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But LDS officials say the California court's ruling is 'welcome'

Published: Wednesday, May 27 2009 12:56 a.m. MDT

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A divine purpose of a man and woman is to propogate the species. Adam and Eve, not Steve -


Your bigotry and intolerance is your own... stop blaming God.

RE: The Rock

I find it hilarious that you edited out Jefferson's declaration that "all men are created equal" and that the inalienable rights he alluded to are "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." But then highlighting those portions would only hurt your argument.

Ultimately, the question of marriage access is directly linked to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even if you go to Locke's social contract which Jefferson was referring to, you'll see that instead of "pursuit of happiness," Locke called on the government to protect property. Considering marriage's history as a property transaction, it seems that Locke would have recognized marriage as a fundamental right to be protected by government.

And as far as claiming the absolute right to do what God has forbidden, you're wrong. What I'm doing is a much larger threat to your perception of reality. I'm claiming that God has created, empowered, and called on me to be a gay activist. Stick that in your sacrament cup and sip it.


Their is much hate on both sides of this issue, Proposition 8 supporters cant figure out why the Gay community is upset being discriminated against, and the Gay community cant figure out why Propostion 8 supporters are upset by their Discriminitory comments, Seems to me Both Sides are doing the same thing... Discrimination Grow up People the sooner you learn to work together, the sooner you will realize what it means to truly "Love one Another.."


Someday there will be equality for all. It just takes time. I'm sure it's heartbreaking for gays to watch the discrimination continue, but they must take heart. There are many straight individuals -- including myself -- who have had a change of heart and conscience. It's only a matter of time until the dictates of their own conscience will finally win. Eventually gays will be seen as fellow human beings.

Equal Rights Ammendments

CA and IA both have ERAs in their constitution which was the reasoning behind their State courts ruling in favor of gay marriage. I am so glad the LDS Church also successfully supported the defeated measure of the national ERA of the 1970s. Had that passed than all States today would have been forced by our Federal courts system to accept gay marriage as equal to traditional marriage.

Re: Ex-Post Facto

"The United States Constitution does not allow for the passage of ex-post facto laws. This means a law cannot be retroactive in nature. It can only have its effect on persons after passage not before. Had the California Supreme Court declared the 18,000 same sex marriages performed before passage of Prop 8, null and void., the U.S. Supreme Court would have quickly overturned their decision. The CA justices allowing those couples to be still be married, upheld the U.S. Constitution. They had no other choice."

The SCOUS certainly had no trouble supporting the Edmunds Tucker Act, which was a completely ex-post facto law. It not only banned future crimes, but past ones as well, and they went after those who had participated with a vengeance, whether there was evidence or not.


california voters will make gay marriage legal in 2010 ... you guys will not be able to stop it ... better get yourselves a battle you can win..

religion is the problem

if all these anti-SSM posters had to leave their god out of the argument, they wouldn't have any argument at all.

The only reason SSM is a religion issue is because the religious insist on pushing their old books onto everyone, and they learned "right" and "wrong" from fairy tales.

an intelligent person can make logical arguments without referencing magical beings and mythical tales...

To: Re; CougarKeith

"LDS have some of the highest divorce rates in the nation"

LDS non-temple marriages have a 24% divorce rate. The national average is 25%. Non-denominational Evangelicals, Jews, Baptists, Pentacostals, Born-again Christians, Methodists, mainline Protestants, and non-Christians in general, all have a higher divorce rate than LDS non-temple marriages, per the Barna Research Group and the Associated Press, in separate studies that back each other up. LDS temple marriages, however, have a 6% divorce rate, the lowest of any group in the nation by more than 12%.

Do your research and stop spreading lies to further your own agenda, please.

Re: Jane

Gays are already considered fellow human beings. Nobody is the victim in this. The victim is the sacredness of marriage and the moral fibers that surround it. From the beginning of time, marriage has been a man to a women. Marriage between a man and a man or a women to a women serves ZERO purpose to mankind or the growth of the human race.

