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Published: Friday, June 5 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hitting home

Isn't Chaffetz the guy that said we need to get rid of all illegal immigrants- even putting them in concentration camps- oh sorry Tent cities- in order to protect our borders?
Now along comes something that keeps our country safe but has a direct impact on his life he is against it?
Sounds like someone doesn't want his personal space invaded but doesn't mind racial profiling people and locking them up in inhuman ways.


The representative is wrong on this issue. The reason for screening is to detect hazards being carried by terrorists and not to inconvenience the everyday traveler. So we finally have a device that can do just that, only to hold it off the market for fear that someone will expose their body contour to TSA employee trained to read such images.

The same reasoning would limit whole body scanning in health clinics where a physical image is actually saved and printed. Are we afraid that some sleazy technician might distribute such images or look at them in an unseemly way?

Where will Rep Chavitz stand when it's revealed that a repeat 9-11 disaster could have been averted if we only had used the equipment designed as a result after years of research and millions dollars?

Please, let's use the technology available before we regret the consequences.

This is great

I'm so glad that I have the option NOT to go through this machine. It sounds to me like a win win situation for everybody.


This is the right answer. Just because we can, doesn't mean we should. There are other methods that will and do work.

Congratulations Rep. Chaffetz. You just showed you don't have to be there 12 years to get something done.


I travel through Moscow, Russia, often and they have these scanning machines and they are great! There used to be long lines to get out to the airplanes and now there is very little delay. No removing shoes or anything. I am sure the technician monitoring the machine does not care about seeing someone "naked". Preserve a line for me to be scanned in the US.

Nice going

Chaffetz. This is the right balance of safety and privacy rights.

Ragin' Cajun

TSA is another BIG-government spending sham. Their sole purpose is to instill the traveler with a false sense of security.

If a terrorist really wants to blow up, high-jack, or commandeer an airplane...this machine will not stop them.

It is only for calming Joe-Q-public.
"It's all about the economy, stupid!" - Jim Carville.

disgusted with the stupidity

I can't figure out why these machine have to show a body image. If something is detected, why can't it be displayed on a stick figure? This technology and the programmers are as dumb as rocks. I'm a programmer and could solve this problem inside of a week.


We can torture for our safety, he wants to kick out the Mexicans for our safety but please, please don't look at me "naked". It's fine when it's used for those other people. I'm surprised he didn't suggest it be used in all the other counties except America.

Utah Lady

A win for decency. Thank you, Chaffetz!


Rep. Chaffetz used good common sense with this bill. Full body scanning as the first-line is indeed an invasion of privacy.
Secondary or Tertiary would be a more appropiate application.

Man of Steel

Of course, Superman with his X-ray vision would be exempted, wouldn't he?

to utah lady

A win for decency doesn't matter a whole lot when a plane blows up does it.


I have 2 artificial hips and would welcome a simpler screening method. As I understand the scanning process, it's very impersonal, and the TSA worker viewing the scan is in a separate room and does not see the person being screened. I would have no objection at all.

Utah Lady

Invading my privacy does not protect anyone. To stand for decency and good moral judgment is always a good thing.

Another Utah Lady

I'm fine with the purpose behind it (I appreciate airport safety), but I'm with Disgusted @8:35. Why show detailed images of our naked bodies instead of stick figures? Men already stare at my chest with clothes on which isn't flattering. I can only imagine what the nasty airport guy is doing in that back room. If I wanted everyone in the airport to see what I looked like without clothes on, I'd just walk through the line naked and save everyone the trouble.

OH well.

This was the closest I was going to get posing nude. I am disappointed. Now only my wife will get to see me naked, sorry world.


Personally, I feel sorry for the TSA agent in the room reviewing the images. Darn few of those images would be pleasant to look at. The images are not saved and there is no way to identify them. I hope the Senate has more sense.

to utah lady

"invading my privacy does not protect anyone"
Well actually it does.
"To stand for decency and good moral judgement is always a good thing"
Where was this arguement when we tortured for safety.

Re: Hitting Home

You are one of those freaks that enjoys spreading lies about others. You justify it to yourself and others by inserting a tiny fragment of truth, but you've altered it to the point it is just an assault on another persons character. Shut up.

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