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Published: Tuesday, June 16 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Global Warming, Evolution, and Abortion are all topics where it's easy to turn off the brain, start up the ideology and quit thinking.

Robert McLean

"Climate Change" is a Gold Rush for scientists who wish to live off the public dime. There is no evidence that the emission of "Greenhouse Gases" could cause the climate to become warmer. In fact the opposite is true.

In 1880 Krakatoa exploded in Indonesia and emitted more CO2 than man has produced in all of his existance to that time and for hundreds of years to come. The Result? The following year there was a very cloudy,cold summer CAUSED BY THE DENSE CLOUD COVER! So the reality is that climate change by man is utter stupidity and will be used to curtail our freedom, increase umemployment, increase government size, and help the Obama destruction team further cripple America. Please help stop these idiots. What they think and do can't stop Global Warming, but it can ruin the future of you and your family!

What Scientists used to say

re shecky | 11:12 p.m. June 15, 2009
It takes a man of real courage with little or no scientific background to disagree with about 99% of actual scientists who do this every day for a living.

If 99% of scientists disagree with


who are you going to go with? This has been the coolest summer I can ever remember.

When I was in elementary school in the 1960's we were told

1) that scientists had determined we were headed for another ice age.

2) that the world had a 20 year supply of oil left.

Seems to me the 99% of scientists out there have a thing or two yet to learn.

That is the take of this "uneducated" so called hick.

Have you noticed?

They don't call it global warming anymore. It's called climate change.

Things have always changed

I was watching a science show on the tv and the take away for me was that through out all of history, the worlds climate has always changed, from cold to hot, from hot to cold.

As a matter of fact, in the times of the dinasaurs, CO2 was in much greater concentration in the atmosphere than it is today, it was hotter then too.

People panicing reminds me of the chicken in the barn yard, telling all the other anamials that the sky is falling.

Truth be told, in times past, its been hotter than now, its been colder than now, there has been more carbon dioxide than now, and at other times there has been less carbon dioxide than now. And guess what? Life has thrived through it all.

Go figure

I was about to turn on my furnace this morning (16June2009,Tue), but my 4th grader urged me not to as it will help with global warming if I didn't.

Seems those youngsters are getting a mighty fine education.


Typical Utahns think their govern has all the knowledge to make the decisions for them. Look outside of your small world and research and get your own opinion instead of one mans based on his political agenda


Herbert, like the rest of the naysayers, see what is their immediate vicinity and deny the big picture. Kind of like those who thought the sun orbited the earth. Guys like this will continue Utah's slide into obscurity. Even if clilmate change is not a reality, what's wrong with being good stewards of the environment, and not pillaging the planet? Sees like a truly "conservative" principle, if you ask me. "Guts" does not equal brains.

Thank YOU!

AMEN! How so many have fallen prey to this fairy tail is beyond me! Way to go, Herbert!


99% of the scientists huh?
I would say it might be closer to %50
Just like with everything, for every one scientist that is sure of global warming you will find one who is against it.

Big Pete

Hooray for Gary. His courage is commendable.

One more Shrub to Weed out

We just barely got done weeding the White House of one shrub, looks like were about to get another in the Utah Capitol. I can't believe Huntsman would have chosen someone as his lieutenant governor who is this ignorant (of the issues, but ignorant as well). This will be like the dark ages that we just barely got over with when Obama took over.The only hope is we can get another decent person to run against Herbert in the next election.


Courage to be stupid.

Filthy Utah Suprise - Not!

From the state with some of the worst air quality in the country, it is no surprise that another politician refuses to take responsibility for our actions and values money more than human beings.

Your children will appreciate the selfishness and Utah's inability to lead when it comes to caring for the planet.

no excuse

there is no excuse for Lt. Gov. Herbert to not have studied up on this issue. It is his duty to seek out the scientific understanding of the issue. He has staff. He can be briefed. He can sit down with the Governor's staff. He can call upon the state's scientists. He can type in climate change on a Google search. But for him to come to the Governor's Association Meetings as a blank page and say "I don't know anything about this and I'm inclined to think its baloney because a bunch of my rural friends (ranchers, farmers, etc.) feel threatened by it" is inexcusable. He will have a very hard time being re=elected in 2010 if he presents himself this way. Note to Herbert, get smart on big issues like this, and get smart fast. 80% of the folks voting for you are along the Wasatch Front. You won't win by just getting votes from Kane County.


Yeehaw! Looks like Utah gets to revert to the stone age again. Unfortunately, whether you believe in global warming/climate change or not, this type of thinking is not helpful. It doesn't take a scientist to visibly observe how much junk we're spewing into the atmosphere, our water bodies and landfills. Regardless of whether you're convinced, Herbert, take a stand that the status quo is simply not good enough! If we're going do double in size over the next few decades, we can't keep acting in the current manner. Twice the population equals more than double the problems. Our water resources are already stretched almost to the limit. Our air quality is horrible. New clean water isn't going to appear out of thin air. The air we breathe isn't going to miraculously shed itself of all the particulates we're pumping into it. If you're going to ride the growth train, then you've simply got to learn to do more with less, regardless of whether you buy the climate change argument (and I do, having spent the time to study it and earn a related professional degree).

Thank You

It looks like we are going to have an adult in charge of the state again.

Have you ever noticed that elitest liberals are "open-minded" unless you disagree with them.

The fact is that there is no proof that man-made global warming exists. Even the proponents admit that. So liberals keep up the name-calling all you want it isn't going to change my mind.


Utahns are making being willfully ignorant into a virtue.

Utah Doc

Herbert is right to question the evidence concerning global warming. Quite often the "evidence" to support global warming is skewed to retain research grants... which have been sizable and abundant in recent years.


Thank you Gary! There a few who are willing to stand up for what is right!

Climate change is nothing more than an avenue to 1) create global and domestic taxes, 2) Give more power to the UN, and 3) push us needlessly to political and social globalism.

Even if there were climate change, do you think our politicians have power to control it? If you think the answer is for government to mandate we all drive electric cars and tax large wide screen TVs, there is not much hope for you!

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