This is not about divorce rates, its not about hate or discrimination. It's about the purpose it provides to mankind and the human race. There are moral standards that are at risk here all for the sake of what? What this boils down to is, how valuable is your moral standard. Are you really willing to toss it aside to allow a dysfunctional choice the ability to provide no purpose to the human race? This should not be about feeling sorry for a gay friend or family member because they can't be married. They made that choice. Are you willing to sell the moral meaning and character of marriage all for the sake of pity? NEVER should your core morals be given up for the sake of charity.

People know you

People across this country know the real Gay Movement and its true purpose. Gays hate and distain anyone who disagrees with them. But, they use Judeo-Christian beliefs to smear anyone who does not agree with gay marriage. The voters in California used the Constitution and legal means to express their belief in marriage. But, again, it is Gays who scream that their rights have been taken. It was the rights of the people that were used and the vote is the will of the people; not a few selfish anti- democratic few.


There's a reason that actual minorities, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc., voted against Prop 8 in record numbers - and that reason is that they find this whole "civil rights" declaration to be deeply offensive to the actual civil rights discrimination that they suffered in the past. They were slaves, they were put in concentration camps in their own country just because of the color of their skin, and they were forced to segregate themselves from society on all levels. That is NOT the same thing as not being able to change the provisions for getting a marriage license.

When you apply for one, nobody asks your sexual orientation, because their is already equal protection under the law. Any male that is of age, of sound mental capacity, and is not directly related to his prospective partner, is able to marry any woman that is of age, of sound mental capacity, and is not directly related to her prospective partner. Those are the rules you must follow in order to get married. If your partnership doesn't fall under the proper rules, you can't get married, simple as that. It is not discriminatory, as it doesn't single anybody out.

To Jane

So you believe that God will have a change of heart? Mocking God by using His love for mankind is a devious way of lying about real love and commandments from the Lord. Your heart has changed but is it harder or softer to listen to the Lord, his servants, and his word through scriptures? Rationalizing was the way the Jewish leadership used to crucifiy the Savior.

re: Kevin

Why do you want to be Married? The other things are Civil Rights issues, but why do you want to be married? That is seeking acceptance.


For your arguments sake we'll take God and religion out of the picture. We'll go with evolution. A group of people that can't procreate. Ya that will really work out in a "survival of the fittest" situation. And you think my belief in God is silly. Good one

Re: religion is the problem

I'll make you a deal: I'll leave my religious and moral beliefs out of the voting booth if you leave out your experiences, circumstances, beliefs and influences, too. It's only fair, it's the same thing. If I can't vote on anything according to my deeply held beliefs, then neither can you. You don't get to vote according to your belief that gays are being persecuted, and that there is intolerance and bigotry on the other side, and you can't actually pick a side to vote for, because that's using your beliefs to influence your decision. You only get to vote neutrally down the middle. If that's not an option, then you can't cast a vote on that issue at all.

Sound fair?

Yeah, I didn't think so.


@re: Kevin | 12:27 p.m. May 27, 2009

Fair question. Answer: The same reason anyone else wants to get married. To have a family and for that family to have the same legal rights and protections granted by the government to opposite-gender marriages.

I don't expect all people to accept that family unit necessarily. However, I do expect my government to accept it. Why? Because if government is going to be in the marriage business, and grant rights to people based on their marital status, it must be fair to homosexuals, for whom opposite-gender marriage would neither be beneficial nor successful.

to religion 12:34pm

I'll do as you say and leave out my "experiences, circumstances, beliefs and influences". I have no problem with that.

because I don't think the concept of everyone being treated equally has anything to do with my "experiences, circumstances, beliefs and influences". It's just basic common sense.

now, when you use common sense instead of fairy tales and old books, you let me know.

Dear Gays and Lesbefriends

It is with great excitement that the vast majority of people from the great state of california have spoken! They frankly don't want it there and have a better understanding of the word tolerance, than you would ever know in a lifetime. Keep trying though, but you know the definition for insanity is doing something repetitive expecting a different result.


Ps. Keep California "Golden" . . not rainbow

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