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Published: Wednesday, June 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Joe Moe

Harsh, man. Harsh.

Perfect Ending

Doug Robinson has summed up Carlos Boozer's Jazz career perfectly! Enjoy Detroit and its thriving population, Carlos!


Best written article about Boozer I've read yet. Sums up the way I've been feeling the last 2 seasons about him as he rides the bench and collects his check. Mercenary for hire, I love it.


You seen to forget that Detroit has been one of the most successful basketball teams over the past 7 years. Utah has zero championships and never will while Detroit had to sacrfice one bad year to get way under the cap and have positioned themselves nicely as many free agents in 2010 maybe getting traded if their current team believes they will get nothin in return for them after 2010. Milslip has no offense game he's like playing 4 on 5 come on and Okur plays no defense and is obsessed with the 3 ball, yeah so GO Jazz


Wow. Watching Deseret News sportswriters take apart one of the best players on the Jazz is giving me a greater understanding of how the Salem Witch trials worked. Sport and history, two for the price of one!


Oh, The Boozer woes continue. Those of you who think we are going to be trading Boozer for Chris Bosch keep dreaming. O'Connor historically does about whatever is worst case scenario for the Jazz. Watch- Boozer opts out and RESIGNS with the Jazz. All these other offers are just smoke, but when it clears, believe me... nobody wants this guy, except for... and pardon my criticism, O'Connor and Williams. Buckle up and get ready for 2005-2009 part 2.


Right on!! I am just hoping the Jazz can manipulate this situation to bring in a player that will make the ball club a legitimate contender in the Western Conference like Chris Bosh; it would be a dream come true.

Mike fromk Fl

Get rid of Booz and if possible Kir and Korv. They are not winning players. Need a Bosch, bigman and a shooter. Korv unreliable


Its refreshing to see an honest article on this Boozer thing. Most of the media, especially 1320 kfan which is owned by the millers, continues to spin this boozer thing as an overreaction by the fans and I am tired of hearing them tell me what I should think. Boozer is a lazy, selfish, injury-prone, chemistry disrupting, stat hound with no heart or desire to win. I don't even care if we win a few less games next year, but I need change. I've seen this song and dance, and I don't like it. If boozer is back, I will call that same day and cancel my season tickets even with the 10% non-refundable portion.

james nicholson

If boozer is back I will not be.

Jazz in Nowhere

Expiration date? Robinson, you summed it all up in those two words! Let somebody else feed and walk that tea cup poodle for a while!


Couldn't agree more with everything said about Boozer, but have you got to put this in print now? Are you TRYING to screw up any potential deals we might get for the guy?

STUPID article

Look, I have as many doubts as about Boozer as the next guy, but NO ONE can blame him for the move from Cleveland. They released him early, they lost him, their fault.

frank day

Great sports journalism doug...this should have been
written long ago!!!!! Tell it like he is....a greedy
guy with no real team spirit. However, please do not
discourage any team that would get him out of town.


They say that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Larry was the first to pay Boozer large amounts of money. Anyone else doing the same thing and expecting a different result, is medically looney.

However, everyone needs to stop talking about Boozer this way or no one will take him off our hands. We all must start thinking like Boozer and act like we are in sales.....think of it as trying to off load a 74 Ford Pinto.....focus on the good parts, not the bad.

Boozer is a smart player. He is a 20/10 guy. He plays defense (ok this is just marketing hype no actual promise implied or intended). He has a great mid-range shot. He can drive to the basket (or the bank when he is injured) with the best of them.

falcon's beak

Get over it the NBA is a business.


Jazz are lucky to have Boozer. This is all part of the free agency game that is played..rumors and more rumors...statements of loyalty ...statements of interest in the open market.Would we get someone of equivalent talent to replace him?

Let him go!!!

Even if Milsap ends up not being as good as Boozer, you still get more out of Milsap for the money, you can afford to keep Milsap, Korver, and Okur, and you'll still have money left over to upgrade later on.

Let Booooooozer go.

Bye, bye, Booooooozer

The Jazz don't need a 20/10 man as much as they need a leader with fight, passion, and shows it on the court with tough defense. Let Boozer go and everyone on the team will do better just like they did when he was watching the games from the stands for free.

Dixie Dan

Here's a news flash to Jazz fans: free agents do not beat a path to play in Utah. While there are better free agents, none want to play in a small market town like Salt Lake. Boozer is the only free agent out there who actually enjoys playing in Utah. Be thankful for what you have.

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