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Published: Friday, June 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I feel bad for the secret service. They have to sift through and figure out who the nutcakes are that are just nutcakes and the nutcakes that actually mean what they say. This wouldn't happen if people would just realize that just because they dont agree with something the whole world is still turning


the way its reported from the lib ur trib. They make it sound like hes from utah.


That's not a very intelligent thing to even mention a threatening tone to anyone about the President. I didn't cast my vote for Mr. Obama, but he is still the President of the US. There still needs to be respect given to him and the office he holds.


See what happens when people listen to right wingers.


Someone had extra crazy syrup on their insanity pancakes for breakfast. I wish I had this guy's bank, I have trouble getting money out of mine even with my ID.

Christian Seaborn

The whole way this thing is being reported is just plain stupid. If there is a nationwide hunt for this man why are the news media (including this publication) not running a photo of this person? We all know what Pres. Obama looks like. We don't need to see his photo. And of course the FBI, etc. should have a photo of this man. He had to have been photographed by the bank's camera system. They also know he is from NY. Certainly the NY DMV has a photo of him.


I don't even know why this story is out there if he's not in custody. Why are they telling him they're looking for him? Now he's on to the game and will go further underground. Stupid if you ask me.

Republicans are Insane

These are the kinds of people Republicans go out of their way for to make sure nut jobs like this guy can own firearms. As far as the banks failing and the economy that is all Bush's fault.


They guy obviously needs some treatment. But what people are missing is the blatant attempt by the reporter handguns via:
The guns range from semiautomatic pistols to revolvers "some capable of carrying 15 rounds of ammunition, and all easy to conceal,"...

Some members of Congress, mostly Democrats of course, have long tried to control not only gun ownership but large capacity magazines. Many many pistols made today carry upwards of 17 rounds and almost ALL are easily concealed.

This guy should not have handguns, but the inclusion of statements like this just inflame the gun ownership arguments that really have nothing to do with a crazy guy running around making threats to the President.


I'm calling BS... Really? $13k w/ no id... and the guy threatens the teller and there's no police involved. I want to know how this psycho is sitting on 100k in the first place.


The Uni-Bomber was a left-wing, Al Gore fan.


This is the result of right wing pundits in the like-forms of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck etc, when they use incitful words to entice wackos like Daniel James Murray to use violent acts against anyone who they deem dangerous to America when they ( Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck etc) who are the real danger to this country. As their tent gets smaller, their hate grows bigger.


Another brainwashed nutjob and threatening psychopath who was legally allowed to buy weapons.


you can thank bill o'reilly, sean hannity, rush limbaugh, and dick cheney for inciting folks like this jack-off.


This is just plain stupid. Ever heard of the first amendment? Last time, I heard, it still applies in the US. He probably just doesn't trust the banking system in its current flux and, at the same time, giving his opinion about the president.

He can threaten the president all he wants and as long as he doesn't act on it, he should be in the clear.


It would have seemed that this clerk would have said something to someone while he was still at the bank, not only does it seems that he would hurt the president but also anyone else that comes into his path, he sounds like a loose cannon, I hope that they really hurry and catch this fool sooner than later


How exactly does someone who is almost undoubtedly a paranoid schizophrenic come to own that many firearms? Does absolutely everybody have the right to buy any legal weapon? Even among those of us that advocate the right to bear arms, is there no longer any common sense about restrictions?

Bill R

Whole story sounds contrived especially considering the attitude and threats he made toward the teller...Obviously he is mentally ill.... Sounds like great fodder for the Pelosi, Reid, and Feinstein bunch to get their gun control legislation passed. I can hear them now "Look only crazy people own guns and they try to kill the President" Never a mention from the anti-gun establishment about criminal uses of handguns and how our legal system is broken. Geesh...maybe I need to eat some of those crazy pancakes!


As a detention office I have dealt with many mentally ill people, I feel safe in saying this guy is seriously schizophrenic.


I, too, object to the way this story is being handled -- but for a different reason. This man is clearly having a psychotic breakdown. A fairly classic one -- the visions, the paranoia, etc. Why is this unfortunate person being spread across the headlines of so many papers? Granted, if he's packing a bunch of firearms, he's dangerous. But not likely to the president. He needs treatment, rather than inspiring a mass of people to be looking out for him -- with the potential of causing a crisis situation where none need exist.

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