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Internet searches by people who want to know hit all-time high

Published: Saturday, May 30 2009 12:30 a.m. MDT

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People are surprised to find out that even with all the peculiarities of Mormonism, Mormons themselves are just normal people in so many other ways. It may be hard for the person who has been steeped in the Anti-Mormon rhetoric or Mormon myths to realize that the the stereotype doesn't always match reality.


I love the guy...


Sweet, I've never been the first to comment....YES!!!

Go beck, love ya man!!


an amazing man with an important mission

Mormon Girl

Oh no, Glen Beck is a Mormon? Beck really took a beating on The View!


I'm sure Glenn Beck is a decent guy, but this active Mormon can't stand to listen to his radio show.


We need some sensible mormon voices out there. The world is upside down and needs all the help it can get.

I hope not!

Glen Beck may be Mormon but it's hard to tell he is by some of the things he says on his program.


Their calling George Wythe a university these days? I guess bringing Glen Beck to speak is a step towards the right direction.


His voice is about as sensible as Alice was in wonderland,and about as funny...His show is all about how bad the world is,we better be scared of the boogey man,(i.e. the government)were all going to be unemployed and destitute,the gays are taking over,and the mexicans serve bad food in their taco wagons..Of course his public persona could be,as is true with so many entertainers,a complete mask of his real self...However if he is really what he seems to be,I would stand away from him during a thunderstorm,because,at the very least,he is not a shining example of christian character and virtue..He has said that the church saved him from drug addiction,and if that is so I applaud him for getting his life in a better place, where he can heal;but as far as humility goes,i think a talk with his bishop will not harm him at all...Ridiculing people and their positions is par for talk show hosts,not so for one who professes a relationship with the Lord...


Now we know whare the hate and intolerance he has comes from !


Glen Beck and I live on different planets. Mine is Earth.


Beck is sensible? He wants failure from the President and the economy to stay bad just so he can say, "told you so!" I find it funny that his predictions for this administration were way off and it looks as if he and all of the conservative pundits will eat their words. My bet is that when the economy does turn drastically better the conservative mouth pieces will praise Bush and Reagan, "If not for them none of this would have happened."

seattle boy

Great...people are starting to find out that Beck is LDS. Do you realize how stupid he sounds?
But, that is the beauty of the Church today. There are so many different opinions, political views, and income levels in our wards and stakes. Unfortunately, most people in Seattle think that all Mormons think like Glenn Beck and agree with every word he says. Fortunately, though, it gives me plenty of oppurtunity to explain to my friends and co-workers that I'm a praticing Mormon who strongly disagrees with Mr. Beck's views and so do most of the Mormons in Seattle.


I am a mormon, I do go to Church but I simply can't stand this Glenn Beck guy.

Actually I wonder if he is an asset or a liability to the LDS Church image.

yes the world

is upside down, but not the way you think ... beck is a symptom, not a solution ... he's no better than the other conservative liars (e.g., hannity, coulter) ... wake UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lew Jeppson

Oh, and I understand Brother Beck will be the host of this year's Stadium of Fire, which is definitely not a partisan event.

Re: Mormon Girl

Of course Glen took a beating on The View. Anybody who believes in family values, religion, right to life, constitutional government is going to take a beating on the view. Those girls are nothing but a bunch of foul-mouthed, flaming, pro-abortion, socialist, liberals!


Amen anonymous. I feel like we're living in some authors distopian novel where everything is backward. Beck is another inflamitory voice just like rush and hannity.

Didn't Beck pull his book or magazine out of deseret book after some of his supporters found out it was a Mormon store? And doesn't he avoid praise of Mitt Romney for the same reason. "Focus on the Family" sounds nice and all, but that group has turned a very cold shoulder on the Mormon church. Sometimes I think some liberal groups would be more accepting of us than the southern conservatives.

He's Mormon but...

He's Mormon, but that is the only way I'd ever want to be associated with this guy. I was forced to listen to Beck at a previous job. Not funny, Not Smart. How come it is impossible for Conservatives to be funny? Dennis Miller...not really. Ben Stein, ok there's one.

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