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Published: Tuesday, June 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re: re: My thoughts

The reason you make the Boozer for Simmions, Najera and a first round draft pick is so you can keep Millsap. That is the whole point. Simmons only has one year on his contract so you can trade it fairly easy (I said trade it for Kamen or Camby). Najera was only in for salary reason. How about Chris Douglas Roberts. So you are getting AK, Williams, Millsap and Kamen/Camby, Brewer as your starting 5. Kamen/Camby, Millsap and AK all averages over 1 block a game. Then you have the 11 and the 20 pick in this draft. You could draft Daye, Clark, Henderson with the 11th pick - Small forward, and Either PF or Shooting guard with the 20th pick.

Or you can keep Okur and just pay the Luxury tax one year - This works if you trade Simmons for Camby.

Your alternatives are to keep Boozer and Let Millsap or Okur go. Or just let Boozer go for nothing.


i'm excited to see Boozer out! I expect to see something new though in replace of Boozer, not a power forward also, we already have Millsap in replace of Boozer.

No bid

There simply will not be another circa $12mm bid for Boozer.


Get rid of Boozer. He is not an asset to the team, just a hindrance.


I am 57 years old and have always loved and played basketball, but paying someone 12 million a year and him probably thinking it's not enough is exactly what's wrong with the NBA. Players getting payed that much is just as ridiculous as the over payed and over compensated Wall Street executives.


trade booze plus (who ever on the jazz except for millsap and dwill) to bosh please!!!!

and about AK... he has fat contract so it's hard for him to be traded. Anyway AK47 atleast play defense!!!!


I would accept Boozer back if he plays 134 games for the Jazz without being paid. I know that he is not worth more than what he is being paid.

Apollo Sun

If Boozer does opt out, and the Jazz don't re-sign him, then who should the Jazz bring in? I know there's been a lot of talk about a Chris Bosh, but that would require a sign-and-trade. I like that idea, but otherwise which free agents are there?

What about allowing Millsap to start at PF, and with the cap space gained by releasing Boozer, the Jazz sign unrestricted free agent Shawn Marion. I know he's had some injury problems, but he could slot in at SF, DWill could bring out the best in the Matrix, and he would provide a shot blocking/defensive presence the Jazz so desperately need! What do you think?!?!??!


I am done watching pro sports. $12M is not enough for eight players to bounce a ball? I have lost touch with the NBA and all other pro sports.

Trade Proposal

I played 2 years at Sacramento State in college and played for the Philadelphia 76ers summer league team a couple years in a row but never quite made the pro's. I grew up a big fan of Utah because of Karl Malone. I play power forward and am from Louisiana myself. I think the Jazz should trade Boozer and Kirilenko to Houston for Tracy McGrady and Carl Landry. This would improve Houston and it would give the Jazz an expiring contract in Tracy McGrady. Who knows, maybe T-Mac would even help the Jazz for a year in a 2 guard spot they need help from, yet if he does not work out, you get Landry in return and Kirilenko off the books. Houston is looking to deal McGrady anyway, so why not. I am not a McGrady fan, but financially it makes sense and you get a possible good year out of McGrady and you get Landry. Just sayin...


Um, Apollo, the Jazz have a shotblocking SF already.

His name is Andrei Kirilenko.

Banky Thailand

I agree with Trade Proposal but the salary cap of both player are about 25 million dollar in next seasons. It is very crazy for Rocket to get it and they do not want PF because they have Scola.

What Booz wants

@Millsap will get | 9:02 p.m. June 8, 2009

I agree with all statements made in the above post. However, the other side of this is what Boozer wants. And he does get to pick whether he opts in or not.

1. Get an offer from another club to match or exceed the current pay from the Jazz, so he can just opt out - NOT LIKELY

2. Get the Jazz to do sign and trade - more likely but depends on other teams

3. Barring any of the above, opt in the last year of contract and play like it's your contract year (remember AK, Millsap, Price?) - they all play better during the contract years

The latter is really the last resort because (1) it's more work for Booz - he actually has to show up and compete; and (2) the Jazz can trade him to a team looking to free up some cap space willing to take on an expiring contract.

So, Booz is right - mostly the ball is in Jazz' court on this one. And I agree with the post at 9:02 PM - no need to rush at all.


Get rid of Kirilenko! Then we can do whatever we want with Boozer's contract. That was the worst move ever!

Apollo Sun

DW2RB | 3:23 p.m. June 10, 2009

Um, Apollo, the Jazz have a shotblocking SF already.
His name is Andrei Kirilenko.

No i'll think you'll find that overpaid, emotionally fragile stick figure: Andrei Kirilenko has not provided us with the shot-blocking SF that the Jazz are paying maximum salary for! Bring in Marion, and get rid of AK. Marion would provide more than just shot blocking. He would bring better shooting ability, a more focused head and the abilty to finish alley-oops from DWill!


The Jazz have taken the Okur/Boozer experiment as far as they can take it. It generally gave them 50 wins and a second round playoff exit. The year they made it to the Western Conference Finals was a bit deceiving. The Warriors beat an overhyped Dallas team, and the Jazz were able to capitalize on that. We saw against the Lakers this year the huge deficiency the Jazz have: "NO INSIDE DEFENSIVE PRESENCE". In Boozer's defense, it's hard to effectively guard other 4's and 5's when he's giving up three or four inches on them. Long term if the Jazz want to compete against the contenders, they need talented, true big men. Let's hope the Knicks stink it up next year so the Jazz can draft a great young PF/C in the 7 foot range. In the short term, let Boozer walk and sign Millsap for about $8 million. He will give similar offensive and rebounding stats, and some DEFENSE.

JazzFan :)

I can't take the Jazz seriously if Boozer is on the team. He's such a joke.


Even if Boozer opts out and leaves by himself the Jazz are going to be paying luxury tax. Unless Korver or Okur opt out too and we get nothing for them.
These numbers could be a bit off because I'm not able to look up the exact amounts but....

DWILL- $15 Mil
AK- $17 Mil
Okur- $9 Mil
Millsap $8 Mil (Detroit said it will offer 8-9
million for him)
CJ- $3 Mil
Harp- $5 Mil
Korver- $5 Mil
Price- $1 Mil
Fes- $1 Mil
Koufus- $1 Mil
Brewwer- $2 Mil

Boozer GONE
Collins GONE
Knight GONE
Almond GONE

Thats $67 million already in contracts and that's only 11 players. So they'd have to pick up another 3-4 players. The Jazz are going to have to do some MAJOR wheeling and dealing to stay under the cap even if Boozer goes for NADA!

todd from santa ana

Hey Steve O everybody waiting for Real's latest loss coming up to my Galaxy hee hee hee hee Kreis great anyway Plan A Plan B With SLoanie and his "holics" trade AK because like oil and water cant work.... A new Coach AK can stay then get rid of Okur This will get us in right direction


I'd take a high school players defense over Boozers. Get him outta here!

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