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Published: Tuesday, May 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The political process has now played out, and we have some closure.

Lets all take a breath now until the next battle.

She who arts

Hoorah! for California Supreme Court!

Too Bad..

Sad day when rights are voted away.


This is the way it should be.

The majority rules.

If you want changes...go about it democratically ......and legally..

Fair ruling

I believe that's a fair ruling. A few months ago the California Supreme Court stated that if they upheld Prop 8, they would also invalidate the 18,000 marriages previously performed. I'm glad those marriages were left intact (kinda hard to say "just kidding!" to a marriage that was previously performed). Fair ruling.

What minority is next

My name says it all....

Now that California voters have proven that the majority can vote into law things that ban minoritys...who is next?

Maybe you....and your religion...after all you are a minority!!!!


Good. Now, we get to vote it down and drive bigotry home to Utah.


Yes on 8! wins. And the court stated the arguments against it are without merit. For once, this courts has heard the people, and has valued their votes, and has allowed the will of the people to prevail. The court however, failed to recognize an important fact - that the people have corrected the court's attempt to force same sex marriage into the law by claiming it's the only way for equal protection under the law to work. Well, we the people have corrected those court papers. Next?

not surpirsed, not over

Now the battle begins in earnest. I can only pray that religious people everywhere will continue to vote for righteousness and moral rectitude.

We Shall Overcome

Where's all your prattle about the "activist judges" now?

The Rock

This is the first time I have ever heard of the California high court doing something right.

I am certain that they will take strong steps to insure it is not repeated.


Now comes the REAL FIGHT!

The voice of the people

Wow, the results of a legal election by the majority upheld. Those Californians are so mean spirited.


What? I thought that, when Prop 22 was overturned, that CA Supreme Court was found to be nothing but activist judges? And they upheld this? (btw-my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek).

Just goes to show that the Supreme Court does follow the law of the land. The first Prop was worded in such a way that it did not conform with the CA Constitution and therefore was overturned. This one was worded more carefully to conform.

Maybe now we can let the term 'activist judge' go away.


There will be no closure. The proponents of gay marriage will not accept the voice of the people. They will continue to terrorize others by setting fire to their church and home until they force this on the people.

Good Decision

Whether the decision was ultimately right or wrong at least the court did what they are charged with doing - upholding the highest law of the state, the Constitution. The judiciary is not charged with bringing ultimate justice but rather to uphold the Constitution even if upholding it may ultimately be what some term unjust. These men are not gods who rule according to the highest principles of justice rather they rule based upon a man made law which though imperfect is the law we have chosen to live by.

Ha ha

The fat lady has sung


One state down, five more to go. When the voters in the state decide to let it happen, that's another story, but forcing it on people who voted against it is wrong.

Re: What minority next

I agree with you. I say we get everyone to give millions of dollars like the Mormon church did to an initiative that bans Mormons from getting married in California. We're not banning them from getting married if they denounce their religion, so they still have the same rights as everyone else. That sounds fair to me.

Dangerous Precedent

To be able to vote on any rights one feels are unsavory.

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