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But LDS officials say the California court's ruling is 'welcome'

Published: Wednesday, May 27 2009 12:56 a.m. MDT

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re - Roger | 1:49 p.m

["Marriage and equality are just the subterfuge that the gay agenda is using to get what they really want - and it ain't marriage. The truth is darker and seedier than we can handle."]

well, lets move your comment back in time since it fits perfectly.

Free slaves? blacks running around free? that's just the subterfuge that the black agenda is using to get what they really want - and it ain't freedom. The truth is seedier and darker than we can handle. Next thing you know, they'll be wanting to have white women, and eat in the same restaurants as you and me. why, they'll force us to let them in our mormon church and expect to be treated just like an ordinary person!!

Roger - do you have any idea how bigoted you sound?


There's too much hate, too much contention, and WAY too many misspelled words! Look, I'm straight and I'm a Mormon. As such, I believe it against the teachings of Christ to engage in contentious debate or to hate our neighbors, regardless of what they do. I also believe that the practice of homosexuality is morally wrong and abominable in the sight of God, the same as fornication or adultery. Is it possible for the two beliefs to reconcile? Of course! Read the Book of Mormon and learn of the feelings of the early Nephites toward their brethren the Lamanites. They desired to reclaim them from their wicked ways and only fought them inasmuch as it was necessary to defend themselves and their families from slavery or death. If you call yourself a Christian, you must love your neighbor and avoid contention. You must not embrace the sin, but you must love the sinner. Your judgments must be in accordance with the commandments which, to our belief, condemn the practice of homosexuality, fornication, and adultery. But above all, love your neighbor for he or she is your brother or sister and a child of God.


you sound just like southern whites in the 1950's and 60' that didn't want blacks to vote. They are americans and will be given the same rights as other americans in time.


re: Reality Wow, thats awful. I call troll on you.

And PS: I may be against gay marriage but firmly believe every time someone says Adam and Steve an angel punches a puppy.


I read an interesting article yesterday about France & their solution to this polarizing issue. People have really strong feeling on this issue because of the word 'marriage', which currently has legal and religious connotations. France has removed the legal connotation - they now only issue 'civil union' licenses, which are given to both gays and straights. Then people can take this license and have a civil union ceremony, or if they choose, go to a church of their choice for a marriage ceremony.
This seems to be a workable solution to me.
For those who oppose gay marriage, they can determine for themselves what other churches do (including gays) to be invalid, thereby preserving their religious beliefs for the term 'marriage' - for gays, they can find a church that will marry them or just have a civil union, with the same legal protections as any other licensed couple. Perhaps this would remove the discrimination charges, yet preserve people's concepts of what marriage is for them?

Re: to posters using religion

You take for granted that God does not exist, and base all your arguments on this premise. But you can't know that God doesn't exist; that's just your belief. Therefore your opinions are equally biased by superstition.


Re: ex post facto! I am so pleased to learn that when the U.S. Congress passed the Edmunds-Tucker Act that outlawed plural marriage, all those who were already in a plural marriage could continue to practice it in peace. . . NOT!!!!!!!!!

The truth is that a marital practice that is repugnant to society can be outlawed (polygamy and slavery), and the laws can be enforced upon those who were already practicing it. The California justices used this sanction to get a big boot in the door in line with their own personal agenda.


Dear Dallas and all other well intentioned bigots.
You just don't get it. If you don't approve of a life style that is different to yours, that is O.K., it's your right. You have all the right in the world to disagree. That is not the issue, you have the right to your opinion. But democracy doesn't give the right to a majority to deprive of the benefits they enjoy to a minority.
We may disagree with gay life style, we can say is a sin, we can say is degrading, etc. etc. but that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. But, democracy and freedom of expression cannot be justification for the oppression of a minority. Gays pay taxes and vote as any other citizen. People here have been mentioning children.. Well!! Thank gays, single people, couples without children that are helping to pay for the schooling of your children.
Freedom of religion is O.K. too, no Gay marriage should be than in LDS buildings. But don't deny the courthouse that is secular and for all citizens.


@re - anao at 2:07pm | 3:09 p.m

I wasnt aware that marriage was created to provide for easy divorce. Since marriage is just to prepare for divorce why dont we ask wedding couples to provide divorce lawyers as well as witnesses at a wedding.

I dont know about you but after I learned to divide by 2 I learned to divide by 3 even 4. My math skills might not extend past my ten fingers but I think division by other fractions other than 1/2 IS possible.

Its Inevitable

This is not about "gay marriage." It is about equal protection under the law.

The California Supreme Court's ruling only said that California voters had a right to amend their constitution and that the initiative did not violate the rights of gays under STATE laws. In doing so the majority opinion took great pains to try and limit the decision's impact.

Now it is rightly being challenged in FEDERAL court under the equal protection clause of the US CONSTITUTION. The fact that the State Supremem Court honored the validity of the 18,000 LEGAL same sex marriages already perfomed will make it very difficult for the US Supreme Court to deny equal protection.

re: to posters using religion

It is very arrogant to think you have the final say in what common sense is. What is sad is that I could say to you, "let's agree to disagree", but you believe you are the final authority and do not want to allow me the right to an opinion I've thought long and hard to form.


I am saddened that at this day and age, gays still cannot obtain the basic rights as everyone else. For those against gay marriage, how does gay marriage negatively affect your daily life? I hope we can continue to progress as a nation and I know that one day, gay marriage will be allowed in every state.


This is considered a "moral wrong" under religion. Why should religion be involved at all? I think that this should be up to the individual. Employers cannot discriminate against sexual orientation, why can the state government? It shouldn't be the government's decision who I am allowed to marry. Black, white, gay, straight, who cares? Does this effect others? No. Your life will go on if two people of the same sex get married. Is your marriage so unstable that it will make it mean any less? If so, you have bigger problems.

Re: Anonymous | 5:52 p.m.

Very funny. Your wit is astounding. You should be on tv.

To 6:55

Don't all polygamist have special sex beds? I have never heard of gays having sex beds? I read all about it once on the polygamist compound.

Boo Hoo

Justice prevails!


Anger from the liberal crybabies. Confidence from the right. Life is good.


A win for fundamental values and goodness!

re: 7:04

Ive heard about gays cross dressing as nuns once. I guess if I've heard it ONCE like youve heard it ONCE then by your logic all gays dress up as nuns.


Just wondering, did the Des News do any piece focusing solely on the feelings of the other side over their victory? I find the focus on the "historically disadvantaged" homosexuals a little annoying, considering everything ...

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