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Published: Tuesday, June 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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$67M over 6 years and he's worried about economic stability during these tough economic times? What is this joker smoking? Him and AK are total busts for what they are getting paid. These professional athletes having their incomes guaranteed without performing is what is wrong with pro sports!

Hit the road Jack!

Re: Can Bosh Defend

Finally somebody with something besides space between his ears!!..... BOSH IS A "PERIMETER" ORIENTED PLAYER. CHRIS BOSH DOESN'T HELP US IN THE MIDDLE AT ALL.....And just to save you the trouble of looking it up, his FG% is far less than Boozer's and with only 45 3PT attempts last season for a 27% clip, he's no Memo either.......Get smart people!

He looks good on the Rapps.....cuz he's all they've got.

my thoughts

Boozer had the same injury as Garnett and it is not like Garnett instantly had surgery and was able to play again and that was in the playoffs.

The Jazz have 2 choices - KEEP BOOZER or trade him for equal value - Toronto Boozer for Chris Bosh and let either Okur, Millsap or Korver (2 out of the 3 have to go). If Okur does not opt out, you have to let Millsap go

OR Let Boozer go, Sign and trade him to a team under a cap Detroit - Kwame Brown and their 15th draft pick or sign and trade him for an expiring contract - Simmions, Naraje and the 11th Draft Pick - this would mean the Jazz would have to pay one year of Luxury Tax.

Now I like Boozer better than most of you, but I think Millsap will become better than Boozer. And he is younger and cheaper.


Will go somewhere else and get his new coach fired because of the way he plays defense- I guarantee it! That is if he plays at all, he may just decide to ride the pine half the time, like he did here. He is a waste of a roster spot. Sure he's good when he's healthy but he can't stay healthy. Besides the Jazz had thier longest winning streak of the year while he was out shopping with the girls.

louisioana jazz man

boozer needs gone if they have to pay him to go. not just because he is always hurt but his whole attitude. the main reason when he wasent playing all year he had the balls to say he was opting out. opting out of what he hadent earned what he got paid last year? if i dident show up to work half the time the last 5 years then said i wanted a raise they would tell me dont let the door knob hit you were the good lord split you.


Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the jazz would have been better off buying a load of wood...boozer is a loser, he just doesn't know how to win!

louisiana jazz man

trade boz to rthe d league. let him sit down there for a year

Boozer haters speak for

themselves. We all know that they will denounce their ways once we miss the playoffs with millsap leading us. I call for all boozer haters to be lynched if we are a worse team without boozer.

my thoughts

If I were the Jazz,

The Jazz sign and trade Boozer (14 million) to NJ for Simmons (10 mil expiring 2010 contract), Najera 3.1 million and the 11th pick in the draft. Why would NJ do this - They get Boozer, Harris, Carter, and Lopez as their base - they are instantly relevant again. The Jazz get a draft pick.

The Jazz can then trade Simmons to the Clippers for Camby, Ricky Davis and the 31 pick in the draft. The Clippers need minutes for Blake Griffen and the Clippers already have Kamen, Camby and Randolph. That gives the Jazz

The Jazz should then let Okur walk - if he opts out. Simply because the Jazz need

Camby, Koufas
Millsap (When Millsap comes Out AK moves over to PF)
AK (11th pick - Daye), Najera, Harpring, Darius Miles
Brewer, Korver (not opting out), Miles, (20th pick- Henderson)
Williams 31st pick (Mills or Lawson) which ever one drops out of first round.

This also give the Jazz some flexibility to for 2010 when we will have a top 10 pick and Brewer will need a raise.

One step backward - two steps forward.


Anyone that thinks Bosh wouldn't come here is an idiot. 1st it's not his choice he has a contract, 2nd even Donyell Marshall looked amazing when he played here so does anyone really think Bosh wouldn't put up at least 26 and 10, and 3rd he plays for Toronto!! At this point he'd accept being traded to Zombie Sonics!
Ok I'll give it to you people Boozer has a higher shot % than Bosh but the diference is minimal and the Jazz are a TON better than the Raptors. So once Bosh plays here his shot % will go up cuz if other teams double and triple him that will get killed by Memo or D-Will or AK (6 or 7 times a year). The day we trade for Bosh is the day I start caring about what's happening in the NBA again.

my thoughts


I would also take Kamen instead of Camby. This way we do not need to take on Darius Miles salary. Kamen best season 2008 he averaged 15pts 12.7 rebounds and 2.8 blks a games.

