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Published: Tuesday, June 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Fickle Fans

Obviously Carlos needs to improve his defense, but where were all of you fickle fans when the Jazz were in the Western Conference Finals and Boozer was the MAN? He has been hurt, give the guy a break. I would love to see any of you perform like you expect these athletes to after an injury. The problem is that you don't have to prove it, you can just run your mouths on these boards and on sports talk shows. I am going to love to hear what all of you say when Carlos leaves and the Jazz have 30 wins next year.


let Jersey or even Toronto deal with him. time to get Chris Bosh from Toronto....for Boozer and Kirilenko and Collins.

To Charles

The interview was done by Jim Rome on the ESPN show "Jim Rome is Burning."


Booz is a lot of things, but he's not someone to get rid of at all costs like some of you would have. Fickle Fans, you said it. Carlos can be a stud, and he'll look a whole lot better if we get a big man to sure up the middle defensively.

I will concede that Booz and Memo should never play together as our only defensive post options, because their bad defense becomes amplified when they're together. But just imagine if we had somebody as good as Ostertag (not a very high bar, I think we'd all agree) to block some shots. All of a sudden we could be in the hunt. I believe Fezenko can achieve Ostertag status...I know that's saying a lot for some of you Big O Fans :-)

Now imagine if we get a center like Dalembert, Pryzbyla, or another shot blocking center with some offensive skills too. Granted we'll have to give up a piece or two at some point if that happens, but I'm not sure Carlos is the piece to give up. Be careful what you wish for Jazz fans... OUT


Give Boozer a break, he was injured

I think we are all upset about this last season, it started off with such promise and ended very badly. But hey we made the playoffs in a very competitive western conference, the suns didnt even make the playoffs for crying out loud. I think one of the main reasons the Jazz didnt have more success was because of the back up point guard situation, brevin knight was horrible, absolutely horrible. The whole season I kept thinking, why isnt ronnie price playing instead? Whenever d-will would take the bench we would struggle because brevin knight can not score or distribute the ball. But we all saw the jazz last game against the lakers when sloan finally decided to put price in and he almost single handedly led us to a win with his hustle and tenacity.

I say if price played as backup rather than knight, the jazz would have been a higher seed in the playoffs and would have made it to the second round at least. I also think its time for a new coach, sloan is getting too old, love the guy, but the jazz need something new

RE: Pale Bear

Not that it really makes a difference but I think for Stockton, he should be refered to as Hall of Fame-elect (or something like that). He's in but he's not officially in until the induction.

As for Boozer, I just don't care anymore. He has sucked the joy of basketball out of me.


we need a good 2 and 3. defense is overrated. trade ak for maggette and crawford, let korver walk, trade harpring for a backup power forward, resign memo to the tune of $11 mil (kaman's salary) and sign millsap (or boozer if he'd take $13 mil a year).


All you who say Boozer is gone, need to consider that he has the option to opt out or not. If he finds that no other team will pay him more than the Jazz will pay him in 2009-10 per his contract, then he will not opt out. He will be on the Jazz team this coming season. In that scenario, the only options the Jazz have it to: 1. Play him, or 2. Trade him. There is one more option and that is a sign and trade, which would take a deal between the Jazz and another team as well as Boozer and his agent concurring to the deal. Those are the only options that I can see are available to the Jazz.

It's up to the Jazz? 5 words....

Sign and Trade for BOSH!


"Contract Status is Up to Jazz"??? What? I thought it is him who can decide to opt out or not. Something I am missing??


If you think he would be happy in Detroit or New Jersey, fugget about it. And the thrid team being talked about, Toronto? Go ahead and consign yoursel to oblivion? Nah! Utah's his best shot.


I'm no the "rent a Wallace" bandwagon. Let Booz go, sign Milsap for 8M per, and see if we can convince Rasheed to come play for us for a year or two. NO ONE can tell me we'd lose as many road games with that guy on our team. Rasheed Wallace can help this team. I know, he's a headcase, but seriously, he'd help.
I'd love the Bosh deal, but how realistic is that?
Go Jazz

sum whan

Sorry no gripes here only a recipe how to move forward.

Boozer is a stud. Trade Okur anywhere you can. Buy Dwight Howards backup, he runs the floor and plays outstanding D, and the Magic said they are not going to be able to afford to keep him. Send Brewer packing as he proved he can't shoot against LA. Package him with Andrei and Korver and get Magette. If you do that then you can sign and trade Milsap who is a stud but not of Boozer status. Move CJ to 2 guard and bring on Fes and Coufous to learn. That frees up capital and allows you to stay under the cap.

Second Thought

Boozer has realized he's not worth $12.7 a year and now maybe opting out might be a bad idea considering any team that will take him will want to pay him less.

I say the Jazz let him opt out and then offer a 5 year $6m deal so he can repay the team for the two and a half seasons he stole.


I say keep Boozer, because he will have an outstanding year due to an expiring contract, and won't dare be hurt next year. Then drop his lazy no-defense butt!


There isn't enough crack on the planet to influence someone to take Boozer in trade for Bosh. That's just the way it is.

Re: Fickle Fans

The ONLY reason the Jazz were in the Western Conf Finals two years ago was because Golden St. knocked off Dallas in the first round, NOT because of Boozer. In fact, I remember Boozer being the reason the Spurs spanked the Jazz in 5 primarily because Boozer sucked it up!

Boozer, GO AWAY!!!!

Booz or no Booz

It doesn't really matter whether Carlos Boozer is here or not next season because either way the Jazz will still have to get better defensively if they are to improve as a team and compete with the rest of the West. I think everyone would agree that Utah needs a defensive center. I think trying to get Gortat from the Magic is a decent move. He's certainly no Dwight Howard, but he appears to be able to hold his own under the basket on both ends of the floor.

Can Bosh Defend?

I agree we need a big who can defend, but is Bosh that player? I love his attitute and offensive skills, but I really don't know if he's the "stopper in the middle" we need. Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to see him as a Jazz man, but I think we also need either Biedrins, Kaman, or Gortot(sp?) - a truely defensive-minded center! Any thoughts???

weak defender

The Jazz underperform because of poor defense and unfortunately, Boozer is a big part of that. Part of being a superstar means learning to play defense. He's been in the league plenty long and still has no clue how to defend. Look at all the great championship teams...they all know how to defend. Even the stars like Lebron and Kobe learned that if they were going to be great, they had to play defense. The Jazz have actually gone backwards in their defensive ability, primarily due to Boozer. Let's hope the Jazz have enough sense to get rid of Boozer and resign Milsap who is an excellent defender.

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