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Published: Tuesday, June 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Are You Kidding?

You want to paid more than 12.7 million dollars/year for nursing one of your many "injuries" and sitting on the bench? I can not believe how disconnected this guy is from reality.

Re Good Guy Gary

What the "GREEDY" one is saying is that if the Jazz offer him more money and 5 or 6 years he will bless us with his presence! I call his bluff if I'm the man. Let him opt out, then we will see who the real suckers are. This whole issue is sickening and is worn out. Move on Jazz. Also dump A.K, Collins, Knight, Miles, Fess, and Brewer. Don't over pay Milsap either or you may end up with another Boozer or A.K. on your hands. He is not the durable player everyone thinks when he has to play starter minutes. Give me the Milsap, D-Will, Korver, Koufus, Price, Harpring types and I and others will be happy because we will at least get effort and heart. There are real players to be had if this management tries. Lets see some effort in management too.

Boozer vs Mailman

Both Mailman and Boozer were whiners. The BIG difference however is Malone produced year in and year out and people put up with all the hoo-haw. Boozer is injured then in a slump then injured then in a slump ......


Why are there so many Brewer haters? He's solid and he's getting better each year! Alright, he didn't shoot well during the playoffs but he shot a lot better this year than he has in previous seasons. He continues to improve and he will be one of our best players.

Not so fast

The only thing that the Jazz can do is consider how much they are willing to pay Boozer or not. They should call his agent's bluff and see how much interest there really is from other teams before they just give him what he is asking for like they did with AK and Ostertag. They can probably beat any offer if they really want to.

Just saying you're not interested in Boozer at all would be stupid. The Jazz just aren't going to get another player that will produce 20 points and 10 rebounds with 50+ FG% any time soon. Look at Dwight Howard drafted #1 overall and rightly so, but for all his size and athleticism he hasn't scored as much against the Lakers as Boozer did.

The Jazz need to think long and hard about how much Boozer is really worth because of his history of missing so many games with injuries and weak defense. Personally, I think it would be worth risking maybe 13 million per season for another 4 years. If Detroit or some other team wants to pay him more than that then let them have him.


Only play part time. Give him part time pay.

In Boozer's court, not Jazz's

"Yeah," he said. "I mean, obviously, I put the ball in their court. You know, I told them I wanted to be there and we'll see how they respond, and how they approach me."

Putting the ball in the Jazz's court is what WILL happen if you opt out. Until then, Carlos, it's in YOUR court. You are the one under contract. It's YOUR choice, not the Jazz's or anyone else's. Stop listening to your agent telling you every team wants you and think how much money you won't make in New Jersey, Detroit, and especially Miami.

Detroit needs to fill several holes, not just the 4. They could use help at center, the bench needs a few replacements, etc. So all of that $20 mil from Iverson's expiring deal isn't going to one guy...

NJ and Miami can only offer the mid-level unless they negotiate a trade with the Jazz.

So unless you want to go to Memphis...

With the behavior and statements he's made, expect the Jazz to let him walk.

Mid Summer Dreams

Waking up in the morning on July 1, 2009 will be a day for joy and happiness. Booz has opted out and signed with a team in the Eastern Conference. Millsap as signed with the Jazz. Sloan retires, Hornacek is now head coach and Morris Almond is signed and named the 2 guard starter. Okur gets a new contract with Jazz and Korver decides to stay for another year.

Here is the solution

I think the Jazz really need to make some changes. Since Williams is by far the best player, we should definitely keep him, but make some trades for some other key players. First, I would try to get Bosh for Boozer, and then trade Okur for Dwight Howard. It may take a little bit extra money, but I think we should trade AK for Lebron James, and trade Brewer for Dwayne Wade. If Jazz management would get off their butts and realize that, I think we would have a team that could have a good shot for the finals. Throw in Ronnie Price and Knight for Chris Paul to back up Williams at the point, and it would be a sure thing.

Big "D" Comment

Memo, AK, Boozer, all three are soft, won't put a body on guys in the paint. A team can handle maybe one of these keys positions being soft but comeon, all three? I think this is a great opportunity for the Jazz to make some needed changes.

RE: Not so fast

If you want to continue being a mediocre team losing in the first round go ahead and sign him again.

The Jazz need to make some real moves to improve.

John Wicks

I hope Boozer walks for it will free up some much needed money. Give some to Milsap and I say to resign Morris Almond because I still don't think he has been given a fair chance. Why athletes now days need agents puzzles me. They can't all be that stupid can they? I don't recall John Stockton ever having one!!


Spoiled, petulant 20-something, like half of that generation out there.

Chris Bosh dream

CB will not come to a place so ingrateful as Utah. A place which booed Karl Malone upon his return? Moreover, he is NOT playing for Jerry Sloan, a coach who doesn't know how to manage superstars. Take it to the bank.


Anonymous 9:10

Brewer's percentage only goes up because of all the dunks and layups he gets. I bet his percentage outside 10 feet is in the low 30% range. I'd like him to stay on the team but he just HAS to work on the shooting. We can't have 2 or 3 players on the court at any given moment that can't make shots. AK, Brewer, Knight. Can't shoot!

Re: Chris Bosh dream

Between Chris Bosh and Marcin Gortat( no sliding of Gortat's merit is intended here), Jerry Sloan will pick Gortat, a white boy and scrub. That's his type of player. So all of you CB dreamers out there can really forget about it. You all live with a chimera in your collective brain.

todd from santa ana

to chris bosh dream hee hee hee hee right o mate. Tell that to the "sloanaholics" maybe snagglepuss can come out of hibernation at Jellystone to shed light on this-a team for the 2010s O Connor, Johnson and Sloanie at least for one year, what a future...


I hate to correct a couple of you on this, but Karl left only after John decided to retire... I know 95% of you can't think about some of those things logically and have selective memory on these things, but please try to get out of the obsessed arm chair fan mode and look at some of these things logically... But I do agree with the majority of the sentiment in wanting the greedy, hypocritical, lazy, cement-shoed panzy gone!

todd the perfect scenario

In a Mary Poppins world the same 15 Jazz Players will be back in 2009-2010 that is what the organization would be happy with...Morris Almond is the biggest waste of talent anyone has drafted in likely the last 5 years. Sit Sit or play in the Bush Leagues. Disgusting... I feel a good, motivating coach would get so much more and we are going to lose a 2 time NCAA scoring champion. Comment: How much worse defense can he play than what is here now. ALso Kevin Kruger can drain shots all night. If Korver left, here is a cheap and would be grateful son of coach replacement living his dreams to be in the NBA. Yeah not great defensively. Set him some picks and if time to get his shot off unlimited range. With he and Almond on this roster now your attack improves beyong comprehension. Get Bosh in here, resign Milsap and now you can compete for glory.

Will Jazz management do this?

What do you think...


Let Boozer go. He is lazy and useless.

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