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Published: Thursday, June 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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No Standard of Decency

The publication of this letter tells us more about the owner of this newspaper than the letter's author tells us about reality. To be sure, the world is full of those who are misinformed, ignorant, and bigoted. The shame is that this newspaper would choose to print these words. The LDS Church and the gospels are founded upon love, not the bigotry of this letter. The day will arrive when even this Church will respect the love of every neighbor.


I am a gay man, and "pride" has always struck me as something of a misnomer for what the Gay Rights Movement is about.

Rather, it is about the removal of the incredible stigma and animus that society has placed upon good, decent, innocent people who realize, usually at a young age, that they are gay.

It's about no longer being ashamed of what is essentially a morally-neutral trait. It's not good. It's not bad. It's no worse than being color blind or being short. It just is.

I am not promiscuous. I am not at risk of HIV. I have a strong sense of what is good and what is evil, and I live my life with a strong moral compass guiding it. I am in a loving, committed relationship for many years.

That the letter writer feels I pose a threat to anyone suggests just why the "pride" movement arose--to counteract the demonization of good people by some who simply don't seem to know better, but who should.

Gay "pride" in an essentially neutral trait that no one chooses? Maybe not "pride."

But "shame"? That would be far more inappropriate.

the pointless rampages go on

The author seems to be under the impression that if you rampage on with the same lies long enough people may just start to believe them. These same false claims have been made hundreds of times on these threads and shown to be baseless as many times. This is beyond silly at this point. Its like talking to a brick wall. The truth is easily accessible for anyone that really wants to know the truth at this point it is just willful ignorance.


Reynolds amazes me with his insecurity. I'm sure that someone else's sexuality threatens his. He needs to attack someones choice rather than be secure in his own. Reynolds, live and let live.

Marriage and the family appear to be more affected by the straight community with their abuse and divorce. Heterosexual couples choose not to have children all the time, is that a threat to the family?

EVERY gay person that I know was born to a straight family. TO me that doesn't jibe with what Reynolds is fearing.

By all means...

By all means we don't wish to encourage monogamy amongst homosexuals!

But, is alcoholism, STDs, and gambling problmes amongst heterosexuals roots in the people they love?


I know of a gay man that is raising his 5 children because the mother is incapable, these children are well rounded. He even takes them to LDS church etc and is President of the PTA in his school area. What damage is he doing to his family and community? He's a lot better father than many that are married to a woman

george hofer

Do they teach you in church to be this angry and spiteful?


Every gay person in town gets up every morning to scan the opinion pages. Names like linguist only makes me more ill. I think there is an organized front by the gay community to challenge all letters and posts to the DN.


It's true. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, along with lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, and envy.

Guilty as charged. Clearly, we gay citizens need to cease feeling pride in who we are.

Now onto the other six: lust gluttony, sloth wrath and envy! Sin hunters, man your stations. We're huntin' heretics!


It may be beyond some folks comprehension, but the comments written in this letter are exactly why there's a gay-rights movement. Enough is enough.

Right on Reynolds

Right on Reynolds. Thanks for having the courage to call it like it is. I only wish they taught those things in church George to balance out what is being fed to our children. Perhaps they teach that in the faith you belong to.


Are you for real? Your right its a grand conspiracy, dont worry we already know how you are and where you live and we will be sending you decapitated toaster.....please get over yourself.

Ernest T. Bass

Please tell us how gay marriage has a negative impact on humanity, children or a family.
The right-wing religious wing nuts will ruin this country.




Deseret News - this letter is homophobic and hateful. It is in lines with a racist letter of the 50's. It is shameful you would publish such filth.


DNews - have you no shame? No standards?

Foaming-at-the-mouth bigots like Mr. Reynolds are a dime a dozen, especially here in Utah, and I'm not surprised by his rant.

What _does_ surprise me, and disgust me, is that the folks at the DNews feel that such childish garbage is worthy of ink and paper.

Are there no DNews staffers who wonder what on Earth they're doing with their lives when they see what kind of hate-filled tripe their employer publishes?

Bucky Jay

Reynolds says, "Same-sex marriage is a danger to humanity, the family, children and is against the law of God."

What's dangerous are those individuals who think they know the law of God and rebuke those who dissagree with them.

Reynolds, you are keeping up the proud tradition of an intolerant and unempathetic world view that contributes to war, genocide, hate crimes, etc.... "the golden rule" wasn't lost on you eh?


"Can there be pride in the high rate of alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide among homosexuals?"

I will fully admit there is a higher rate of these things in the gay community - but did you ever stop to think it might be because of the hatred and bigotry espoused by people like you?

I know many gay people who have been kicked out of their homes as teenagers - no support from family and certainly no help from the community - like you and this paper.

YOU are the problem. BIGOTS like you.

And I don't go around saying that people from Provo are "a danger to humanity, the family, children and is against the law of God." But maybe I should.

wrong again

"Same-sex marriage is a danger to humanity, the family, children and is against the law of God."

Wrong Reynolds. You've been listening to too much Limbaugh, Beck and Fox.

Hatred for your fellow man is "a danger to humanity, the family, children and is against the law of God."


The Taliban would agree with this letter.

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