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Published: Sunday, June 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Good for Ostertag - Sounds like he puts more effort into his cakes than he ever did in basketball.


'"It's just a matter of getting back into shape," he told the Republic. "I can still play."'

Ostertag had good confident...but had him ever been into shape during his career??? Everyone knew for years he needed to get into shape, but it never happens.

Re Fess

Please fans and Jerry let the young man play this summer for his home team, and if he comes to camp this year out of shape and not ready th contribute find another team for him to bag on. But it is only natural for him to want to be a member of his countries team. These summer leagues really don't serve any purpose other than an introduction into that teams playing philosiphies. As for conditioning that has to be done primarily outside of summer leagues(ala Brewer). Fees knows our system and what is wanted from him, now it's up to him to grab the opportunity. If he doesn't we aren't out much because we have Milsap, Okur and Koufus to turn to and possible trades and free agents can change this teams future.

todd from santa ana

I say Fez spokesman is a PR blitz propoganda campaign. I agree with many that would like to see him, but man he does look goofy and prone to stupid mistakes and fouls at times. More experience, consistency and to show he belongs on the court may earn more respect from the refs.

Ostertag for those that bag, yeah he is perfect NOOO? At least I could trust his knowledge and willingness to play solid one and one d versus most centers and provides a presence. I do not have doubt at 36 and usually injury free I would trust him and take him Over Coliins in a minute.

Unlike most, if the Jazz resigned him I would support it. However, with Kos, Fez and Okur still here no room....

Let's hope so

This sounds somewhat optimistic and this season might be the last chance for Fesenko in the NBA. The Jazz have always liked big stiffs that don't do much of anything other than block shots and rebound like Mark Eaton, James Donaldson, and Ostertag. Add the fact that Boozer, Okur, and/or Millsap might not be back and you would think Fesenko could get some playing time if he has a pulse.

Either way it gives me hope that the Jazz might actually make some changes as far as getting rid of Collins, Knight, Harpring, Korver, and either Okur or Boozer, not because they really want to but because they just can't afford to keep the same mediocre veteran team together. I say good riddance to any of these guys that don't return. Trade AK too, if you can.

Chuck Nunn

With the Jazz going to Orlando, Fesenko can do summer league and still play for Ukraine. I hope that's what he does, because it will really help him.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle.


Fes Collins Knight they are all just a waste of money money i dont know how much each gets paid put lets say knight gets 1 million collins gets 400 thousand and fes get 770 thousand with their contracts combined it equals 2.1 million which you could use just to get a pretty decent back up guy instead of three of having three guys who hurt the team more than help


hers the pain;
Collins =2,074,302
Harpring= 6.0 mil
Knight= 2.0 mil
Miles= 3.7 mil
Boozer= 11.26 mil and 12.3 if he reups ouch!!!!!!!!!!!
thats about 25 million.
all are dead weight
Fez is a bargain @ 870,000 if they can get him to play.
Milsap will get a good contract. with money left over, if they get rid of dead wood.
excellent free agents available.
Gordon,Miller,Odom,Arias to mention a couple.
Ostertag would play for 750,000 andeven out of shape block more shots than Collins and Harpring together.Fill the middle move Okur to the 4 spot then shore up 2 and three spots.Tons of point guards available for cheap price.

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