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Published: Sunday, May 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Big Love Justin

The issue here is that Polygamy is oppressive and wrong. To sympathize with the painful consequences of this corruption is understandable. Children and women are the victims frankly...both during and after polygamy. But consequences are to be dealt with, no?

The Warren Jeffs modern-day scandal is now being shown for how sick and controlling polygamy can be.
A son of this guy has written a book on the atrocities they suffered.

I find it odd that the LDS church had "prophetic revelation" as soon as the US Marshall's cracked down on the polygamy. It is foolish to believe they (either LDS or FLDS)are the "one-true church"

GOOD POINT made in this article: Divorce...Remarriage is indeed "SERIAL POLYGAMY". Which is rampant in Evangelical Christianity. The stats are no different than those in mainstream culture.

The benefits and sanctity of One Man-One Woman for life...are well documented. Too bad so many women
(who now initiate 74% of all divorces) have bought into the lie that divorce is for the better.

There are evil forces at work. The enemy has gotten "in the house" of all churches.

The Deuce

Once Gay/Lesbian marriage is accepted into law, polygamy is not far behind. The same arguments that are used to sanction gay marriage can also be used for polygamy. I say we are a progressive society. Anyone disagree?

Jancis M. Andrews

Polygamy is not a question of morality. It's a question of women's equality rights. There is no equality in a relationship where there is one man and several women fighting for his emotional and sexual attention, and his financial support for them and their children. Only the first wife is protected legally, the remainder are merely concubines in his harem, and cannot benefit from the man's health insurance, dental benefits, life insurance, spousal pension,and an equal division of property on his death. This is why the UN has condemned polygamy as a contravention of women's rights which also harms their children because polygamy impoverishes them. Polygamy comes from the dark ages when women had no rights and were mere chattels to be traded among men. It's way past time this shameful practise was kicked into the garbage can of history where it belongs. The year is 2009 AD, not 2009 BC.

Not condoning polygamy

but I was stunned to find out in my adult life that without it, I wouldn't be on this Earth.

Say what you will about polygamy, but that fact alone has certainly altered my perception of the practice.

The question of polygamy is can there be a fair, consenting relationship among all involved. It must be very difficult, to say the least.


First, polygamy today is not sanctioned by God. Only when it is, has it flourished and been acceptable to him. Prophets of old were given God's blessing in polygamy. We must keep this in perspective.

The FLDS have perverted the practice and we are now seeing the shocking details of abuse and inequality as "men" lived their own definition of it. The LDS have a history of it, but no desires to revive it.

It is not an institution that is compatible with today's society. We must do all we can to destroy any maladaptive behaviors (homosexuality included) in order for future generations to have a fighting chance at normalcy.

Ummmmmmmmm Gag

Polygamy is so gone, or should be. I get nauseated hearing about it all of the time.


Interesting article, especially the part describing the prosecutor's, defense attorney's, and judge's statements/positions. I wish the article had described more of the trials.

To Big Love Justin @11:31 - I have similar suspicions about Noah. It seems suspiciously convenient that he just happened to receive a revelation about building an ark just before a flood came. His "revelation" would have been much more believable if its timing hadn't coincided so perfectly with world events.

I'm being facetious (in case that's not obvious). The Lord helps people survive in the world they live in. I don't think the timing of the ark revelation or the polygamy revelation has to be disconnected from world events for it to be authentic.









I'm no fan of polygamy, but it must be pointed out that the polygamy of today is a far cry from the polygamy of the 19th century. What goes on in the Jeffs situation is really sick and cannot be compared in any way to the polygamy that was strictly controlled over a hundred years ago. Those who fight polygamy, as it is practiced today, confirm this.

In the 19th century only about 2%-5% of the membership practiced it. One had to be called to the practice and couldn't just do it at will. There were no arranged marriages and no underage marriages. In addition, divorce laws strongly favored women. It was very easy for a woman to get out of a polygamous marriage. It was very difficult for a man to get out of one because it was considered that he had responsibilities to his wife and children.

