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Published: Tuesday, June 16 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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And he is going to be the next Governor? Heaven help us all!!

Good for Herbert

Obviously the Montana Governor has never been to Europe for him to state the debate is over with in that region of the world.

Climate Change as outlined by the UN and Al Gore has many 'top CLIMATE Scientists' disagreeing. Their names were put on that findings without their consent. They know that through the studying of climate records that we are actually much cooler than we have been just in recent human history.

We are coming out of a period known as "The Little Ice Age". Of course it seems hot to some. But during the times of Christ for several hundred years, it was significantly hotter than it is now.

Climate is directly tied to the sun, not Co2, in fact Co2 cools the earth. There is a reason why you can only see a couple of man made objects from space, because despite what our arrogant nature tells us, Human's have far less impact that we would like to think.

Is this a joke?

So science is now something politicians vote on?


The earth gets cooler and warmer. IF you figure that WE are causing most of it, you have to take into account things most people don't.

0. The solar wind is at a 50 years low, which could cause global cooling.
1. The rain forests are critical. Burning and clearing rain forests are a bigger deal re: greenhouse gases than cars. Remember the Harrison Ford ad with the tape on his chest being ripped off?
2. You have to take into account that Methane Gas, (not burned) released in to the air is much worse than burning it. Methane gas is worse than CO2 re: "greenhouse" gases.
3. You have to take into account that methane released into the atmosphere often comes from several non-man sources: Wetlands, cows belching, termites, permafrost, etc.

Most of us are willing to agree with cleaner air, water and land, that said, I am not worried about the CO2. I am worried about the cow belching and termites. :)

Yay for Governor Herbert!

This is the dumbest debate since Darwinism. Global Warming is nothing more than a political scare tactic. NASA has already studied the problem and they've concluded that the Sun warms the Earth NOT people. That's just common sense! I remember learning that in grade school about 30 years ago. Al Gore is a moron and so are all the people who believe his quackery.

Research Scientist

Finally, a politician that is interested in looking at peer reviewed scientific studies and facts instead of pseudo science contrived to benefit political agendas.

The debate over "climate change" is indeed NOT over.


At least he doesn't fall for the belief that the debate is over. There are too many well informed, well educated men with conscience who believe that the debate is NOT over. Climate change is all about money, just follow Al Gore's trail. Congratulations Governor Herbert for your common sense, courage,and insight not to just follow the heard on this nonsense. What a nice change and a real breath of fresh air


Gary Herbert is a great man and will be a great governor.

We may not agree with each other re: CO2 cap/trade, taxes, or our effects on climate.

We need clean energy, clean air, clean water, clean land and energy independence. We also need to encourage energy efficiency and technologies such as ground source heat pumps.

We do need more renewable energy. Coal is reportedly being removed fast enough in Utah that it could last only 15 to 45 years for use in Utah at current rates.

We will need more electricity to offset a reduction in the use of foreign oil, and we can't afford to just rely on coal.

Do we have existing dams that we could add hydro power to, without putting more land underwater, hurting our rivers and/or wildlife?

It has been pointed out that renewable energy will help the state's economy in places that coal, or gas won't. Renewable energy being added to the mix will increase the life of the Utah coal economy.

Having goals to rely on renewable energy and energy savings to make up the increased demand on power is good.

No big surprise!

Why did Huntsman have to leave and stick us with a man who is more interested in looking for the few scientists to confirm his own point of view, rather than look at what the vast majority of scientists are saying. This is the typical know-it-all Republican politician whose credentials far outweighs the real experts in the field whether it be scientists, health care workers, or school teachers. If they are not careful, they might even start challenging God's knowledge.

Ralph Hansen Ph. D.

Hooray for Herbert! He understand science doesn't operate by consensus - only politics does. Anthropogenic global warming is a theory based on highly speculative climate models. They're nothing more than mega-million dollar computer games.

Just what is it that possesses so many gullible people to believe these models that predict that a modest increase in the concentrations of a trace gas in our atmosphere (CO2) can overwhelm the sun, the oceans and the clouds that create weather on our planet? And why is it most of those who believe have a "D" behind their name? How convenient that regulating CO2 would give liberals control over energy policy and the lives of every American.

Nature constantly seeks equilibrium - that's why we have weather - and human carbon dioxide emissions are nothing but a blip on nature's radar. The Lt. Gov. is not only right to question the "consensus," he's right that humans have a minimal impact on our climate.


An ultra conservative shills for mining, film at 11.


It's good to see that Herbert has an open mind, willing to analyze and evaluate the science rather than jumping on the political climate change bandwagon.


Hooey is rigtht! It's just another way the left can push their agenda on the regular folks! Fight back on this nonsense, America! Chicago has had the coldest June on record! It snows in places this year that have not ever received snow begore. The intermountain west has seen one of its coldest and wettest springs on record.

Besides a true trend in warming must be considered over thousands of years, not just a decade or two. Need I say more!


A governor who thinks like the vast majority of his constituents!!!

I hope these meetings were not taxpayer funded.

I'd feel a lot better about western states governors assembling to discuss bigfoot and UFOs because at least congress isn't trying to pass crippling legislation (cap n' trade) to stop those myths.


When someone declares the debate over, you can be assured they are speaking dogma, not science.


Getting pretty sick of the left vs. right rhetoric. How is this a political issue? Can we stop listening to spin from the left and right and just use our own minds for a while? Yes, there is enough science to support climate change, and yes, there is enough science to suggest some serious consequences--so, duh, we stop looking for a conspiracies and do something about it. If the vast majority of scientists in the world are wrong, what's the worst that could happen? Cleaner air & water?

@ Anon 8:31

No the worst that could happen is trillions of dollars of wasted resources that could have been used to cure cancer or AIDS, provide healthcare for the uninsured, end hunger in our lifetime, etc.


Here's some science that is not politically inspired: In geological time, the amount of CO2 in our presently is almost at an all-time low. Millions of years ago when the earth had the greatest amount of plant cover it also had the most CO2 in the atmosphere. Why, because plants grow better in a CO2 enriched environment. The more CO2, the more food production for our hungry planet. We will also have much more oxygen since a product of photosynthesis is oxygen. We'll all be healthier with more CO2. If you still remain unconvinced that CO2 is the enemy and you actually believe the global warming hypothesis and think we should sequester CO2, then grow more trees. Tons and tons of carbon is locked up in trees on our planet. CO2 is not the enemy, it is vitally important for the survival of life on our planet. It's a good thing that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing.


I am not a scientist - I am a pragmatist. I believe in what I can see, touch and feel. Go to Google and search images of "shrinking glaciers". That is something that can be seen and measured. Melted ice means more water in the oceans. More water in the oceans means higher sea levels. Higher sea levels means massive destruction and flooding. Go and learn, explore, decide for yourselves and quit letting politicians tell you what is "truth" and "fact".


The debate IS over among the "politically correct" elite who think their opinion is the only one that matters. The debate is NOT over at the grassroots level, nor even among the scientific community. There are many excellent scientists who have no pre-determined political agenda, but who remain sceptical of the climate change findings that have been reported thus far.

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