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Published: Saturday, May 30 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Who ever the Jazz pick will amount to nothing but watching them lose in the Play-Offs.....Nobody will believe Me...I do not know why?


Why so much hate man? It might not be a couple of years, but the Jazz will win a championship


"Why so much hate man? It might not be a couple of years, but the Jazz will win a championship"

That's right, we'll see a the new, vastly transformed Jerry Sloan with new innovative system that will take the Jazz and the NBA to a whole new level, never seen before. At the end Jerry will eclipse the memories of Auerbach and Jackson, as the best of all times to ever suit up to coach basketball.

A Draft Party?

A party for something they have no business participating in? Why would the Jazz want to draft a rookie? They don't get to play here and we don't need a rookie anyway. What we need to do is trade everyone of our draft pick including the Knicks choice and the 2 drafted last year that are overseas and see if we can't come up with some veterans with "HEART", desire, and energy. Get rid of the soft overpaid players we have now. How about some athletism for a change?


the Jazz are still one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NBA


We have athletism in CJ and you all bag on him. Why should the Jazz get athletes, that not what the fans want!! You all pay for boring, stand around basketball.

Re: JazzHater72 @ 4:17am

Who's kidding who clueless. Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson had the tools to work with my friend. I could have won all those championships. Besides take a look at the sidelines of those teams in those championship years. The players were doing most of the talking not the coaches. If the old Jerry West/Elgin Baylors Lakers would have had a center we wouldn't even have been talking about Red Auerbach. It was all about Bill Russell. Draft choices are the reason for championship teams. If San Antonio hadn't had the #1 picks with Robinson and Duncan they would have been going nowhere. Come on Hater! Get real! The Jazz would have been where the Nuggets were had they not had the misfortune of key injuries. Jerry Sloan was a magician to get the team to 48 wins. But nowadays the NBA is such a watered down product almost any halfway decent team can get 40 wins. This years playoffs is all about Labron and Kobe....hopefully Labron can overcome the obstacle of being down 2-3 going to Orlando. The Lakers are a much superior club to either the Magic or the Cavaliers, trust me. LAKERS!

Re Miles

Yes CJ has athletism, but what about heart and desire? Where's his toughness? We have too many softies, thats what people have been trying to tell you all year. Why don't you listen? This is not a childs game, it requires being a MAN!


I predict the Jazz trade up in the draft to get somebody that can make an impact right away. And I'm basing this on the fact that they're having a draft party. They didn't have the party last year because nothing special was going to happen at the draft.
You heard it here first folks!!!

The problems with the Jazz

are pretty sestemic and go top to bottom. There will be no real change unless Greg drives it. KOC/Sloan are not about to change much.

Sloan's system is somewhat unique and therefor during the regular season other teams do not make special adjustments for the Jazz. That results in making the playoffs.

The playoffs are about coaching, making adjustments and defense (all Jazz weaknesses). Hence the Jazz lose early.

The playoffs are about talent (not systems) and the Jazz have too little talent to stop the Lakers, Cleveland or Orlando. Only Miller can decide if he wants a winner or just the same old barely adequate. Sloan and KOC are just going to do the same thing and get the same results.

It does not matter a whole lot who the Jazz draft as the Jazz are horrible drafters in the first round. If they do get a decent player they eventually go elsewhere (at least over the last 10 years).

The problem is continuity to a fault. Get some talent.

todd from santa ana

O connor trading up to get a top 5 pick? really!!!!! not hee hee.........1 "sloanaholc" out of 4, the usual low percentage.... "fun and competitive" it is all most of you want not interested in winning and competing seriously for a title...


So, the Jazz are bringing back the draft party despite only having the 20th pick. O'Connor going to the pre-draft workouts, but no plans to bring in players right now for workouts.

I think something is definitely up. Jazz don't want/need another rookie on the team with a 3-year guaranteed deal. KOC's actions seem to indicate a strong likelihood the pick has already been dealt. Due to trade restriction re: draft picks, look for the Jazz to make a selection, then deal the draft rights to that player.

The fact the Jazz are having a party may indicate trading the pick is part of something bigger. Let's hope! Bringing pack the same team that "HEALTHY" finished the season so poorly means change is needed. If not, Jazz will just keep losing in the 1st or 2nd round until Deron's contract runs out and he leaves town.


DRAFT ANOTHER 2YR PROJECT! Thats just brilliant o'conner, whats needed is tough,big seasoned vet's! I agree that there talented, and fun to watch when there at home or just playing good. The team is for the most part young, they don't need to be any younger,the fans have been waiting long enough.And if I may: coaching staff take note of the 4 teams that played in the finals and how todays game is played size,defense,and 3 pt shooting.

todd from santa ana

get Chris Bosh and we can start seeing serious improvement....Is O COnnor capable will it be sign and trade for Boozer #20 pick as part of deal for Bosh?

Great idea

New Coach (not happening) almost =good idea


If your name is not Dwill or Boozer, forget it. YOu will never see the ball on offense unless there is a triple team. Stand around the three point line and do the hokie pokie. Who in their right mind would want to come to Utah unless you were coming to replace Boozer! Jerry is conditioned to fail in the playoffs. No defense and predictable offense. The Lakers destroyed us in 5 games. Wasn't even a series and you Sloan Lovers all want him back cause he won 48 games. Big Deal.


Brilliant comments, Miles. That is the point that summerizes the state of the Utah Jazz. Jerry is a conditioned loser in playoffs and in important games, and that's what his name stands for:
S(tubborn)L(oser)O(ld fashioned)A(rrogant)N(arrow-minded).
You are a genius, Miles.
The Jazz aren't going anywhere with Jarry at the helm, no matter who is on the roster.


There are three problems that seem to be obstacles for improvement...Has anyone really looked at the atrocious job that Kevin O'Connor has done with draft picks since arriving in Utah. He has to take alot of the blame for this team.
Let's face it the Jazz are a soft heartless team with a marginally good coach.
Sloan is always getting outcoached. He does not motivate his players, will not defend the three, has poor defensive schemes and substitutes too mechanically. His timeouts are not effective.


The Jazz will duplicate previous brilliant picks like trading for Curtis Borchardt, passing on Tony Parker, etc.


I've said it before and I'll say it again. I hope that the jazz do trade up in the draft. What they need to do is package boozer and our #20 pick and next years NY pick or AK (if necessary) to pick up Memphis's #2 pick. I believe if we did that than we could get a defensive beast in Hasheem Thabeet, than we could move Okur to the four spot. Also the jazz desperately need a back-up point guard-though I would like to see Price more before filling that void. Miller needs to make Jerry play Koufos and price more.
If we could get Thabeet in the draft, I think that would change our team drastically. Look at the nba and it's progression. It's alwasy been a big mans league. Russel and Wilt early on, than Hakeem And Shaq and Robinson and Duncan. Now it's Howard. We need Thabeet to answer back...it could change everything.


This year's draft class is so weak this draft will not do anything for anyone drafting past 5. If the Jazz want some change then do it through trades of free agency. We already have way too much youth to win.

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