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Published: Saturday, May 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Pastor John

MonaVie's products have been validated by numerous medical journals and health professionals. The compensation plan is one of the best and most generous in the direct selling industry. People earn exactly what they are worth to the company - unlike typical corporate jobs. If you build a team that moves the juice you get paid a lot. If you can't motivate yourself or others to be productive then you don't get paid much. This isn't rocket science...just free enterprise. If you are looking for a free lunch or a scam that will pay you for doing nothing then MonaVie isn't it. But if you want to build a rewarding career with great people and great products then you've found it. Congratulations!

Guess what...

100% of the door greeters at the local mega-mart make money.

Want to know how many people make money in these pyramid "businesses"...?


Mona's whatever claims that 14% of their "distributors" make money. Guess what the other 86% are doing... Yep, you guessed it... They are keeping the pyramid structure going...

Pyramids are not held together with a strong product... They are not held together with a wonderful cure-all for all that ails you... They are held together by having "distributors" that are required to purchase a set amount of product a month.

Even Mona whatever with all its testimonials that remind me of fast Sunday at church requires its "distributors" to purchase set product.

Any health benefits derived from Mona's whatever can be found through excercise and eating healthy. But exercise takes work, and that does not fit well into a get-rich-quick power point presentation...

I have lots of nutrient-rich foods right outside my door right now... In my garden.

And I have met several (self-described) "millionaires" who drove nice cars to their pyramid scam meetings... But had to rely on the generosity of others to feed their own children.


I have seen the monavie presentation and it all comes accross as a snake oil sales job. Yes, I heard the claims that it heals this or that, but there was never any scientific evidence provided to back up these claims! I understand that the company doesn't make these claims, but aren't those who work for this company and represent this company liable for the claims they make? Sales people are liable for what they say in other businesses! It sounds to me like a way for the company to use a back door approach to promote their product, even if the claims turn out to be false! This is what is known as DECEPTION! But then again, this is what Mormoms do!


"Monavie juice is good, from which I have benefitted. But, it's strange that a company that bashed sports drinks now has one, and it also contains caffeine. What message is it sending? Are they really about health or are they about just making money?"

If you read the ingredients in Emv, then you would see the difference. Most sports drinks are artificial. With Mona-Vie Emv, it's caffeine comes naturally from the fruit that has been chosen to go in to it. Sure, the decision to go in to energy drinks is based on money, but they are a business, business are there to make money. Emv just brings the antioxidant benefits of the acai berry in to it


It amazes me when people see though a "pigeon hole".
In a pyramid sceme the guy at the top makes the money~sounds like corporate america! I don't see Walmart, MacDonald's or the local theatre sending money to anyone for recommending their products to people! And by the way...they make money off of you and give NOTHING back to regular customers! That sounds greedy to me!

If people were so concerned about the small amount of natural caffeine that is in the Emv, I "presume" that their pantries contain only organic whole foods! Any sort of prepared, prepackaged, canned, processed and frozen foods have more "garbage" in them then the small amount of natural caffeine.

And YES you do have to WORK! What a noble job though! We help people with their health, their wealth and to grow as individuals! That is a win-win situation!

Thank you Dallin Larson and Monavie! Keep up the good work! I know the brighter you shine, the more people will want to put out you light! So, keep on shinning because I am in it for LIFE!!!


It is amazing to see the past postings/comments from both sides of MLM. Snake Oil salesmen, give me a break. It's the venom out of the mouths of non users of this drink that poisons the industry. True we live in America and we have that right for free speech, but if America was a bit more positive and open minded, it would be a happier place. I know people who drink it with great results, and I know people that did'nt get any results. So what! You would be surprised who is getting involved in Network Marketing or Relationship Marketing. CitiGroup owns Primamerica, Richard Branson from Virgin Airlines has started several companies. On one of Oprahs shows, with Donald Trump as the guest, Oprah asked Donald “if you go bankrupt again what would you do?” he replied: I will start a MLM business, and then all the audiences started to
BOO him and then he said: “That’s why you are sitting there and I am sitting here”. I've said alot here today and just one more thing. Your mind is like an umbrella, it only works when its open.

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