RE: RE: Not so fast

I don't see how you can blame mediocre results and losing in the playoffs all on Boozer. The bigger problem is that when you play Boozer and Okur at the same time the interior defense just isn't going to be very strong. Sure Millsap tries hard but at the end of the day he's only 6'7". The Jazz could still use a real center who is tall and plays like it even if he can't score as much as Okur.

Another problem is that Brewer, AK, and Knight didn't shoot well from outside so opposing teams just leave them open. At the same time you can't blame Sloan too much for playing Brewer over Korver when you need someone to guard Kobe and other athletic 2 guards.

With multiple weaknesses to address, I don't see how getting rid of your #1 go-to scoring option will be any kind of improvement. The Jazz could easily pick in the lottery and try to sign high-priced free agents for 5 straight years and still not end up with someone who can score as well as Boozer already does.


There is no way Booz is wanting to stay here. Everything he says in this interview pretty much restates his original 'position'. He wants a raise, and will do what's best for him.... he's waiting for the Jazz to come to him??? Give me a break. IF Boozer was to stay in Utah, he has a looooooooooong way to go in smoothing things over with fans, and his most recent comments do anything BUT that. As someone else has already said, Boozer needs to think about what he says, and realize that 'average' people who make 'average' money are hearing/reading them, and he's certainly not doing anything to help himself when it comes to the fans.


Get him out of here

Boozer hater

Selfishness. One big word that describes professional basketball anymore. I get so tired of hearing these athletes say what they are "worth." Millions to play a game. Dubbed as "heroes," the real heroes are struggling to make ends meet working real jobs, raising kids, and being responsible adults. If Boozer gets his millions, I sure hope it is not here. I just can't get over it. A heartless, defenseless, constantly hurt player jockeying himself for franchise player money. Come on Jazz front office! Two big money mistakes is enough (see Ostertag and A.K.). Bring Millsap back and let Boozer sit behind a bench in a suit worth more than my yearly salary somewhere else.


The jazz will keep boozer.
This is about having a "fun and competitive" team, remember?

The jazz's descent into mediocrity will speed up next year. Young talent will continue to rot and nothing will change.


The Bosh Problem

If the Jazz sign and Trade Boozer for Bosh - I think Toronto would really consider this. Bosh is leaving next off season and this would lock up a power forward for 6 years - most likely to NYC.

Next year, Bosh, AK and Williams the have a combined salary of 46 million

Bosh is a free agent 2010. For the Jazz to resign Bosh, it would be 6 year deal starting at 17 million and ending at 23 million. Bosh, AK and Williams salary would be 51 millon.

2011 AK comes off your books.

So basically if we did this - Okur is gone, Korver is gone, Millsap can be resigned for under 10 million a year. Because Management said they would pay one year of luxury tax - 2010 Harpring comes off the books

2010 looks even bleaker Brewer comes off his rookie contract meaning he will be getting offers around 5 to 7 million a year and the Jazz have NYC first round pick. Bosh, Williams, AK and Millsap combined salary - 58 million - meaning the Jazz would have 12 million to fill out 8 spots.



If the Jazz just did this trade with the knowledge that Bosh is gone in a year lets run for the championship - I am fine with that, but there is always cost.

A team always need to make sure they can have 2 or 3 players who over achieve. The Jazz this season had Williams, Brewer, and Millsap all paid under 5 million a year. Denver has Anderson, JR Smith both being paid under 5 million. LA has Ariza who will need a raise. Orlando has Turk and Gorgot - both looking for raises.


BOSH would be a great fit!!!! drop A.K., miles, knight, harpring, korver, fes. sign almond, pick up Camby, Magette, randolph.

obviously we need height, defense and athletic shooters.


I think we keep boozer only if we are going to get a defensive center. That will take the post pressure off of him and it will shore up our defense. Speaking of defense, it isn't just that he and the turk don't play defense, worse yet they set the example and tone for an entire team that doesn't play defense.

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