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Published: Friday, May 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I don't get the devotion to In-N-Out. Mediocre burgers and truly crappy fries.


That's all I need, is have them that close. It's bad enough to eat it on vacation!

Old School to Elvis

To each his own my friend...

Fresh ingredients, cooked to order, no superfluous gunk like the mega-chains and believe it or not, not one item cooked in a microwave. BTW, make mine animal style!


I'm moving from so Cal back to Utah and glad that my Saturday night trips to IN-N-Out will continue. But yes, the fries aren't great.


Fried Burgers cooked on a frying pan, sure ingredients are fresh, but the burgers are greasy. Lets not get started on the undercooked soggy fries. I have never eaten at an In N Out that has not had undercooked soggy fries

Comments right on

I lived In So Cal 20 years, and ate In-and-Out probably 5 times. I never got it.

"I recommend getting the onions, which add crunch and earthy bitterness to an already superlative burger."

Come-on, what kind of So Cal wannabe reporting is this? You get a crappy burger and soggy fries.

Catchy name though.


Sorry, not a fan of the burgers at all. Seriously. Give me 5 Guys any day....

The only thing worse in Cali is El Pollo Loco. Worst resteraunt ever...


The fries are that way because they are made from fresh potatoes, not reconstitued potato powder. Plus, to get crispy fries, you have to cook them twice. Once at a lower temperature to cook them, and then at a higher temperature to flash fry them, which gives the crispiness.


5 guys blows in-and-out out of the water. Just as fresh, much tastier, much better fries...although a bit pricey. For the money, just go to Wendy's...although I know I am speaking blasphemy...

Tom in South Carolina

Anonymous @ 7:44 pm is right on the money with 5 Guys. Best burger I've ever had (and messiest too!) The fries are great, being made from Idaho spuds (they tell you where the potatoes that day are from), and we chuckle when they're from Rexburg or right around there. I don't care if the fries are soggy - the flavor is great, and you know they are fresh!


I for one am excited In N Out is coming to Utah. I think the burgers are great, the fries are great, and the resturant is great.

Having read about their hiring practices, their quality control, their commitment to fresh local products and distribution, and the standards they set for their employees to not only get hired but to stay employeed and the fact that they pay them a much better wage then other fast food chains, I'd say I like the resturant even more and am glad they are becoming a part of the Utah economy.

No, I don't work for them. I just want to say that I like it when I see a good thing happening. As for all the negative comments, you're saying a lot more about yourselves then you are about In n Out Burger.


in-and-out > Five Guys


My son works at an In and Out in suburan San Diego. While my family likes it, and most of the people we associate with like it, I would rather go to McD's, BK, Sonic, Carls or A&W before In and Out.

To each there own....

Utah should remain unique

Why does this make people in Utah happy? This is just another step on the road to making Utah look exactly like CA. Come on, get some originality.

By the way, I'm born and raised in CA, and I still like living there. But I hate it when I drive around Utah cities and they look just like CA cities. (high volumes of traffic, everybody in a hurry, and the same national chain stores and restaurants) Thirty years ago, Utah was much different from CA, and it was an enjoyable place to visit.


"pushing ever westward from its ancestral home"...

Funny, I thought California was west of Utah... Seems to me like it's pushing ever *EASTWARD*...

2 cents

I moved from California, wanting the home town experience not the same thing, same food on every corner. Right after I get to St. George, In and Out arrives. Granted it's better than McDonalds but I don't understand the hopla.

Shrinking Meat

I enjoy INOB on occasion but I've noticed that the hamburger patties have gotten smaller over the 28 years I've been eating them.


Add me to the In-N-Out is overrated crowd.

It sure beats Jack in the Box though. Jack in the Box is the WORST food chain in the known universe.

Not a fan

In-n-Out has probably the worst fries of any chain--and they are nothing like Belgian Frites, which are, as someone explained above, cooked twice. The burgers are okay but not that great. Also, a recent LA Times article pointed out that the management just changed, so who knows how constant things will change.


Is so much better than McD's, Wendy's, or others around here. About time they made it into the area!

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