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Published: Tuesday, June 16 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Go Gary Go!

What a gutsy move on Herbert's part! This is awesome. Herbert is going to be awesome. He has a way of speaking his mind but at the same time bringing all sides to the table for good healthy discussion. I am really excited to see what he does as our governor.

Tab L. Uno

Hopefully the next Governor of Utah will just allow the federal government and the scientists to protect our global environment as there are larger climatic and economic issues at stake. The huge consensus of world scientific opinion has determined the urgent need to begin addressing climate change by whatever means necessary to our next generation's survival. How long did it take people to accept the earth was not the center of the universe and actually circled the sun, that the world was round not flat, that evolution from apes was a scientific fact, and that now humans contribute to global warming. When the small minority of people willing to risk our future survival based on conspiracy theories, it becomes the very narrow undemocratic and rigid, narrow road that autocratic, dictatorships have also taken.


It takes a man of real courage with little or no scientific background to disagree with about 99% of actual scientists who do this every day for a living.

Les Hudelson

Perhaps it finally time to have a educational tune-up for the readers and speakers who throw out opinions without the slightest notion of the meaning of the words that they use.

But I am sure that the same people who discount science will argue that their interpretation of the words are also acurate, as they seem to not care about history, arithmatic, or any medium of acurate communication of thought, much less the integration of facts, thought, and wisodom.
For 40 years now we have a radical right wing, ignoring all of the efforts of the educational and scientific feilds to make it possible for the USA to have aided in the winning of WWII, that allowed us to then go forward, as an educated country, leading in all aspects of society.

Today we cannot even field a competitve Math team internationally.

Sciece is not an omnipotent entity like some people want to believe in. It is science, it is in therory, if you have educated your society to be open minded, constanly checking it's own self. We then need not waste time in arguing, we merely look at truth. It is what it is, no denieing it.


What a bleeding nitwit.
"Help me understand the science." ???

God save us from these ignorant morons.

Every scientific academy and society in every developed nation is in agreement. The evidence is mountainous. The models work forwards and backwards. The best and brightest minds are all saying the same thing. When, WHEN will idiots like this stop with this "I'm not convinced" game?
We don't have time to coddle these fools.

Utah is a Backwater

The entire WORLD is in agreement on climate change, even GWB acknowledged its existence. Now we have an ignorant political hack making Utah look like a redneck backwater of ignorance.

Just what we deserve; Utah is the center of the universe when it comes to conspiracy nuts, misinformation, Ponzi schemes, and right-wing fear mongers.

Gov. Herbert, you need to back up your statements with facts before you open your ignorant yap.


If global warming has been occuring for the past several years,the sea levels should be rising already. New York City should already be under water as the "scientists" predicted. Is this happening?


Any Utah citizen who does not believe in global climate change obviously has not been in Utah in the month of June. We have almost gotten more rain then we are expected to get for the entire summer in less then a month. Maybe this is not directly caused by global warming but still seems a little odd to me, maybe next year it wont rain at all


I would have to say that Obama is the best thing that has happened to Utah in quite a while. Finally a governor who can look at something with common sense and who reflects Utah's values. I am thrilled Prince John will be establishing his kingdom in a socialist society where he'll feel quite at home.

Science Teacher

Just do a little research and you will soon find MANY that disagree with the politically-charged GW debate. Some stories include loss of funding, chair positions, tenure, blackballing if you even DARE to speak out against GW.

GW is a farce. I just can't wait till UT science core catches up so I can stop teaching kids two versions of environmental science: the GW/Al Gore/liberal/politicized/govt. controls your life version and the truth.

Read the newspaper

Nearly every newspaper in America believes that climate change is man-made. Who are we to disagree with the experts?


Consensus is NOT scientific fact. Also, there are literally tens of thousands of scientists who are NOT convinced by the man-made global warming theory. Also, those who assume it is just "science" do not understand how political correctness and personal self-interested agendas can affect even "science."

When it comes to "true" science the debate should NEVER be over. Only those who are afraid to debate say the debate is over. When the models that predict global-warming disaster are applied to historic fact, they don't accurately predict what has actually happened. They have clearly been proved to be invalid.

We should NEVER be so quick to accept "science" when there are personal and political agendas involved.

@ Michael 10:37

What you might not know is that there are pictures from the 1950's of even smaller glaciers, yet no catastrophic flooding. Go figure.

M Bardon

NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT but refreshing to hear a man like our future Governor with conviction and courage speak up against the crowd who blindly follow junk science.

Math vs. Science

Math is not always science (and science is not always empirical). A lot of math these days, especially when it comes to the environment and the economy, is based on mathematical models. Such models give the illusion of objective science to any idea the model builder wants to encode in mathematical language. There are so many untested assumptions underlying mathematical "models" as to render most of them useless.

An Observer

Congratulations, Gary Herbert! Huntsman's departure cannot come soon enough. Looking forward to the new direction for the state under your direction.

Hurray for Huntsman

The best thing Huntsman did was to agree to go to China, so we could have a governor who is not auditioning for national office. Herbert will not become another governor moonbeam, like Huntsman was trying to do. It's time for someone to stand up to the pet political projects of Al Gore.

Bottom line... IPP3, California

Utah is a major exporter of power to California. Schwarzenegger signed the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 that required the state to no longer purchase coal-fired power from Utah. The IPP3 plant in Delta was postponed indefinitely because southern California refused to buy into the project, and instead, purchased wind power development near Milford, Utah. All the wind developed there (two phases of about 400 MW) is going to southern California, though there are three more phases of the project that are still not committed yet -- perhaps Utah might buy some of its own wind in the future.

The bottom line is that there are economic and political forces well beyond Herbert's control that drive Utah's energy market -- from cap and trade to export markets that won't buy Utah's coal-fired electricity. The practical reality is that cleaner energy addresses climate change, keeps Utah exporting for economic development (wind will bring millions of California dollars in development to the town of Milford and Beaver County), cleans Utah's air (think the smog in National parks to the Wasatch Front), and prevents mercury and other pollutants in our fisheries and waterways (good for hunting/fishing).

How Embarrassing!

Herbert, were you channelling Energy Solutions, Buttars and Ruzicka while you embarrassed the state of Utah in front of real governors?

The sign of things to come, is the obvious dumbing-down of Utah after four years of a Renaissance.

Nice summer, where is the heat?

If we get much more "global warming", we may have to use our furnaces all summer long. In all my life I don't remember a summer as cool as this.

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