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Published: Monday, May 18 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Christie is so cute!

Wow-wee! Great pictures- Thank you, Deseret News.


Who are you editors?

"Christie is still eating her usual two to four bales of high a day"

"If the new baby is a female, it will likely remain at Hogle Zoo with its mother. That's because [I am assuming "female" should go here" elephants tend to remain with their mothers for life, while males eventually go out on their own"

SLC gal

Does she know she is pregnant? Give me a break - she's an animal - she's not stupid.


She looks like one hefty elephant to me, and needs to go on a girly diet.


producing more cute animal babies to bring in more customers to rack up more $$$, yet they still ask the tax payers to foot the bill for their most expensive things. Oh yeah, and they raised prices too, just in time to pay more to see the babies.

Oh my!

Christie looks like she wants to jump the fence in the picture. Are you sure she is female?

Re: Who are you editors

Maybe you need an editor yourself. "Who are you editors"? Maybe "who are YOUR editors"?

cute as a button!

Can't wait!

America's Best Zoos author

Having a baby elephant is a huge deal for this fine zoo! It's appropriate since Hogle has one of the best elephant exhibits in the nation. Even better is its world class cat exhibit, Asian Highlands. What a terrific place to not only see some beautiful cats, but also to experience very authentic Asian culture. Utah residents should be proud of, and grateful for, their zoo! I'm glad they will be making it even better -- it's a great investment for the people and families of Salt Lake City, now and for the future.

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