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Published: Monday, June 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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From one that is in Detroit...

It wasn't just mis-management in these failed Automotive companies that brought them down (i.e.: GM, Chrysler, and the Auto Industry as a whole); but $3.00-$4.00/gallon gas for three successive summers, a failed banking industry, and a very corrupt UAW...hum, it make you wonder who is running the show behind the scenes... You never hear anything but: Detroit hasn't been making what the people want...Oh really? Why were we able to sustain a demand for nearly 16 million SUV's, Trucks, and the kind of cars we've been driving for the past 20 years when the economy was good???...BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WE WANTED!!!! Now we'll be driven to buy 4-door yugo tin-cans (in the name of global warming) that no one will ever buy! So how does that "Stimulate your wallet" ???

Anyone that believes any of the "bull-cookies" that the Dems are spoon-feeding us about: "global-warming this and "please think green" that is just plain stupid! Wake up America, NOBAMA is destoying this country faster than you can wistle dixie!

Jerry Fletcher

re: Anonymous | 9:00 a.m. June 1, 2009

//And blaming the unions is wrong. It is a poor management situation.//

No, its not wrong to blame the Unions. They and the management are both to blame.

Here is what gets me. The media saying that GM needs to build small cars like that should be their exclusive objective. NO!

There need to be less compacts, subcompacts, Humungous Trucks/SUV's. There doesn't need to be anything larger out there than a Suburban and those s/b rare. Same goes for Aveos, etc...

What GM needs to do is build reliable, dependable mid size cars and trucks i.e. Cadillac CTS's, Buick Lucerene's, Chevy Impala's & Malibus, & GMC Canyons.


Good think the federal government didn't pour billions of dollars to those car companies, because they are too big to fail and go into bankruptcy.
Oh wait.

I guess the politicians will be sending out their apology press releases to explain why it didn't work.
Oh wait.

If you want to know what wrong with this country, look to the "leadership" in Washington DC found in congress and the White House.

PS you can find lots of "leadership" problems both this year AND last.

Who said months ago. . .

. . . that the automakers would be better off going through bankruptcy before they accepted billions in bailout money that did nothing but go down the rat hole, and who was criticized routinely in the press for such an outrageous idea? Oh yeah, that would be Mitt Romney.

who to buy now

I have always bought american...but will not support government motors or chrysler... running out of options.


Buying a new Govt Motors Auto is just doing business with the DMV.....next up DMV Healthcare!

Obummer out in 4!


It's a good thing the government hasn't poured in millions of tax dollars to try and help the auto company before this!!! I know General Motors as Government Motors will be in MUCH BETTER HANDS as the Government owns the majority of the company! That will make them so much leaner and meaner it will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! The government, the guys who collect your taxes, run the executive, legislative and judicial branches, and the Post Office! Oh, don't forget how successful Amtrak is!!! How can GM fail now!!! Wow are they in trouble or what?


to "Who to buy now" I hate to even have to point this out to you but....you might ought to re think that there jethro. YOU OWN THE COMPANY! Are you kidding me!? Think man, Think.
If you're biggest concern is what brand you should buy next...my guess is that it will be the same brand you drive now...OLD and WORN OUT, with a great radio and at least 3 mag wheels(savin up fer the othern cuz the spare was on'er when ya took'er home, guy befor you musta sold the other mag one huh)My goodness use your head bro.

Jim Matheson

It seems to me that Jim Matheson voted for the $50 Billion bail-out. Has anyone asked him how we are getting that money back?


This is wrong. Government cannot buy businesses. It needs to stay out of the private sector. I can't run social security, welfare, a post office, how will gov. run a car company.
Where's the billions in bail outs. This is a black hole an it is wrong.


you should stick to sports commentary ... seems to me you might understand that better than you do economics..

To Craig

Craig said, "Obama motors is doing nothing to reduce union expenses."

That is not true. A simple reading of news reports would show you that the president required stiff concessions from the union, and the union agreed to them.

It is clear that many on this board are prejudiced against the president. This type of mindless hatred will weaken our country.

RE: Anonymous | 9:00 a.m

Of course Union ataleast partly to blame,

UNions are nothing but big businness themselves, with CEOS's, big shiny buildings, lawyers, lobbyists, etc,

whose product is labor,

all they care about is gettng whatever they can for their "product",

and they do not care who get hurts,

they do not care about their "product", the laborers who work for them,

they do not care about businesses who "buy" their labor.

The unions CEO's and corporations, only care making a profit.

So yeah, they are partly to blame.


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