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Published: Friday, May 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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SHeesh. Hostile people.


You apparently live in Cali? How do you know so much about Utah, let alone small burger joints?

Eating out

Most people who go to a "burger joint are" not expecting the same quality as a "dine in" restraunt. I have never eaten at a burger place that I reccommend unequivocabily. I get a burger when I need to hurry and am on the go. If I want a real hamburger, I cook it myself at home. Fast food is designed primarily for the fast paced American lifestyle, not for the essence of the palate.

Dick Savage

I'm glad to see there are some people out there who don't like In-N-out. It will make it less crowed for those of us who love them and are excited about them coming to Utah. I was in California last week and stopped at In-N-Out along with a few other places. None of them compared to In-N-Out in quality, cleanliness and friendly employees. They are all busy when they first move into town and will be just as busy in 4 years. They must be doing something right.


Crown Burger is terrible their burgers as misshapen causing them to be burnt on the outside and raw in the center.

In-N-Out is by far the best burger place out there unless you really like chili-cheese then I would suggest Tommy's

Just can't beat the freshness and quality of In-N-Out and you can actually watch them cook your food so you know they didn't do anything bad to it... if you can name a better place then I will go and try it out right now. (Better place meaning preferable in Utah, although I have heard of a couple wannabe In-N-Out places somewhere around...)


Yes Tommy's has the best Chili Burgers by far! I hope they come to Utah.

Jenny C.

Great review! In-N-Out is fresh, cheap, tasty, and supports a living wage. Yes, the fries are different but that's because they aren't FROZEN like so many other fast food fries. Different, but still tasty and fresh tasting, IMO. Also, everyone should lighten up a bit on this board! LOL. East vs. west (everyone makes an oversight once in a while), St. George vs. Washington City (mmmm most people would consider Washington City in the St. George area, except perhaps those who live in Washington City, and would have no idea where Washington City was--thus probably the reason for choosing to say St. George instead--it's more simple). Finally, there doesn't have to be just ONE burger place. There are many great ones, so choose one based on your mood that day. For example, In-N-Out uses thousand island instead of ketchup and mustard. Sometimes I want this, sometimes I don't. But whatever you like, In-N-Out is high quality at a great price, if that's your thing.

Ron Ashley

So...when are they coming to Northern Utah? Draper has been mentioned. I hope for some advance statement so I can get my tent ready and be first in line!

Just An Observer

Here it is August and nary a word on building an I-N-O on the Wasatch. Guess what? Winter's coming. Someone at Baldwin Park had better get clued in if they want to open in 2009. It ain't gonna happen for a LONG time it appears.

INO Burger - Orem

The sign is up on the construction site, sw corner of University Parkway and State Street in Orem!

Now, all Happy Valley needs is a Chipotle Mexican Grill location, and you can close the freeways, no need to leave my cocoon :)


Does anyone know what month the In-n-Out in Draper is opening?

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