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Published: Wednesday, June 10 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Arrest all criminal invaders and those who do not up hold the laws in place that protect legal citizens.


It the law, right? Why dont we start by enforcing the polygomist laws.
We are still debating SB 81 because Patriot Americans are hiring illegal immigrants to do the hard work and keep them off the book and not pay taxes. Thas why!


so im miguel i born in texas so im a us citizen my parents also are citizens but not my grandparents i do speak more spanish than english i spent more time i mexico than in usa, i couldn't get in to the army because i have a big tattoo of the mexican flag in my back i recently came from my mission(LDS member) in mexico and i just found a law in utah were i meet my girl that its gonna affect the latino raza no matter if they are legal or not because if a cop stops you walking on the streets and you looks latino for them you are illegal rigth?!

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