real, Utah had respect because of what Huntsman did for the image and economics of this state. Why don't you learn from him!

Jon Huntsman I miss you- please come back and keep Utah progressing- seems most Utahan's would rather go back to the horse & buggy days- we need a Governor that will educate himself on the science before he makes such statements!


leave it to mormons to live in a fantasy world. right - no global warming - we should just continue down the path we've been going. and a con man in the 1800s had conversations with God, and your leaders are prophets.

no one bothers listening to your opinion on this simply because you already live in a fantasy world. your new governor simply is proving the point...

re: Sally

Yes, Sally, please move! And I'm sure since you are so purely protecting our fragile earth from destruction, that when you move you won't drive a CO2 causing automobile or fly an Airplane, so you'll likely be walking to your new destination. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that are produced solely from all natural materials only (do they make such a thing?)

I'm sure your new home won't use evil electricity or CO2 causing natural gas. Its comforting to know that some people like you are protecting the Earth from destruction while others like me aren't. There is such a stark difference between the two of us.


RE Sally

Can I help you pack?

Thinkin' Man

Good for Herbert. There's plenty of room for scientific debate as demonstrated by the many reputable, well-known climate scientists like Richard Lindzen who disagree with the popular view.

The uncertainties in climate forecasting are a log bigger than the bandwagon wants to admit.


Go Gary!!!!!

2 Steps Back

Huntsman's biggest mistake during his stay as Gov. was made before the election when this clown got the #2 spot.


Average global temperatures have remained constant or declined slightly each year since 2001. The peak occurred more than a decade ago (1998).

Which computer model predicted that?

No wonder scientists are now quietly distancing themselves from global warming theory.

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