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Published: Sunday, May 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Great to see another Mesa Mountain View grad doing well! Go Toros!

kind of like Smith

started too early, too many offensive coordinators, lucky he hasn't had the injuries that Smith has though. And lucky he has a friend in Cam Cameron. He should name his next son Cam.

If he gets the 2nd string spot, there's a good chance he'll see action,


There's nothing wrong with being a backup quarterback in the NFL making millions of dollars just ask Ty Detmer.

Good for Beck

I love to see a guy get a second chance. He will do well, hes a very good back up. I hope he can start in the NFL someday. Im a big fan, good luck to him. Ill be following.

becks need to do it or else

this is Beck's last stop in the NFL. He MUST have a good pre-season or else he is gone for good. Miami was a bust so this has to be a BIG improvement or else he will be using his BYU degree to do something else in life.


With patience and a lot of luck, Beck should see some action this year. He's got NFL talent and Baltimore would be wise to give him a shot. If they play games with him like Miami, it's bye bye. Although, he could try out for the CFL. That league is small but the intensity on the field and in the stands is very real. Ironically, the CFL is building new stadiums and adding franchises. But, I want Beck to make it here. If he goes north, we will never see him even if he leads a team to the Grey Cup.


Isn't as good as many of you BYU fans had predicted. He's not that good, he just had a few more years in age playing for the "OLD MAN" club in the MWC.


Detmer led both the Eagles and San Francisco to the NFC Championship game. Its not his fault he was behind the likes of Farve and Young. Even Montana got replace by Young.


The NFL is lots of luck and timing, including fitting with the right coaching. It does not mean that a good athlete is not good.




I really enjoy BYU sports, but do we have to hear about Jon Beck every week? it is getting old

Love it

Becks awesome! Best of luck to him with the Ravens. He could get the call in the playoffs and prove the NFL that he's a worthy starter. That would make his stock soar. Go John!


Yawwwnnnn is right. Great to see Beck is making friends. That is sooooooo nice. I can't wait for a story on how retired BYU quarterback Robbie Bosco has a dog that he likes to play with or Vai Sikahema now gives guest appearances at his kids' nursery school.
Come on, don't go searching so hard for these silly stories.

Problem is Inconsistency

There is no doubt that Beck has NFL tools. He has a very quick release, is accurate, smart, works hard, and has a very decent NFL arm - throwing the 2nd fastest timed ball at the combine. His arm is probably twice as strong as a Hall or Detmer and probably more in line with Steve Young's. His problem is exactly what was stated in this article. One minute he throws a bad pick and the next the pass of the day. It seemed to be the same everytime I checked in on Miami articles discussing their camp. He often outplayed the other QBs in throwing drills and threw passes that wowed those watching but almost always threw a bad pick or two as well. When he did get on the field in Miami it was the same - several turnovers mixed with some nice plays. It's one thing to blame Miami's line and receivers for his game play but it seems he does the same in practice. Coaches have to trust a starter and so far Beck has shown to be turnover prone. And yet he also exhibits the raw skills that keeps people hanging on and hoping.


If the NFL does not turn out for Beck, I see him spending two years as a GA at LSU; then QBC for 3 to 5 at some BCS school; followed by a long stint as the OC at some BCS school.


I hope you were kidding about that Detmer plug and that it wasn't his fault that he was playing behind HOF QB's Leading a team to an NFC championship game means that you lead them all year long, not that you stepped in for a game or two while the starting QB was out. Detmer does have one prestigious record, most interceptions thrown by a QB in an NFL game. 7 I think, I bet Max Hall was trying to best that record last year against the Utes, but came up short

Coug fan in NE

I for one really enjoy these and other stories on former Cougars in the NFL. Please keep them coming. It is also nice to hear about how the players seem to be able to see beyond the rivalry, unlike many fans.

Beck stories etc.

I'll bet if you look at page reads, stories like this one surpass most other stories that the D-News publishes. The fact that Ute fans and even alleged bored-but-BYU-fans-nonetheless are still reading and even commenting is testament to that. I find it humorous that even in your disdain you reinforce the publishing of these kinds of stories.

Der Beck and Anonymous

Go to some other blogs and leave your nasty comments there. Somewhere there has got to be a negative comment blog for you two.

What is wrong about hearing about someone getting a second chance? Just call yourself Utah supporters and be honest about it. Quit hiding behind anonymity. I like to listen to Utah players getting a second chance also.

Utah has about the same age average as BYU. Several years ago they did a study on the age of MWC college players comparing them to BYU. BYU only averaged 4-6 months older than the other teams in the MWC. Around 10 years ago they did this when BYU played other teams around the country and the TV commentators were also surprised that the age difference was no where what they surmised it to be. For some reason you and others think the BYU players are all 25-26 years old. If it is so good for BYU why are the other teams telling their players to take 2 years off and do nothing with football. It is nothing by sour grapes.

Re: Love It 12:33 pm

"He could get the call in the playoffs"

...or he could sit on the bench all year.

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