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Published: Saturday, May 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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With a new turf, we will be unstoppable! Now if we could only get some PADDED CUSHIONS on our statium seats, we could almost fill up our statium with eagier fans! GREAT IDEA HUN?????

GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!


"we could almost fill up our statium with eagier fans!"


You need padded cushions and new turf to "almost" fill a stadium that holds around 45,000 people...? I would have thought going 13-0 would do that. Guess it really isn't easy bein a Ute


...will the south end zone expansion begin? Complete the bowl!

South end zone

Complete the bowl. More seats = more ticket sales = more money.

to WOW!

You're a jealous little cougar fan and it shows through.

Utah has had FAR more success in the past decade. BYU still has more fans in Utah because of their affiliation to the LDS church, but Utah is the program that college football fans think about as THE BCS Buster and the top non-BCS program out there.

This field improvement and state-of-the-art weight room will make it even easier for recruiting and I anticipate that Utah will widen the gap in talent between itself and the rest of the MWC. Since the Y focuses only on those who want to live the honor-code, their pool of candidates is much smaller. Utah will continue to attract the top talent and play in top bowl games.

True Ute

What we really need is a seating expansion. With the past, present, and future successes of the football program, seating capacity at Rice-Eccles is ridiculously small!!!



Didn't Utah average more than stadium capacity in attendance last year?

David in New York

Unstoppable? Won't your opponents be playing on your new turf too? Oh yeah, that's what I thought. The Utes are gonna blow this year. You'd be wise to drop any expectations this year.

Ute Fan

Almost fill the stadium?? I guess you weren't around last year when the stadium was OVER capacity for most games. This year once again season tickets will SELL OUT before the season even starts. Get a clue!!


It is funny to me to read the comments about BYU's new grass, and then to come over here and read the comments about Utah's fake grass. Ute fans are giving BYU fans crap for being excited about their new grass and saying that the new grass wont help win games for BYU. In the mean time, Mr. Wow is saying you will be unstoppable on your new grass? Your new fake grass looks great, but I would take real grass any day. Also, it is in your best interest to not expand your stadium, that would just create more empty seats and look worse for the program. Congrats on last year, but don't be disappointed when you only win 8 or 9 games this year


Why is somebody from New York posting on this article? Go watch a Yankees game and leave college football to us out in the west.

Ya Certain?

I'm pretty sure that, donation or not, I would NOT make Alex Smith the poster boy for MY strength and conditioning room. That skinny dude looks like he wandered in from the before side of a Jack Lalane ad.

Sharp field

The new field looks sharp. I can't wait for the season to get here!


Congrats on the new field Ute's, I noticed some of you commenting on "Completing the South End Zone and Completing The Bowl" I have a comment on that. You have to first fill your stadium to generate the necessity to need more seats put in your stadium. It's called "Supply & Demand". If you are selling out all your home games, then you need more seats, the problem is YOU DON'T DO THAT!!! On the other hand the Cougars have a 61,0000 seat stadium and it's sold out over and over and over again, they should possibly consider adding seats! Sell your games out first, then you will see your school close the bowl with more seats in the South End Zone! That's my take on it. Congrats Utah Ute's on the new Fake Turf, it's great!!! Honestly 15 years is a long life for artificial turf! Good deal. I am from Buffalo, and they used to replace their's like every 6-8 years at a cost of about $1,000,000 so you are getting a good price too!

re: hum...

It is even funnier to me that you believed Mr. Wow was a Utah fan...

Maybe its just ignorance from you, but for the rest of us that have a brain, that was clearly a BYU fan's pathetic attempt at being funny...

And real grass just makes the players slower...and we all know BYU needs this real grass to hopefully even out the speed a little bit, because we see what happens when they play fast teams...

congrats on having a bigger stadium though...I would brag about that too if I had nothing else

Ernest T. Bass

Brocno is so neat!


copy catting the cougars...outstanding...fake turf to boot...wow. can't even fill the stadium unless the cougs come to town. sorry and pitiful ute fans....

re: hum....

i doubt we are going 13-0 again..it would be nice.. but the artificial turf that utah has is 10 times nicer in appearance.. plus i believe that running on the field turf is easier than running on grass. its good that the MWC is getting some recognition for top 25 teams... and as far as the stadium being empty if we expanded? i havent missed a home game for over 7 years since 2002 and its only gotten better because more people are showing up.. and yes i would still show up to support my utes if i was the only one in the stands. regardless of that..both fields look good but the utes did need a new turf afer RSL came in and messed it up with the soccer lines. November 28th cant come soon enough. GO UTES!!!

Ute fan

Coogie fans running attendance smack, nice. That's so 1990's. 93% renewal rate for season tickets and 2000 seat requests. Get a clue coogies, your time is over. Get used to it.

Re: Gretzky

"Copy catting the cougars"? The Utes would have to cut their fast, quick athletes and replace them with slow, unathletic grazers to copy cat the kewgs. The kewgs install slow natural grass in their stadium as an attempt to equalize the playing field with quicker, athletic teams!

Welcome to the 21st century where the Utes are the dominant program in Utah and the only Utah team recognized on a national level.

As far as attendance, Utah averaged more fans than seating capacity last year, did the kewgs (no). Your kewgs coming to town was overshadowed by visits from Oregon State and TCU. BYU is no bigger than Wyoming or New Mexico in this football era. The 1980s are a very distant memory.

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