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Published: Saturday, May 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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New Turf? How about a football team with more grit and heart?

I'm a die-hard BYU fan, and while I was somewhat annoyed by my Utah Ute fan friends and co-workers rubbing their team's undefeated season in my face, I was even more disappointed by a BYU football team who seemed to play with the fire of a used up pipe.

18 straight

To Clark and other fair-weather fans, I would say that 18 straight home victories is a pretty good record. Your Utah Ute fan friends and co-workers can't make such a claim.

BTW, Utah will be coming to the Lavell Edwards stadium this year.

Green Grass

How many times will BYU blame the new grass for their poor execution and preparation this year?

BYU is 2 games into a 5 or 6 game losing streak. Thankfully we play Utah State in Provo this year.

Watered with Tears

The new grass is being watered with all the tears of BYU fans from losing to the U and then again to that high school team in the Las Vegas Bowl.

It will take more than new Grass

It will take more than new grass to help the cougars this year.

Quest for Perfection

Anyone know where I can get one of those fancy T-shirts?

Blame the Grass

That must be why BYU hasn't played well since 1984. I thought BYU always blamed the refs, not the grass.

Grass is Softer on the Back Side

Too many players were complaining of injuries after getting knocked down on their grass.

New Grass

At least this gives us something to talk about besides what a miserable football team we have this year and what a bunch of under-achievers we had last year.

1984 Grass

Everybody remember when in 1984 that one player did a really long pass, and then the player caught it and ran really fast, and wow. That was a cool play. I wish it was still 1984. 25 years ago was a great time to be alive.

Get Ready Utes for our new Grass

Get ready utes! Our new grass is ready for you. Try and beat us now on our home turf like you have the past few years! No more whooping us on our backsides on that old grass!! We are going to show you! Bronco is smiling at this new grass. You see, we will show you now!

Bury the Memories Under the Gras

Under this new grass they buried all those bad memories of losing to the Utes.


Getting a new turf????

You are just trying to KEEP UP with the football power house 35 miles up north from you. We get a new turf and so the Y thinks they need a new one tooooooooooooooo.

It won't make any difference in the out come of the game, we will still BEAT you!!!

GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just wish the BYU marketing group had been creative and found a way to sell or give away the old sod to boosters. $10 for a square foot of the field at Cougar/LE Stadium would have brought a lot of interest, some cash to the program, and would have been a delight to many Cougar fans. Oh well, maybe they'll think of it in another 20+ years when the field is redone again...

Clark Kent

What BYU needs is more loyal fans that remain true during ALL of the ups and downs. BYU has a more consistant football program than most teams in the entire nation, including most BCS schools and the red headed step brothers from up north.

Chris in Texas

New grass means nothing without desire and drive. BYU needs more than new grass to win over the fans. They need a new heart, a new attitude. Where is, to put in Rocky venancular, the "eye of the tiger"? Win the MWC, a bowl game, and beat some nationally ranked teams, and then you'll see something better than just fresh green grass. I live in Texas now and I see more heart, grit, and drive in the average high school football team here than I do in the Cougars lately. Thanks, but if I want green grass, I'll go to the park.


I hope it is at least 120-yards of verdant grass!


BYU has lacked the heart to pull it off when it counts. Maybe we can learn something from the U. (See their football and baseball performance)


A die-hard BYU fan is committed to the core values of the program, not the W-L record. Get a clue.

New Turf

Hey Bonco, its not the turf that wins games!

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