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Published: Friday, May 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Like it or not..

they are coming. In-n-Out has consistently been rated as one of the top fast-food restaurants in the country, and they are only in (barely) 4 states! The greatest chef in the country adores them, celebs love them (which carries no weight, might i add...), business gurus worship them, and their fan base is cult-like and wide-spread. Incomparable with any other company in the restaurant business. And for all the "soggy fry" comments, ask for your fries well done, that's what i do!

I think these people have just grown up on (and become used to) the junk that most fast-good is nowadays. Thank you In-n-Out for sticking to quality, hiring good people, and being the cleanest place to eat! (nice t-shirts, too..)

By the way, it's pretty obvious there is a five-guys employee on here... lol... they better be good burgers when a meal costs over $10.... like it or not, in-n-out is going to be insanely popular. You guys can just drive by, though, to your preferred greasy frozen heat-lamped junk food restaurant.


i respect those who do not like In n Out, but I could honestly live off of it. I live out East now and it hurts to not have In N Out.

"Not a fan"

The management hasn't changed. The President of the company has been president since Esther Snyder passed away a few years ago. The owner is her granddaughter.

Don't believe everything you read in LA Times :)


Sounds like it is pushing eastward, not westward. (CA->UT is east) Try using a map sometime.


Their food is astonishing cheap? They pay the most of any fast food place. We have a California restaurant paying its employees more selling food at bargain prices. This would be like saying that Utah could increase the minimum wage and food prices wouldn't suffer.

"We start all our new Associates at a minimum of $10.00 an hour for one simple reason...you are important to us! And our commitment to a higher starting wage is just one of the ways in which we show it. Another way is through offering excellent benefits like flexible schedules to accommodate school and other activities, paid vacations, free meals, comprehensive training, and a 401k plan. For our full time Associates, we provide a benefits package that also includes medical, dental, vision, life and travel insurance coverage."


If the IAOB is located in Washington City, which it is, why does the writer refer to going to a "St George" eatery? Oh wait, it was because she was driving East from Utah to find California.


LOL at all the naysayers.

When these places open they will be totally packed liked the rest of the in n out joints across the West.

I only wish I could buy stock in the company.

Anybody know where the Orem one is supposed to be?

Ute Fan

I think I will try that 5 Guys place, never heard of them before reading this articles comments. I prefer my own burgers cooked on the grill but on occasion will eat one from a fast food joint.


Will be in the parking lot on State and University, next to Chevron and Mimi's... and i think there is a burlington coat factory there... thats where i heard its going! near the mall...

Ute Fan

I did go to the Five Guys yesterday for lunch. I could not find the darn place at first and my GPS told me it did not exist. SO, I called the place and a nice kid gave me very exact direction from the parking lot I was sitting in at the Tesoro gas station and I drove right to it.
I really liked the fries, the order was a little large for one person and the burger was good. Anyhow, I think I will go back there again. Cracked me up to see the President eating at a Five Guys in the DC area. What I really liked were the red counters, red tile and the red shirts that the very friendly employees were wearing.

Southern Utah Gal

The citizens of WASHINGTON CITY were so excited to have In-N-Out Burger come to WASHINGTON CITY. And we wonder why we shouldn't believe everyone we read in the papers and see on tv! HA!


By the way... EZ Take-Out, Five Guys, Chadders, are all based on one other company's success: In-n-Out. Lots of imitations, but only one real INOB.

@ Everyone


Five Guys all the way. They give tons of fries so we only make one order of those for up to four of us to share which helps on the price of eating there. The burgers are yummy. I hadn't eaten a fast-food burger in more than three years before being convinced to try Five Guys' version, other chains had become ever more disgusting.

I was considering trying an In-and-Out since I'd only eaten at one in California many moons ago and found it lacking. I had planned to give it a second chance simply because of the devotees' clamoring. Now that I see they aren't open on Sunday, I won't be going there. We only support businesses that cater to those who live 24/7 lives.

I'm beginning to think they're so popular among locals because they have a version of pink ooze, er, fry sauce.


I "less than three" Five Guys any day.



Where are the editors?

"Pushing ever westward..." Can we buy the Des News a road atlas? If in & out came from in So Cal, pushing ever westward would put it somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, not St. George...er, Washington City.


If you want a truly great burger, continue driving past In-N-Out down Telegraph street towards Washington for a few blocks and go to The Burger Place; a Washington UT institution that's been serving up great burgers, shakes and fries for decades.


I am still going to try the place.


Thank goodness we DON'T all like the same things!
Hooray for individuality in all its forms.


I am ecstatic that In-N-Out is coming to the Salt Lake valley. I am from CA and have been searching for something close to the quality they serve. I have tried 5 Guys and was pretty disappointed. I do have to agree on In-N-Out's fries though. Not a huge fan.


It is all about Crown Burger the best ever baby!

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