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Published: Tuesday, June 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Anybody who knows what an "Efficiency Rating" is might be able to appreciate that boozer holds the 5th highest efficiency rating in the playoffs, ahead of players like D-Wade and Tim Duncan, and Paul Millsap, all of whom I am a bigger fan of than Booz.
But T=D, what about his poor defense?
Maybe NBA players are just difficult to guard. Who are the better options over Boozer? Bosh seems to be at the top of the wish list, but he couldn't lead his team to the playoffs in the EASTERN conference and we still think he might be too much to ask for.
The current mindset of the Jazz fan comes off as that being given the choice between a team of prima donnas that perennially makes playoff runs, and a team of blue-collar protagonists who always fall just short of greatness, we would choose to identify with the latter.
At least we can still pity the clipper fans.
Good luck, Blake.

Boozer is a loser

Even my 5 year old knows that

RE: RE: RE: Not so fast

That's the problem with the Jazz, and I don't know if it's Jerry's fault or management, it's that mentality of maintaining meritocracy and not going out and making a meaningful moves that will actually make a difference.

Look at what Lebron did with the Cavs. Without him they aren't even a playoff team.

Signing Boozer would only continue this vicious cycle of bad decisions.

Carlos, do you like SLC?

Notice, everytime Boozer is asked that question, he never directly answers is. Well, here in SLC, we don't like you Booz, don't let the door hit you on your way out. LEAVE!!!!!!!!

Fickle Fan Man

Are you crazy? Boozer was a disaster last year. His lack of interior defense kills the entire team. If we do not get a couple of capable seven foot defensive men, then nothing will help this team. The Lakers are winning because they have three quality big men. Say what you want about Kobe, they didn't get anywhere until they got Gasol.

Boozer and second round pick for Bosh.
AK said he would restructure to leave. AK for Shaq and a second round pick. Jazz select Tyler H in first round. Sign and trade Korver for Bell


Boozer it is time for you to spread your wings and fly and leave this state. You already pulled a fast one on Cleveland. You haven't provided much here.


Why Read This?

Why am I reading all this. No more reading about Boozer looser. He want more money? Does he really want to play? He didn't play much at Olympics with Mike K coach. Go back to Alaska and maybe some of those wildlife animals might watch you for NOTHING!


Don't care what Boozer wants to do. As long as the Jazz keep Korver it'll all work out! Korver is the best shooter on the team and there are no plays designed for him to get the ball. Odd !


RE: Blauch

Good stuff. You're one of the few that has actually thought out this Bosh trade. I think the Jazz can make it happen because Miller did say he's willing to go into the luxury tax to keep Millsap.

Bosh makes 3 million more than Boozer so is it possible for the Jazz to package CJ Miles or something to drop more payroll? Then in 2010 Harpring's 5 Million comes off the books. Korver's 5 million comes off the books either this year or next. AK becomes MAJOR trade bate for teams looking to dump salary cap at the end of 2011. So we could trade AK's moster salary at the beginning or middle of 2011 season. That way we keep Williams, Millsap, Bosh, Okur, at about $50 million and sign some roll players to play around them with the extra 18-20 million. What do you think?


I'm sick of it. Just opt out Carlos because the Jazz are not going to pay you more and a long term contract! If I could find someone to bet with I am betting he is just hoping someone will get silly and sign him long term for more than he's making now and that he will sign with Miami for less than he is making now. Any takers? Just watch!

re: My thoughts

Acquiring Najera, Simmons, and the 11th pick isn't going to solve anything immediately. Neither player fits our system, and both are already on the downside of their careers as decent role-players.

Letting Millsap and Okur walk isn't smart either. Camby and Davis are older and nearing the end of their careers. Both left teams that improved in their absence dramatically (Nene looked much better as a full-time center in Denver, while Miami improved with rookie and 2nd-3rd year guys taking Davis' minutes). The Jazz would be smart to work on shoring up their outside shooting and getting someone like Martin Gorcat to back up Okur so the defense improves in the 2nd unit.

