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But LDS officials say the California court's ruling is 'welcome'

Published: Wednesday, May 27 2009 12:56 a.m. MDT

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people are confused.

The courts (in CA) decision was NOT pro or anti gay. It turned on whether the change to the constitution was legal. Ansewer, yes it was based on past cases. Now to the 18,000, whether or not I agree with you. The laws of the land at the time allowed the marriages...so they are legal. Remove the emotion, bigotry on both sides, and ask yourself what is the purpose of marriage? It is not for the benefit of the people being married, but rather for the perpetuation of the species and nurturing of the young. Sorry gays, you don't fit the cost/benefit analysis.

Born that Way

It was within society's interest to protect marriage between races. As children result from the sexual union, there needs to be a place to foster their loving union... The genetic contributors to the child both take responsibility and have access to society. That's fair and just.

It is illogical to compare a homosexual union to a multiracial one. It simply doesn't have the same weight upon the future of society nor any lasting biological implications.

Marriage has never been merely about who has sex with whom.

The gay community however doesn't get this. They come at it as an emotional issue, and make no effort to demonstrate how their wish will make society better as a whole. Instead their only response has been to push for more litigation and claim greater victimization--at times even engaging in domestic terror tactics against religious institutions in order to achieve their insatiable objective to redefine reality such that they become a more privileged class (though they already have more disposable income per capita than any other group of people in this country) and to gain access to the children they didn't produce.


Shouldn't all citizens have the same rights? Why a contributing citizen shouldn't have the right to marry the one he or she loves?
If being and living a Gay life is a sin. Shouldn't that be a problem between the sinner and his or her God? Shouldn't society treats all its citizens in the same way a grant all of them the same rights?
Gay people vote, pay taxes, contribute in all ways of life. Why are we depriving them of their right to join for life with the one they love? In what way affect heterosexuals?
Fear that God will destruct society as a result of Gay marriage is only a reflection of ignorance and supertition. I'm sure there are more than 10 heterosexuals in SLC, or not?


The first proposition (22) in 2000 to ban same-sex marriage in California clearly won 62%-38%. The next vote in 2008 only won 52%-48%. I don't understand people who are for traditional marriage think that they are going to win in the long term. The momentum is against you (this not my opinion, this is fact).

Haven't the courts decided on other civil rights issues versus having a majority decide this? Well, I don't think it will matter on this issue: With those against gay marriage diminishing (62% to 52% in a matter of 8 years), it will only take a few more years for those numbers to diminish even more and become a minority which will overturn the gay marriage ban. History is against those who are against giving freedoms to minority groups (regardless of whether you think it is a right or privilege).

Losing to win

Supporters of equality: think strategically.

Losing this battle sets up the possibility of a more important one in the future, before the US Supreme Court. Then it's not just Prop 8, it's Prop 8 and *everything else like it*.

This ruling is disappointing, but it can become a case of losing the battle in order to win the war.


Rights | 9:07 a.m.

You simply don't get it do you? GLBT have the same rights as anybody else. The problem is not about being married but about bending the moral code that others have? And when does it all stop? Hey, I'd like to have the rights of more vacations so that I don't have to work as much. Should I be fighting for that? Some would like the rights to marry children, others would like to marry their sister or brother. Some Fathers and/or Mothers want to marry their children. WHEN DOES IT STOP? If you give privileges to one dysfunctional society, and homosexuality is being dysfunctional if you want to lay claim to being "born with it", you have to give it to another.

And Marriage isn't just about being in LOVE. Marriage is about fostering a family through procreation. Thus another sign of homosexuality being dysfunctional since they don't have the means to procreate.

Marriage has never been a right, it's a privilege that has been handed down from god to Man and Woman.

Old Scratch

And as I look upon my beloved Utah, it's Church and it's People, I am well pleased with what I see has been wrought there.

Try Harder

Anonymous | 9:26 a.m. May 27, 2009

Thanks for pointing out a disturbing trend of the sacrifice of high morals being tossed aside in place of nothing more than what is being defined by man as acceptable image.

High morals formed this great country, yet the need to define image will destroy it. Awesome... thanks!


Equal rights? This is about recognizing and protecting homosexuality. Funny how nobody is rallying for "equal rights" so brothers and sisters, parents and children, and polygamists can get married.

James Wilson

The ammendment to the California state consitution simply states that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized. This is interesting because it seems to suggest that other marriages exist (ie between two men or two women) but they are not valid in the state of California. This also suggests that performing a marriage ceremony for same-sex couples is not illegal even though it is not recognized by the state. Gays and lesbians have every right to marry each other but they have no right to force the state, which is the people in our system of government, to recognize that marriage as valid.


my uncle is . Do I want him to be happy? Yes. He is in a committed relationship. He is a decent person. I do not him. I do not any person.

But I will continue to support the ban on marriage. I do not want a couple suing my church for discrimination because they cannot be married there. I believe in the tradition of man/woman marriage.

I think all of us can agree however, that it won't be long until s have their way with this. The way things are going in this country, it won't be long.

Let's just try to understand one another. Let's be kind to one another. Both sides are accusing the other of the same thing.

We Mormons believe just as passionately in our position as s believe in theirs. Please respect that.


A rare victory for what is right! There is hope after all.

What About Adulterers?

Adultery is one of the Big "Thou Shalt Not" Sins--yet Adulterers are allowed to marry, and marry, and marry...

What it is all about

The gay rights issue to marry is all about getting power. It is power over others and to promote their desire to control, indoctrinate, and force others to be submissive to them. Don't be fool by their pretend " all we want is to be left alone" montra. If that is what it was, this issue would be resolved by adhearing to Civil Rights mandates in the laws right now. It is all about power over others and destroying the rights of the masses by a few.

RE: Old Scratch

Thank you for making it clear that you and many like you believe yourselves to be God and thus entitled to lord over me. Pardon me if I fail to worship you, though.

re Utah Dilemna

Exactly. For all the people saying they're all for Civil Unions, just not Marriage--read this post, and you'll know why no one here believes or trusts you.

The Rock

Do Gay Rights Exist?
Where do rights come from?
Some say from government, others say from God.

If rights come from government, then rights are subject to the whims of those who control the levers of power. In a democracy there are no rights without majority support. Gay rights do not enjoy a majority; therefore, gay rights do not exist.

If Thomas Jefferson was right when he wrote: "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights" then rights are granted by God, and are absolute.

When Gay activists claim they have an absolute right to do that which God has absolutely forbidden, they are making a religious argument. Absolute rights are dependant upon the existence of God. In this scenario, "gay rights" constitutes an obvious contradiction.

The further America drifts from her moral roots, the more expendable your rights become!

I stand my ground

Welcome to the real world gays. The majority disagrees with your hijacking of the term "marriage". Even if half the states in the country legalize same sex marriage, most people will still not accept it. Get used to it.

To Mormons

Marriage should ALWAYS be between one man and ONE woman. It should always be between TWO people and no others.

Re; CougarKeith

Your comments on adultry crack me up!!! LDS have some of the highest divorce rates in the nation and I'm willing to bet the adultry rate is pretty high too.

Careful that you don't look in the mirror and see something you don't like.

As for the rest of you that show signs of Archie Bunkierism....bigitry is NOT one of the attributes of Christ. If you can find it in your bible or BofM, then I will eat my words, but I guarantee...it's not there. If you show ANY signs of bigotry...then you my little friends...are fighting the cause of your "other" brother Satan!!!

So be sure to look closely in that mirror...see if the reflection is one of love and acceptance or one of bigotry and hate.

By there actions...yea shall know them...

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