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Family favored Demos over GOP in '08 races

Published: Wednesday, May 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Well, I for one am happy for Huntsman Jr. to be going to China. That way Utah can get a governor who really cares about UTAH and it's people and make time for us in their schedules. So he got what he wanted now maybe UTAH can get what we want...a governor who cares! So pack your bags Huntsman Jr and family and fly away! I won't miss him!

Greg Dawson

This is just terrible. Giving money to the liberals.

normal behavior

Very normal behavior: the rich give to both sides to cover their bets. Even our local banker does it.


Self interest, this is simple self interest.

People buy what they need. The huntsmans are no different. THey pay what they can for representation.

Utah Hatred

You people don't like anyone or anything


I am so sorry to hear they donated to Harry Reid. What an embarrassment.


Business interest or not how could a moral person give money to Harry Reid?

Ernest T. Bass

Their blessings will dry up if they keep giving money to democrats.

sarah jane

Good riddance to the Huntsman family.

Hey Lee

"No one, of course, is questioning whether Huntsman, a two-time ambassador and a Republican Utah governor who speaks Mandarin, was nominated now as ambassador to China by Democratic President Barack Obama as a reward for his family's donations to Democrats."

You didn't learn that long drawn out writing style in journalism school. Doesn't your editor know that the average DesNews reader needs short words and sentences? Sheesh, come on man.

Cowboy Joe

If Jon Jr. and Mitt Romney both end up in the GOP primary, were would Jon Sr. be throwing his support including his $$$$.

Smart People

That is why the Huntsmans are where they're at. They're smart people who take a strategic view of things and position themselves to take full advantage both in business and politics. But no one can say that Jr. isn't qualified -- he's eminently qualified to be Chinese Ambassador -- with his diplomatic experience already, his exectuive experience, his business experience, and his integrity. Obama was smart to ask him to take the position. But Huntsman will benefit the most -- he can always quit and run for President at time of his choosing, and already have experience in all areas -- businsess, governor, ambassador... etc. the only shortfall I see is lack of military experience, but then both Clinton and Obama have demonstrated that isn't a show stopper anymore.

Robert S.

The article states, "No one, of course, is questioning whether Huntsman . . . was nominated now as ambassador to China by Democratic President Barack Obama as a reward for his family's donations to Democrats."

That's not true. Lots of people are questioning whether he was nominated simply because of his father's contributions. That was the only reason he was named ambassador to Singapore. It was common knowledge in Washington during the Bush years (1988-1992) that one could have an ambassadorship by donating $250,000 to the Republican Party.

Furthermore, the political donations that this article mentions are only those donations that are reportable. Many donations, the so-called "soft money" donations made directly to the party, are not reportable. I, for one, am certain that the only reason the Governor is on his way to China is because of his father's donations to the Democratic Party. If his father claims otherwise, he should make public all his political donations, not just those that are reportable.

John Wicks

I would be curious to see what Daddy paid for this latest fiascal. Just another ploy of the rich scratching each other's backs. I hope his replacement will at least do his job which was not getting done before!!


Is there really anyone who doubts that Huntsman's ambassador appointments are really because of his personal talents? Clearly, the only reason for all this is the money his family has given to politics.


I second CP's comments!


What say you Demos/libs that always paint Mormons with a broad brush. Maybe Mormons are more free thinking than you give them credit for. They will always vote their conscience. You, on the other hand have voted in the most tyranical govt. in the history of the U.S.A.


Follow the money! And now you know, the rest of the story. (With apologies to Paul Harvy)


Charlie Rangel? One of the most corrupt politicians in US History? Wow!

Wise up

It is good to see Utah Mormons wising up to the fact that the Republican Party is a dismal failure that has nearly destroyed our nation, while catering only to a small plutocracy. Only the most ignorant would continue to be duped by this crowd who only appease the top 1% of wage earners.

That said, the Democrats are not far behind in their corporate pandering. After 8 years of tyrant Bush, and Obama continuing the same grab for power, we are effectively doomed as a nation.

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