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Published: Thursday, June 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I am a Utah Man Sir

Just another unfortunate situation for a very successful team


If this guy went to BYU the Ute trolls would be all over him.

Re: What?

If this guy went to BYU, their fans would be justifying it by saying how tough the honor code is.


More drunken thugs play for Utah than any other team! More ute students show up drunk at RES than any other stadium in the MVC. Utah, clean up your act! You are an embarassment to Ute alum.


What an idiot

kick him off the team

send a message that it is a privilege to be on the team and if you break the rules , you pay the dues! In this day and age i would hope we had progressed way pass this stage of behavior...and don't say anything about youth etc to cover up this one. Football is a game when one steps off the field all the work and descipline of focus along with control should prevail. I love the utes but not a one of them are given any more rights or entitlement then anyone else! If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen be a role model as you have disapointed more than yourself!!


Way to represent!


I smell another toothless suspension coming.

Maybe he'll have to miss the first week of practice or something.

Let's See......

BYU and their football program was literally mocked last season when their head coach flat-out admitted that football was not his nor the school's number one priority, instead saying that pursuits such as obtaining an education or service to your fellow man was more important.

Coach Whittingham, while I believe him to be a good man, has not set the same tone for his players.

And what do we get?

At Utah, one player last year was stabbed in the stomach in a fight at a party (that was Krueger, wasn't it?) and now one of their own beats one guy completely unconscious and then repeatedly kicks another man while he's down on the ground, largely defenseless in that position. (I mean, when's the last time you got attacked by a dude lying on the floor?)

BYU, on the other hand, had a player suspended for kicking in a door (a door!, not a person) after someone threw a water ballon at his girlfriend.

Yeah, those are about equal crimes.

I bleed cougar blue and want to win but I'll take "football isn't number one" and good behavior any day of the week.

Utah Fan!!!!

Just slap his hands tenderly, so we can get a bunch more like him!!

It's GREAT for our program to stay in the NEWS!!!!


It's unfortunate that athletes are protected from day one so they think they are invincible. How can anyone behave that way and believe there'd not be serious consequences?

Make them be accountable just like any other citizen who participates in such thuggery. Maybe if all athletes see that there ARE consequences for this flagrant display of stupidity behavior will change.

This type of thing is UGLY. It can happen at any school as long as the athletes continue to be treated as prima donnas.


He's a back-up middle linebacker. To say he's treated like a prima donna is ridiculous. I'd never heard of him till now, and you'd be hard pressed to find a fan who could recognize him or the rest of the second string. Sly Sylvester, Koa Misi, guys like that, maybe, and even then I wouldn't say they exactly get the "star" treatment.

Re: let's see

Get off your high horse. No one asked your opinion. This article has nothing to do with your pompous team and program.

And to re:justme...if you haven't heard of Mo Neal, you're not much of a fan. Go cheer for byU where 10% of the stadium knows what's happening on the the field.


Ummm I think any real Utah fan would know who Mo Neal is. He started several games last year due to injuries and played in the sugar bowl. That said I also think most of these comments are idiotic. He was arrested just like anyone, he is in jail with bail set and he will be dealt with in a fair manner once the legel process is over. Coach Whit is very good at that and he has kicked others off the team for behavior not becoming a Ute. And to the idiot making the comment about Kruger. Go back,read the story, he was actually trying to end the fight and protect someone not fighting himself when he was stabbed, get off your high horse and last but not least stop comparing BYU and Utah, you cant and BYU has had more than it share of issues of this nature. Or did you forget about the rape incidents oh not so long ago?

A Ute

Mark my words.......This guy is done.


I understand what you're saying but don't put words in the mouths of the rest of Utah fans. Neal was expected to contribute greatly this year. If you can't recognize or know the names of the second string how could you call yourself a fan? Or did you just start cheering for the U this year?

Ute in Philadelphia

I don't see any prima donna treatment either. Coach Whittingham will wait out the justice system for a verdict, then take appropriate action.

I really irks me when Americans can't tell the difference between an indictment and a conviction. In this "land of the free" where one is "innocent until proven guilty", it amazes me how many people want action BEFORE THE COURTS!

The ONLY people who know the circumstances of the assault, and whether or not this young man is guilty, are the witnesses. And they will all have their day in court.

Coach Whittingham already booted one 4-star player off the team for team violations in Marquis Wilson. But only AFTER his conviction. It was the right thing to do. And we went to the BCS without him.

The utes will do nothing.

Look at what happened to Ratliff (nothing) after his sexual assault was not revealed until after the season was over.


I think what "let see" was trying to say with Kruger, though rather stupidly, was that Mo Neal was treating his victim the way Kruger was treated.


I'm not just referring to THIS athlete. It starts in high school (sometimes before) where many of the star players get treated differently. Things get "swept under the rug" all the time.

If these guys were actually held accountable for their "mishaps" then maybe by the time they were grown men, they'd act like grown men instead of thugs.

And just because he wasn't a "starter", it doesn't mean he wouldn't have been one this year. He's obviously got talent or he wouldn't have gotten this far. Now it may be too late, though.

Regardless of the school this is a black eye (again) for college sports, and doesn't help the overall image.

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