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Nuclear test defied 2006 international sanctions

Published: Tuesday, May 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bush was a complete failure w/NK.
He didn't invade and declare "mission accomplished" after two hours.

Obama is worse than North Korea!

I'm more afraid of Washington D.C., than I am of North Korea. Who is Obama kidding? Pyongyang's "blatant defiance" never stole 10 TRILLION dollars of taxpayer's money. Kim Jong Il is about as harmless as an Tennessee barbeque! Obama, Reid, and Pelosi? Now that's a frightening regime. Watch your wallet, folks!


I think Obama is going to take a drastic measure, he is going to put them in a "Time Out"! That means no food, no oil, and no other stuff the common North Korean needs to survive, but the leaders will be just fine. This will encourage a South Korean invasion through propoganda by the North Korean leadership. They have guts and they are proving it right now. Obama at 6:22 a.m. had it right, he is going to get a lot of people killed! (Obama that is).

RE: Roger

Times and things have changed since Bush was in office,

N. Korea wasn't testing intercontinental missiles and doing nuclear tests like they are now,

They have no fear of Obama,

they know there nothing behind his "tough" talk.

To all of you:

You're ALL wrong! Obama has it sussed - he's going to give them "THE LOOK"! hahahahahahahahaha

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