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Published: Saturday, May 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah Doc

Hucksters in the fast lane.


You got that right

what a joke

when will the government regulate these snake oil salesman? they make hundreds of millions off of false promises and poor suckers who think there is such a thing as easy, quick money. the only easy money is for the owners, and they should have a hard time sleeping at night knowing that they take advantage of people on a daily basis for their own personal gain. shame on mona vie and all of the other pyramid scheme companies that unfortunately call utah their home.


I learned the other day that Snake Oil was really good for people. Just the immitators that gave it a bad name. I have to say everyone that has used MonaVie, will understand who has the real deal and who has the copy. My back pain and headaches are gone when I drink the juice, so are my friends ashma symptoms and lots more. Hearts are thankfull because their health is greatly improved. I would rather drink wive fruit enzimes in a bottle than take pills. People are not getting better with pills, they are dying with pills. Real fruit is just healthy for us. try it you'll like it.


I'm happy that they got into the race. They started the race on health products, for an all natural really bennificial convenient health product that tastes as great as it is for you.
I have really bennifitted by using this product. They deserve the publicity, Their product is first rate all the way. I have seen all kinds of people benefit from using this juice and it has helped them and my whold families health. Way to go Just like the original snake oil it was really healthy for people. The copies were what gave snake oil the comical name. There are lots of snake oils out there but MonaVie is not one of them. It is the original that everyone else is copying.


I don't know why it requires an old man like me to lend rational obsevations to such discussions, but I am going to do it anyway.
I don't drink Monavie. It is NOT a snake oil. It helps some people and doesn't help others. Good for those it helps and I hope the ones it doesn't help will find something that will. To condemn it in an article that is not about the product itself, but about the company sponsoring a race car completley misses the point of the article. GREAT for the company and all of us. Thank you for your sponsorship. Good luck in the race.

Mixed Message

Monavie juice is good, from which I have benefitted. But, it's strange that a company that bashed sports drinks now has one, and it also contains caffeine. What message is it sending? Are they really about health or are they about just making money?


So all pyramid (MLM) are wrong? It costs nothing to join Monavie. You buy the juice for personal use. You push the product hoping to gather residual sales (much like an insurance salesman) and to get a cut from each sale people achieve in your downline, with bonuses thrown-in, typical as provided by a traditional company to their sales staff. So where is the scam people are talking about?


They had a juice prior to Monavie that was shut down by the fda, just a matter of time before this one gets shut down too. Stay away from this business, Larsen has a history of lawsuits and very recent too. They have been warned by the fda as recent as last year to stop the false medical claims.

Juice Beleiver

Just want to Congratulate the drivers for the Mona Vie car 19 for a great job well done in the Indy 500.

Thanks Monavie!

Thanks for being a stand up company that is really helping people during difficult times. Now in the market with a natural energy drink instead of the ones out there. Yes it has caffine, but totally natural. Have you ever heard of franching, well they said that was illegal and a scam as well. Did it stop McDonalds, NO. Take time to learn where networking is going. You might just want to get involved. Personal franchising is the future of home base business. The jobs are going away and you must take your own future in to your own hands. Monavie is giving you the opportunity to do so. I wouldn't bash something that might save your life later. It has ours. I closed my business down after 15 years because of this wonderful economy and now have been paying our bills with Monavie checks, and helping others do the same. Now that they are in the racing game,it's going to put them in the main stream of things. Hold on, we are just getting started. McDonalds move over, it's time for the people to make some money as well as get healthy. Love it!!

Brian F

The problem with pyramid schemes is that the people at the top make all the money while the poor slugs at the bottom make next to nothing. Actually, I just described a corporation didn't I? ;-) That is why I am leaving the corporate world. In corporations there is only one slot at the top. In Monavie there are multiple slots at the top.

Simple advice. If you don't like Monavie don't join. If you don't like the juice don't drink it.

Chuck B

Monavie produces a fantastic product that includes fruits you would not be able to get in a grocery store...Thank you Monavie for bringing Acai to the US. I have more energy, sleep better, fight off colds easier and generally feel more in balance.

jen c

why a sports drink? the ones our kids use raises puls gives gitters ets. this is a hybred, a healthy alturnative that i would give anyone without concern or guilt that it might harm them. Oh and the snakeoil comment, my hubby thaught that to. he saw what it did for me and now he drinks and tells anyone he cares for about this amasing juice. ps in a pyramid you can't make more money than your up line in monavie this is not the case. please do your research before comminting on things. GO EMV!!!


My Hat is off to Monavie! FINALLY, a nutritional beverage that is not only good for you but the taste is wonderful. I'm looking forward to trying the new Energy Drink. Thanks Monavie!!!!!!



Dist ID wont tell

The biggest problem in Monavie is the fact that the top guys make the money! The poor slugs on the bottom, the Star 500, Star 1000's, Bronze and Silver, maybe Gold exec. too, just find it so hard to get to the top levels like Blue Diamond.... There is no incentive for these poor slugs to build it...the money is so lean on the bottom and the top make so much money...you really get discouraged to build your Monavie buisness further! Then the top guys keep telling you "home tatsings is the answer" just to keep the bottom slugs motivated to keep bringing people in. The top guys dont care....there are more people enrolling than dropping off...who cares if one good Silver Exec. drops off...next week we have another new Silver exec. But the poor Gold Exec guy is just trying so so hard but getting no results. Yes, the top do make all the money indeed. How many people in Monavie are on autoship? Maybe 5 % in total. People are dropping off like flies and Dallin does not care...the money keeps rolling in for Monavie and the top guys..argggg

Larry Rogers

I would like to say one thing, work, you have to put in effort to achieve anything in life. Time and effort is something lacking in this younger generation. I am an entepenure (contractor) and have been successful going on thirty years now. my wife and I have been involved in Monavie for a year and a half now, working part time, (pays for our motorhome and then some), not a scam, you just need to put in your time, more time more oppourtunity. Monavie is a wonderful company to be involved in for so many reasons. New distributors, the magic happens after year one to year five, dont give up. Most sceptics dont like MLM because of the nasty word WORK, they would rather it was a get rich quick scheme. Sorry. By the way the product is the real deal do the research, its out there. Good luck and to your health.


Registered dietitian here. Did the research, and the product is real. MonaVie has been able to unite two words that are the nightmare of every dietitian: convenience and nutrition. Usually, if it is convenient, it is not the most nutritious, and vice versa. Great job putting together a product that not only is great for everyone, but teaches the basics of good nutrition: balance, variety, moderation.
I use it daily and my overall health has improved as a result. I have since become a distributor. When you believe the product, the business works for you. Two months into it and I am bronze. Another week to silver. My suggestion: drink it first, feel it second, share it third. Work hard, but be sincere in your recomendations. If you believe the product, the business is half done!
Good luck to all, in health and wealth,


I'm am making money in MonaVie!! I am making lots of money in MonaVie! Never done network marketing before! If I can do this, anyone can do this. We have a great product, an awesome pay plan, and a terrific management team! Nobody seems to be listening to the poor saps who keep whining about how only those at the top make money and nobody is listening to those who call it snake oil! MonaVie just keeps getting positive press and publicity! I love this product! I love this business! WoooHoo!

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