Unlike the FLDS culture, no women in 19th century Utah were forced into polygamous marriages. Neither Joseph Smith or Brigham Young EVER taught that polygamy was necessary to enter the Celestial Kingdom.

You can see the two situations are quite different.

Get A Brain

Polygamy was never sanctioned by God. Some women once had the wool pulled down darn hard over their eyes.

Only men sanctioned it for their fleshy desires.

Day dreamer

Polygamy is true for the man who indulges.

Wasted people

It is interesting how SOME but few men of the LDS church still defend polygamy. There are still deviates drawn to this religion of abuse.

Re: Big Love Justin

One of the things that often gets overlooked when people are criticizing the revelation to cease polygamy is that the members of the LDS church were already making plans to pick up and move out the country a second time. They had their debts closed, their homes and businesses ready to shut down at a moment's notice, food stored up, a plan to leave, and even a place to go. They'd left the country to live their lives as God told them to once before, and they were ready and willing to do it again. It wasn't like they had to stay put and take the abuse if they didn't feel it was what they were supposed to do. Their parents had left their homes and started over a number of times, and they were prepared to do it themselves. The only reason they DIDN'T leave was because the prophet and his apostles prayed for direction, and the answer they received was to stay put and to stop practicing polygamy.

Funny how critics don't ever seem to acknowledge the plans that were in place, or the fact that the Mormons were used to moving.

Proud of my past

My grandfather would often say he was proud to be a polygamist child. He would add how happy they were as a family.

It should have been noted that many Husbands/fathers left the U.S. and traveled to Mexico, so they could be with all their wives and children. There in Mexico within the Mormon Colonies they provided love and peace for all their children.

Plural marriage was not a gospel principle easy to live, not every husband or wife lived it perfectly, it demanded true love, the love the Apostle Paul and for the LDS that Moroni taught. For pure love, suffereth long, is kind, envieth not, is not provoked, thinkth no evil.

My Great Grandmother, who was the second wife wrote: "There was no jealousy or enmity between us. We loved and enjoyed each other. Learned to depend on each other."

Through reading many journals I can firmly state the Polygamy lived by my ancestors have no resemblance to the way the FLDS or many others who now practice polygamy live.

Like a monogamous marriage, plural marriage can work well or it can end in divorce. Is it immoral no I don't think so.


Put this article in the tribune so some of the rest of us can comment.

c almond

Re: Not condoning polygamy
There are people who would not exist were it not for rape or incest, I hope that fact wouldn't cause people to question the morality of those.
Re: Big Love Justin
When laws were changed allowing women to initiate divorce, the suicide rate among women dropped 20%. While there are, in general, benefits to a child who has married parents, I do not believe they outweigh the drawbacks of a suicidal or dead mother.


The "serial polygamy" of today where men and women live together for awhile and then move on leaving millions of single mothers requiring support from the state is far worse than that of 19th Century polygamy. Today's "serial polygamy" causes much more harm to women and children than LDS polygamy of over a century ago. It is even more harmful than the FLDS polygamy of today. It is so common today that we don't even see it or even care.

Oh, please!!!

Re Cats...oh sure! Polygamy has been the same through out time. It has always been abusive. Don't kid yourself unless you have lived in a polygamist relationship, AND please don't speak unless you know how polygamy truly is. Also, men are good for covering their tracks for you mindless ones out there who know nothing about polygamy! History is reported from A MANS POINT OF VIEW on polygamy and never a woman's.

An Observer

It's clear the negative nabobs of humanity have no understanding of TRUE polygamy as instituted by God.

All we get from them now is profligated false notions and information about it, and historical inaccuracies,

mixed with theor own supposedly learned and progressive view of how things should be,

a reflection of their own twisted views of polygamy, womanahood, marriage, equality,...

not helped by a liberal media promoting a corrupted version of it.

I guess where you find true doctrines of God you will always find opposition.


GB there was no flood and no way to keep two of every species on earth. We still haven't successfully documented all of life on earth. Jew took the flood story during their Babylonian captivity. Read the story of Gilgamesh.

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