Did he just say..........

" I would be a huge piece of us having the chance to win a championship........and Deron Williams is a stud ball player" wow! You will never be HALF the player D-Will is.... you shouldn't even mention your name in the same sentence as his...



If the Jazz trade for Bosh - Okur is gone. Even if the Jazz are going to pay the Luxury tax next season they aren't paying 10 million over the cap. With AK, Williams, Bosh, Okur, Millsap, you are looking at 65 million dollars. Harpring is guaranteed 6.5 million 72 Million. Even if we combined Miles in the Boozer trade and Korver opts out (5mil) we still have to fill out a 12 man roster - 80 million. That is 10 million over the cap which means the Jazz will have to pay 10 million in taxes and they loose out of about 4 million from other teams.

As far as trading AK in 2010 - He might be easy to trade, but the Jazz would have to take salaries equal to his salary of players for a longer period. The Jazz would get good players, but it 17 million dollars of good players Only teams trying to get out of their contracts would trade for AK. Actually, I like AK as a player (over paid yes, but not utilized correctly. Look how Orlando uses Turkoglu, they set picks for him every play. The Jazz never set AK a pick


If the Jazz are going to build around AK, Williams, Bosh, and Millsap. They need to start by trading players for cheaper role players. For example Trade Brewer for Courtney Lee. Brewer is a better defender, better around the basket and overall a better player, but Lee is a better shooter, and he has 3 more years on his rookie salary.

2010 Brewer is going to get around 5 to 7 million and the Jazz can't match that if they build around the big three you have to make these moves

Trade Okur to Detroit (who is way under the cap) for a first round pick and Kwame Brown (4 million) Since Okur will make 9 million a year that only eats into 4 million of Detroit cap so they can sign a couple other players.

Kwame comes off the books is a solid rebounder and the first round pick solid and cheap for 4 years.

Jazz Lineup

Williams, Price
Lee, Miles,
AK, Harpring (Daye - Deroits pick)
Millsap, (20th pick Hansbrough)
Bosh, Brown, Koufas, Fess


I do not think korver, okur or boozer will opt out. I see milsap gettin a large offer, and the Jazz will match it. But Boozer will be traded...I just don't see how he couldn't. I think the jazz will part ways with boozer and AK this season, purely on financial reasons and won't get anything in return for them, but will end up with some extra cash in return. This off-season is looking pretty bleak, and I think the jazz may be doing very little this summer, except keeping the team together.

Hopefully we can get Tyler hansborough in the draft, he wouold bring a spark and a toughness to a team that desperately needs it. I would like to see us keep the team together for one more, hopefully, healthy season, and if no championship comes, than tear it down...but lets wait one more year before dismantaling and reconfiguring.

Re: Bosh

The National Post quoted one Eastern Conference source who has scouted Bosh extensively as saying Bosh "wasn't going to get any better." The numbers support that assertion. His points, rebounds, and assist numbers have plateaued over the last four seasons. So the question remains: Can you build a championship-caliber team around Bosh when he commands 30% of the salary cap? It's possible, but very, very unlikely. It's tough to tell a team that's only two seasons removed from a 47-win campaign to "blow it up" and rebuild, but that's what I would do. Chris Bosh is a very good player, but hes never going to be the leader on a true contender


All Jazz Management has to do is publically tell boozer/loser that he comes off the bench hehind Millsap and a draftee. His ego will help him move out of town.

Crown Doc

Please take that wonderful smile to Detroit.

Re whbo here would take a pay cu

It is not the raise of salary that has Jazz fans bothered. It is how arogant Boozer said it. "I'm gonna get a pay raise one way or the other". Does this sound like a guy you would "give" a pay raise to? Just an idea. Work out all summer with a great defensive player and get better defensively. Then those remarks might just be justified. Even an idiot sees this.


If the Jazz lose Boozer, they will end up losing Williams in a couple years also. When he's healthy, hes a great player. I do want to keep Milsap. Okur needs to go. They should trade both him and Kirilenko and get some other players that would contribute.

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