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Published: Saturday, May 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Re: 30seconds...GO

Good luck on that one.You can count on geniuses O'connor and Sloan to get Thabeet in Jazz uniform. And if they do get him, you will have to count on Sloan to play him as a rookie...
wait a minute, didn't a certain coach in Utah who was said to have benched D-Will in his rookie season in favor of keith McCleod ?
Since history always repeat itself in Utah...

Re: Sokol

O'Connor drafted Williams and Milsap, and Brewer, and traded for other key players. I love how everyone is an expert on coaching and personel. I have enjoyed years of the Jazz trying to put hard working/play your heart out players (ie Williams/Harpring) and would rather see the (for the most part) classy palyers they try to bring in than put up with the spoiled, talk back to the coach, cry-baby, criminals that other teams put up with just to win a few more games.

Re: Negative comments

Man, the original thoughts really are really flowing here.

Seriously, you all make it sound like everyone hates Jerry Sloan and Kevin O'conner.

First, for those of you who think Kevin O'Conner just does what Sloan says, you're wrong. Sure, he picks players that are intelligent enough to play in the Jazz system and tough enough to deal with the Sloan criticism, but he thinks independently from Sloan, and he evaluates the talent...

Second, Sloan puts the guys on the court that he feels will help the team win. If that player is a rookie he'll give them a shot. Paul Millsap, Deron Williams, and AK all got big minutes as rookies.

Third, I feel like Kevin O'Conner has done a brilliant job in the draft. Lets just look at the last 4 years:
2005) What he had to deal with: The number 6, and 2 late first rounders. What he turned that into, Deron Williams AKA the franchise. Do all you O'Conner haters realize that he traded Martell Webster, Linas Kleiza and a nobody into a super star? Obviously you forgot that.


Wow, all you haters are depressing.


I have never lived in Utah and never seen a Jazz game in person. But the Jazz have been my favorite team, of any sport, for twenty years. I only get to see them on TV. At least, usually, they only pick players that seem to be able to stay out of trouble. I would rather have that than a championship. And yes, I am a big fan of Jerry Sloan.....perhaps it is a generation thing.

I wonder about all of the negativity in this thread. Were you the same folks that booed when Stockton was drafted?


RE: Celebrate!!

It is true that Borchardt was not what the Jazz hoped he would be. However, there are many players from many different teams of whom that could be said.

As to passing on Parker, if that is a legitimate criticism, it does not apply only to the Jazz, since he was taken with the 28th pick.


Why the negative comments cause we are tired of settling every year. Tired of Jerry and losing in the playoffs every year. Tired of the same ol same ol. Time for some new direction for this team. Who cares who we drafted or didn't draft. We have had for the past few years all the pieces to win it all and we have nothing to show for it. Now the team will be broken up and we will be starting over again. Jerry doesn't have what it takes to win it all. Does the Name Marty Schotemheimer ring a bell? Wins lots of games but can't win the big games. Same with Jerry. Looks good on paper but can't coach himself out of a paperbag in the playoffs.

Sneaky Jimmy

Thabeet = Olikawandi

The Truth

Why is it when people question Jerry's methods after twenty years of coaching (no rings) that everyone thinks it's a negative thing? Great organizations and companies continually question what they do. If you don't evolve, you die man. I do think the Jazz need a new infusion of fresh air within their organization unless you are fine making money doing status quo? As far as Kevin Oconner goes, he has done much better in the draft over the past couple of years. The problem with Kevin is he doesn't have the ultimate power, Jerry does. Otherwise, Chris Paul would be here and not D-Will. Jerry and the coaching staff are conservative by nature. They think you get better by keeping teams together over time. We will see this summer how that plan works out if Booz or Memo leaves? That puts KO in a difficult position. My prediction for he draft....the Jazz have a couple of older players (jr/sr)in mind that could contribute something, if they are gone, they either stash another player overseas or completely trade or sell their draft pick. Fans won't be happy with the DRAFT PARTy!!

Aaron Johnson

There are only three teams in the nba they will let win a championship they are lakers, boston exct. What I mean is they need the money so they will only let the one millon plus market in population win the championship thats why this year the lakers will take it in 6 or less. the nba will not allow orlando to win. Don't get me wrong but I wouyld love to see utah win a championship but it won't happen at least not under sloan. Thats why wee need to GIT RID OF SLOAN before the year start again.


Trade Boozer for Bosh and all these problems go away. With just that difference we would kill the Lakers, Nuggets, Rockets, Spurs, Magic, Cavs or Celtics. Do it KOC! Do it yesterday!

Re: Aaron Johnson

Sorry to have to point out your contradiction, but if the NBA will only allow the elite market teams to win a championship, then how would getting rid of Sloan help Utah's chances?


RE Negitive Comments

O'Conner did not trade Williams for Martell Webster and Linal Klisa. He traded Danny Granger, David Lee and Danial Gibson. Yes Portland took Webster, but the Jazz loved Granger, and would have taken him over Webster for sure. Everyone but Portland had Granger ranked over Webster in that draft.

And Klisa was selected ahead of Lee, but Lee was ranked #14 in Ford's draft list and he was much higher draft prospect.

Finally that year the Jazz selected Miles instead of Monte Ellis. - Chad Ford Anaylsis "Interesting pick for the Jazz. He does just about everything well but nothing great. That's normally not a good recipe for a high school player coming out. Still he went ahead of several more highly ranked high school prospects like Andray Blatche, Monta Ellis and Louis Williams." Good one O'Conner

Other Draft Blunders. The Jazz took Humphries instead of Josh Smith - Josh Smith was ranked Much higher than Hunpries on all draft boards.

The Jazz took Brewer instead of Rondo - both ranked high, but if the Jazz did not select Williams they could have had Rondo.

Rondo, Ellis, Gibson, Granger, Smith, Lee, Millsap, Koufas,


Re: Anonymous
Your entire post basically assumes that O'Conner should always be able to find the person in the draft who will have the best NBA career. Basically you're assuming he should be a fortune teller. How many teams passed on Rondo?

I'll give you one that 2004 was a really bad year for the Jazz. The Humphries and Snyder draft picks both look really bad in retrospect. Not only Smith, but the Jazz could have gotten Big-Al and Jameer Nelson that year.

In O'Conner's defense though, he was brilliant in 2006 and he did a great job in 2005. Drafting Monta Ellis right after D-Wil doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, and most experts, besides Ford, thought David Lee should not have been a first rounder.

I really think the 06 Jazz draft is really underrated. Picking up Millsap and Brewer at 14 and fortysomething is amazing, especially when you consider the top 5 picks consist of Andrea Bargnani, Ty Thomas, Adam Morrison, Lamarcus Aldridge, and Sheldon Williams. If you take out Aldridge, is there a two man combo you'd trade for Millsap and Brewer? Not me.

scout please

get some players that plays more on defense, and someone who hustles more,.get some guards that can shoot when he is wide open, you know what I'm talking about, maybe someone with a good stroke shooting outside shots

Forget It After #10

If you can't get up above #10 just forget the draft. Trade every draft choice you have this year and next for a few TOUGH players like Nocioni ect.


Who ever the Jazz get will be better then what they already havea and i agree they need a tough player

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