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Published: Tuesday, June 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The only reason...

Boozer has not opted out of his contract is he hasn't found another team willing to pay him one cent more than his contract with the Jazz will pay him next year.

Please Carlos, take a pay cut and go to Chicago.

Who here would take a pay cut?

Seriously, quit being a fan for a second and think. If you were in his shoes you would opt out and get the most money you can.

Their NBA careers are very short in comparison to ours. Time to get rich while you can.

I promise you D-Will is going to opt out of his contract in 3 years as well. Lets see who throws him under the bus as well.


Wow.....the guy has already made many times more money than 90% of the population will make in their entire life time and he talks about "securing himself financially"? Just another example of pro athletes not having a grip on reality.


Go to LA for a million just like Greedy Karl. Good night and good luck.


Boozer, the ball is in YOUR COURT, not ours. It's all on you.

Bottom line, the Jazz can't keep Millsap AND Boozer...guess who stays? It's been real, Boozer!


boozer-you are average at best--poor d avg o fair rebounder--terrible role model--go away asap

Gone, Gone Gone!

Boozer is gone thank god. But we have a few more that need to go namely A.K., Miles, Collins, Knight, Fess, Brewer or Korver(take your pick). I would sign Milsap only up to 8mil no more or you will have another A.K. on your hands. Remember how good A.K. played before the big contract, well don't repeat the same mistake. Sign Almond if he will stay and give him and Koufus some playing time for hell sakes. Then go out and get or try to sign Wallace of the Bobcats, Gordon of the Bulls, Crawford, Maggette, of the Warriors, make a trade with the nets if needed to get rid of Boozer, JUST DO SOMETING!


Utah Jazz: Boozer says he hasn't decided to opt out of contract = "Utah Jazz: Boozer isn't getting the offers he fantasized about!"

no defense

I hope boozer opts out. We need a big man who can defend. Boozer is a terrible defender. Chris bosh. Please!

Colorado Jazz Fan

I don't care if Boozer goes somewhere else and regains his former dominance. I just don't want him on the team anymore. He is a wart and we can do better. WE need someone who is hungry for a ring, not somebody who is wishy washy about it. Bye Bye Boozer.

Take care of his family?

Let's get real, Carlos. Your family is definitely taken care of in most respects. Private schools, top-dollar medical care, multiple homes, etc.

How about helping the team that's paid you for 1/2 the work they expected to get from you?

Jazz management, if they re-sign him (NO!), need to make his next contract performance-based to some extent...

Not worth the paycheck

After $55 million over the last 5 years, Boozer has been paid far more than he has earned.

He has the right to negotiate for as much money as anyone is foolish enough to pay. But, they better look at the amount of time he is unavailable due to injuries, his meager defensive contributions, and eagerness to jump ship for any good offer.

Boozer rides only for the Boozer brand, and the Jazz need to make him a fair offer, and not waste $12 million for another year.

Just add in that the salary is pro-rated per game, and any game his is not able to play in he does not get paid for. His family won't starve, unless he has totally blown $55 M.

He needs to recognize that besides great talent, Stockton and Malone also had LOYALTY, at least until Karl's greedy agent lured him away in the final years.

This is posturing to see if

Boozer's agent can get a offer out of the Jazz. If the Jazz are smart they will force Boozer to make a decision on opting. KOC needs to stay on vacation. In the mean time they need to sign Millsap to an extension if they can and then after Boozer's opt out date they can deal with him.

As one GM said, Boozer would be crazy to opt out. Detroit has lots of options. How bad do they need Boozer? The can keep Wallace for another year or 2 and do just fine.

Or the Jazz can rent Wallace or someone like him for a year or 2. The Jazz can also pick up a younger big who plays defense and play Okur, Millsap, Koufos and the new big in rotations. That will be as good or better than having Boozer 1/2 of the time. That also save a ton of money.

The Jazz as currently constituted can't beat LA anyway so why not try something new? Surely the Jazz can win 50 games without Boozer if they get a good replacement.

That will get them into the playoffs (same as usual).


If you want to ski like the best, ski with the best. Boozer should find a team that inspires him to greatness. You can't be loyal just for the sake of being loyal. "This above all; to thy shelf be true."

Millsap will get

a little more than the mid level exemption. He will get a lot of mid level exemption offers. He will have a lot of good options.

The Jazz should see if they can cut a deal before he goes on the market.

They can deal with Boozer later. If he opts, I do not see Detroit wanting him for 12+ mill on a multi year contract in a bad economy. If Boozer stays he is a good trade as an expiring contract or the Jazz have most of the year to work out a deal with him if they really want him.

The Jazz should be in no hurry. In the worst case they lose Boozer for nothing but they get 12+ mill in cap relief.

They can get another player (similar to Millsap) for 6 mill or less and have both Millsap and the new player. Both will improve and the combo will be better than Boozer. Better defense and eventually a very good offense. Also, probably better chemistry and fan support.

The Jazz are in the drivers seat as long as they are not dumb and resign Boozer for too much.

Do us a favor

Come on Carlos please explore your options and opt out. Do yourself and the people of Utah a favor and move on. Good luck but you have worn out your welcome in Utah.

Pale Bear

Shouldn't that be "hall-of-famer Stockton and future hall-of-famer Malone"? Stock already made it.

Speaking of John, didn't he bring in sandwiches and sit down with Larry and negotiate his contract himself? No agent, no bull. Didn't he settle for $8 mil so Karl could get paid more? John Stockton played because he really loved the game and loved to compete and he was loyal to the Jazz.

This stolid, poker-faced man broke down when he said it was time to retire. And he never tried to come back. He just faded into the sunset and went back to normal life with his family, which is what he wanted all along--anonymity and a chance to spend time with his kids and wife. What an example.


What tv show and channel was this interview on today?


Why would anybody want to come back to this? You people are just awful. Be careful what you wish for because you are going to have the same mediocre team as last year.


Why do you ask Why? Apparently you did not watch many of the games. Boozer contributed very little to the limited success we had this year. We could have been playing the big men and giving them some experience and exposure. Boozer deserves nothing more from the JAZZ. The fans want him gone. He is a pain to watch and that is what we pay the big money for.....GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBoozer somewhere else.

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