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Published: Tuesday, June 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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We've all decided for you Boozer, we don't want you here anymore. BYE BYE

No way

Boozer expects a pay raise? He should be giving the Jazz (and us season ticket holders) a refund.

Oh he'll be back

He won't get more than $12mm from another team. He'll be back and probably does not produce sufficiently next year to get pay raise.


Boozer is NOT a superstar. He is an above average player who happened to have a great supporting cast these past two years. He seems to be quite fragile when it comes to injuries. I think that the Jazz could do better with someone else, especially after his announcement earlier that he planned to opt out of his 4th year. It appears that reality has set in that he may not be able to do better with another team, especially in a soft financial market, and I suspect that the Jazz are not revealing all of their cards in this give and take, as well. As for Karl and John, Boozer doesn't even come close to measuring up, where Derrin seems to be getting closer to a match for Stockton.


he can play significantly more than half the games each season, if he stays here. He's so unhealthy I don't know why any team would be willing to take on a 12 million+ bench player. The Jazz have shown what that's amounted to. Give the money to Milsap, he "deserves" it....as much as anyone can deserve to make that much money.


"And this is a good opportunity, in such an insecure economy, to secure myself financially doing something I love to do."--Carlos Boozer



I didn't hear him mention that he's working on his defensive skills. At this point ANY DEFENSE would be an improvement out of Boozer.

Offensive strategy of our opponents on any given night: Throw the ball to whomever Boozer is "guarding".

I think

I think that the best plan for Boozer is to leaave Utah. It will improve the teams chemistry. Granted Utah needs another big man, but we need a big man that really wants to play and is not putting "money" first and foremost. The Jazz with Boozer as a "me first always," will not improve the team. I would rather finish even lower than the Jazz finished with a group of guys that leave it all on the floor every night, than someone who is injured at least a third of the time. In what other profession can a person miss a third of the time, get paid the same, and want more?


My guess is that Boozer will opt out and play elsewhere. Boozer is about Boozer. Crack on Malone for not having a ring or two but to compare those 2 is unfair. Booz doesn't have Malone's mental or physical toughness (yes, I know, the Mailman didn't delivery in the Finals, blah, blah, blah) but at least he got their twice and I just don't see Boozer putting the team on his shoulders like Malone did and carrying them.

Let's face it - those Finals Jazz teams were all about Stockton & Malone - decent supporting cast, but far better role players than stars. Same is true now - it's Deron's team, not Boozer's - he's the driving force behind the team. Boozer is there only 1/2 the time anyway - when they win, it's more due to DW playing well than Boozer's presence.

End the drama - opt out and play with the Nets or the Heat.


Boozer is trying to make himself financially viable in this tough economy? What a joke! He's already milked the Jazz out of 55 million dollars. If that is not financially secure I don't know what is. He Carlos, try living on 25k a year and see how that is!!!!

You are a loser Boozer....Get the hell of this team!!!


Secure yourself financially??? $55 million over 5 years and you are still worried about financial security? If you need more money than that then you have more problems in your head than trying to figure out how to be a winner. Be careful when giving quotes that we normal people will read. We don't feel your $55 million poverty pains. Good grief.

Henry Drummond

How many homes does this guy need? Salt Lake, Miami, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and now New Jersey?


C'mon O'Connor....Sign Milsap to $8M....trade Boozer and AK47 for Gordon and Bosh! Throw in Brewer, Almond, Collins or Knight....but get it done!

It depends. . .

. . . "on how they approach me." If I were the Jazz management, I'd simply say, "Carlos opt out now, go find out who's interested in paying you more than we have, and then you approach us with a number that it will take to keep you." Carlos has it backwards, as usual. And let's hope if I'm Jazz management I'm not stupid enough to enter the bidding war and raise the price -- he's a fraud as a basketball player and a human being.


Of course he hasn't decided yet if he wants to stay in Utah. He doesn't have all the offers in. It's obvious that he'll go wherever the money takes him. And, you can't really blame him. Most of us would do the same. The Jazz is a business, and the players are just their employees.

The only thing we can fault Boozer for is his unwillingness to earn the money that he's already been paid.

The single most important thing to recognize when recruiting talent for your organization is that the best predictor of future performance is past performance. With that in mind, there is no way Boozer rates $10+ million a year. But, there is bound to be some franchise desperate for talent that is willing to gamble and hope the he can stay healthy and focused.


Oh, Blahdi-blah-blah! If he comes back and produces, EVERYbody will jump back on his bandwagon. If not, they will take great pride in booing him when he comes back to play against us. We (me included) are VERY fickle fans and have weak memories. But we are, nonetheless, neurotic Jazz fans. Love us or leave us and be done with it. We love you and expect the same from you (forgetting that this is a BIG business with BIG $$$$). Whoever plays for the Jazz, I will probably fall in love with and weep when they leave (Raja Bell [I have his shoes), etc.). Whatever happens, we are Jazz fans til the end (bring on the champagne so we can go out dancing). (Go ANYBODY but the Lakers/Kobe!!!!) (I know, he is a child of God, too.)

Let's be real here. . .

. . . the Miller Group is all about entertainment. As long as their business focus satisfies the need to have a marketable NBA entertainment product on the Jazz basketball floor (meaning enough bodies in the seats to pay the freight), why even get involved in discussions about NBA championships in Utah? It just isn't going to be a reality. The ILLUSION, however, is what keeps the discussion interesting. It's the taste of the possibility, having twice made the Finals, but it's not reality to assume it will ever actually happen. Keep it all in perspective and you'll all be happier.


Let's face it, Boozer's number one goal is money. Bling Bling. Diamond earings, giant gold necklaces, fast cars, ten houses, everything a person needs to feel secure in this time of economic uncertainty. Everything else is a secondary consideration to this so man. Period. He can say what he wants about winning championships too, but he doesn't have the heart of one yet. O yeah, being happy is a choice Carlos, a state of mind.


If Boozer really cared about winning he would opt out and take a pay cut. Obviously it is just better if he leaves since Sloan couldn't even keep him out of the starting lineup after he came back from his injury this year. If I was Milsap I know I would be pissed off and feel unappreciated putting up the numbers he did and then automatically losing the starting spot to a guy who had been out of the rotation for months

Sounds great!

You bet! I think the Nets would love to pay Boozer to sit the bench. Boozer should go to the Nets...like it said in the story....He has a house there and feels comfortable there. Great fit for Boozer....just leave Utah....soon!

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