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Published: Monday, June 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I thought this guy was a "Communitee Organizer"? Now he is a world class business man too? I think he should give every american who makes less than $250,000 a stimulous coupon to buy an american made car good up to $35,000 per household! You want to get the American Auto Industry going again Barack, that's what you do! Every Family in America get's a coupon good towards a big 3 Brand New American Made Car up to $35,000, and you get a cash rebate on whatever is left over $1.00 per $10.00 in coupon value! give it to the peons who have to pay the money back! You want to get re-elected, that's how to do it! Order all the old car trade-ins (Which must be part of the deal) over a certain age (5 years) to be destroyed and recycled or exchanged in the great american used car exchange to get older non efficiant cars off the highway! How is that for a green liberal democratic party idea!


Of course, GM could have re-organized *before* Obama spent all that taxpayer money to put himself in the driver's seat.

Its all about the UAW

BO needs the UAW to get re-elected so he is more than happy to use OUR tax dollars to save GM and the UAW. If there was no UAW then BO would just let GM go under - no big deal. Everything BO does is carefully calculated to support his re-election which gives us all a look into the pathetic window of this liberal moron.

Print Money

Does Obama know how to do anything but print money? Has he never taken an economics course? Hold onto your hats, folks, because runaway inflation is coming!


Americans don't like the govt. giving handouts to big business, and as a result will buy FEWER GM and chrysler products!

EVEN IF GM and Chrysler gets their act together, Americans won't want to touch their cars with a ten foot pole.

Why would

anybody buy any 2009 vehicle made by GM. The employee moral is so low that the odds of buying one that is "not" a lemon, would be astronomical.


Tell, me, will anybody, in their right mind, put their own $$ into GM as an investment now that BHO own it? Will you be willing to invest any $$ into any venture now that the gov't has done their deeds?

Longterm Green Win

This is a huge win for the environmentalgreen folks. They can now mandate green technology in a huge automaker. It could be used for a platform for experimental technologies, and eventually used to mandate to all other car companies compliance to technologies that they own. It's a serious meddling with free markets, but heck, at least it may someday bring about a cleaning up of the disgusting air we breathe here along the Wasatch front.

Obama ain't Romney

Ya know, if Romney were president and was "fixing" GM, I might have some confidence in the outcome - he spent umpteen years doing exactly that very successfully with a number of companies. But what on earth does a Chicago community organizer know about business?!?!?!?

New Yorker

yomama doesn't have a clue. the biggest budget he has ever dealt with is his personal checking account. It is too bad that the republicans are such bigots that they couldn't support the only guy that does have a clue, Mitt. He advocated bankruptcy last November before bo and w gave them additional billions. What a country! Community organizer to the presidency. You gotta love it. Only 3 years and 8 months left, that is if we can hold on that long.


Welcome, comrades to the brave new world.

As Charles Wilson, who left GM to be Eisenhower's secretary of defense, once said, "What's good for GM is good for America."

How exactly?

Well -- The administration keeps saying that it doesn't want to stay in GM for long, but in a military-industrial society, it is in the government's interest to keep a control of this type of industry.

Frankly, I wish the Obama administration would nationalize the various defense contractors and keep a close eye on THEM as well.


It is obvious that private enterprise is incompetent and cannot make GM profitable. So hard to see how government could do worse in running it.


If they are too incompetent to run the business then let the business fail because all it becomes is a burden on the economy. Another automaker would fill its void. That is how economics works.

What is scary is how the government is suddenly controlling businesses. They can't run their own programs, social security, medicare, welfare, yet now they think they can run businesses that don't have open ended pockets.

More government is not what we need right now. Smart government minding their own business and allowing the economy to stabilize is what we need.

Brother Chuck Schroeder

At the top of our Hurricane Season in Florida, in a way I am "HAPPY" President Barack H. Obama pushed a humbled General Motors Corp. into bankruptcy and said the federal government will act as reluctant shareholder (this means The AMERICAN tax payer's and the "we the people") when it assumes a 60 percent ownership of the smaller carmaker that emerges. Now, seeing I DON'T TRUST A LIBERAL, I want the stocks in my hand, mailed to me (seeing the federal government don't have to pay postage), so if and when I deside to cash them in I can, or, pass them on to my grand children, I can, but, I want them in hand ASAP. Secondly, seeing I am a majority, (stock holder) now, I say, "GET RID OF THOSE FRIGGEN UNION WORKERS AND THAT UNION RIGHT NOW!."

Plus add onto that, the sign of "Made In America".

And, mean it this time.

That's my view.

What's your's in Utah, and, the World.

I wanna know.


Any rational citizen please don't buy any car from GM and Cry-sle! We don't want socialism in U.S.A.

Bro Chuck's Rant n Rave's

First off;

"Happy Father's Day" men.

Secondly, as for (the muslim that can't be a terrorist because he don't have 17 H's in his name yet), President Obama, and GM have one thing in common right now.

It was Julius Caesar who started the practice of flipping a coin to make decisions. His own head was on one side of every Roman coin, so "heads" determined the winner in each flip. People thought "heads" meant that Caesar agreed with the decision. The coin flip was used in serious litigation involving property,
marriage and even criminal guilt.

Seeing I am a 60% share holder now of GM, let's hope this coin flip is a good one, and, that I won my shares real soon, from him.

David Montgomery

Simply put, the U.S. Gov. is now in the long term business involving the Auto Industry. It is our tax dollars being spent without our consent. Once the officiandos in office have their hands in the pie, it won't come out. Can you think of a time when the Government has said it will be short termed and it has really happened? That's what they said about income tax before any of us were born and it is here to stay.


all that's left to say is, people wanted "change" and they've got it. A few pennies in their pockets!


WOW, This is amazing! All the news does is spout off on how great this President is yet he has personally approved now 75 Billion Dollars in Losses to GM and Chrysler and put over 100,000 people out of work! In total with families nearly 350,000 people are negatively affected by this incompetence! Obama has never run a business or been a executive in any capacity, but yet the media continues to see him as some great leader! Not! With the 400 percent increase in the National Debt and the prospect that the Stimulus is failing too can anyone say INFLATION! How about 30 percent? And how about Ford? They are at a distinct disadvantage when Obama and his henchman or Czar's(Another term for Dictator)control the competition, the banks that are supposed to lend and the large insurers used by the Auto Industry! Conclusion? Obama lied about tax cuts has cost millions their jobs, has saddled us with TRILLIONS in debt, and is about to put HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of SMALL BUSINESSES OUT OF BUSINESS WITH 30 PERCENT INFLATION! 75 Percent of the Job creation market will be declining for years!


The next act of this circus of incompetence is Obama's appointment of a 31 year old campaign worker to oversee the overhaul of GM.

Only a fool would make an appointment like that. He may be a very nice, loyal Obama campaigner, even with some education and an almost Masters Degree.

But, is really the BEST choice that the President of the United States can find for the catastrophic breakup and restructuring of one of our largest industrial corporations? If so, we are in even worse trouble than anyone ever imagined.

Just when you think the incompetence and cronyism could not get any worse, Obama springs a new tsunami of "hope and change" on us.


Next idiocy is what-- off to Cairo to offer a surrender to the Muslim radicals? Nothing would surprise me any more.

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