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Published: Sunday, June 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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At least the incumbent lost

OUT WITH THE OLD! what will it take to get the message to the Republicans? At least there are NEW leaders now!


Bob Bennett promised to serve only two terms but is now asking for his FOURTH. He is a liar. He is an old, old man desperately clingly to power. He wants to buy votes, lecture constituents and champion earmarks for parking garages and butterfly studies. The country has gone downhill since Bennett was elected, and he deserves some of the blame. We need ANYONE but Bennett, Republican or Democrat.

Easily fooled

The delegates who cheered Shurtleff did so because they are desperate for an alternative to Bennett. But do they really think that the guy who endorsed McCain and headed up his campaign in Utah, while standing firm with illegal immigrants in this state, is going to be more conservative than the incumbent senator? All I can say is that they are as easily fooled by Shurtleff as they were when they nominated Huntsman as a conservative.

Same Old BS

Things will never change with these Old Republicans, Hatch 33 years and Bennett 15. They both need to retire and get some new Blood in Washington to represent the state. They both look half dead and can't seem to stay away to get things done. Get someone new in there now and out with these old Farts

Hatch and Bennett are worthless

They both increased their power and need to be voted out. They both turned their backs on us. Bennett collected favors galore and Hatch was Ted Kennedy's puppy dog. Vote them out!!! Lets ask them to never serve in public office again by having our voices heard. Lets get Bennett out this election by voting in Mark Shurtliff.

Opening for Democrats

Looks like the Republican party is self-destructing. Booing each other for not being conservative enough. This is going to leave the door wide open for some Moderate Democrats to step right in and take over.
Thanks GOP for your backbiting!

These Guys

should of been thrown out long ago. They are just members of the Good Old Boys Club.


this, "the turn of the tides?"



Senator Hatch has been in office for way too long -- too many compromises -- to be very attractive at this stage. The friendship with Kennedy is the least of his issues. Both he and Bennett functioned as enablers for the excesses of the Bush II administration.

Plenty of political talent in this state. No need for any senator to stay on longer than 18 years.


Bailout Bob now claims he's a conservative. The only problem is that is only a small part of his problem. The bigger problem is that he's been in DC way too long. Everything has gotten worse on his watch. I will vote for anyone over him. And I mean anyone. So Bob, don't worry about attacking your opponents. It aint about them. It's about you.


Oh please! You elect a new Senator and he spends years just trying to learn what is going on in his state. As much as I dislike our 2 Good Old Boys, they do a lot for this state.
Somethings never change and the people in Washington are the same. But who gets things done for the state, would that be Jason C? That knucklehead is so clueless. Well, come to think of it - your all clueless.

Anonymous is Right

We are much better off with senators with senority who are not as conservative on a few issues than with someone like Shurtleff who will have no senority and lacks the intellectual firepower to get anything done.


ironic you say "your all clueless," while at the same time spelling "your're" wrong

Bennett for Senate

I was at the convention as a delegate and I was undecided about Shurtleff and Bennett, but now I am all for Bennett. I was impressed with his speech, his friendly volunteers, and his willingness to answer every question that was raised. I stood and watched him answer question after question- always taking the time to listen to everyone. I left realizing that we can't throw good people like him out! We need Bennett in the Senate!

@Opening for Democrats

Are these your democrat talking points that you continue to copy and paste in every conservative political article that comes out in this newspaper?

Are you being paid to repeat moderate, moderate, moderate, democrat, democrat, democrat, GOP meltdown, and GOP bickering, or are you simply clueless?

So called moderates dominate congress on both sides, and you can see what they have done to this nation in the space of not many years.

Democrats control congress not because of their moderate or liberal views, but because conservatives punished rinos. In other words they would prefer an honest fool to a lying 2 faced fool.


My ire is saved for Bernick. The convention meets to elect new leaders, and he spends the whole article trying to drum up every implication and innuendo that might support his 'angry conservative' meme, that he can't let go. And then finally in the last two paragraphs vaguely alludes to who beat their opponents.

DNews, could you please assign an actual reporter to these events, and put Bernick in a pure political column, where he can't pretend he's about news?

@Anonymous | 5:05 p.m


By doing a lot for this state I'm assuming that you mean bringing home the bacon and putting it on the backs of our fellow Americans in other states. By doing a lot I assume you mean we are doing our part in contributing to the Mt Everest of debt that everybody is now complaining about.

You apparently believe in Washington's old OPM (Other Peoples Money) mentality that they have adopted to justify there doing a lot for their states.

No wonder the GOP has no identity. They forgot that we believed in being self sufficient, and not being dependent on government especially the federal government.


@Bennett for Senate

Is that you Bob or one of your staff?

Informed Delegate

I was at the convention as a delegate and was very impressed with Shurtleff. He's articulate, consistent, and focused on exactly what he wants to accomplish.

I was disappointed in Sen Bennett and his vote for TARP. He himself has said that he was the architect of the greatest government grab in history. I can't in my right mind support someone like that.

I'm for Shurtleff!

Utah GOP..

You just lost one of your best people to China.

The extreme right wing just doesn't cut it anymore.

The world has changed around you and you don't know it. Look at the demographics, angry white men are a minority now.

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