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Published: Tuesday, May 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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When I woke up this morning, I thought the most remarkable thing happening was Rep. Chaffez opening up his Salt Lake Co. Office.

I am still in amazed at this announcement. Tim is a very nice man with lots of good ideas. I wish him well no matter what he does.

I am glad for another choice for US senate 2010.

What a joke?

How many office's is Bridgewater going to run for? Why was he running for state party chair if he was just planning on dropping out? It all seems a bit disingenuous to me.

Ut Co Gal

Could it be that Tim has so much support that delegates were asking him to run for Bennett's seat instead?


His twitter account says he will make a statement in the morning. In the mean time, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Spare Us

At least Tim won't have to move to qualify for the election like he did last time.

Man, when will Merrill Cook be throwing his hat in the ring??

The Captain's Spyglass

What this means is there will be at least 3 major contenders for the GOP nomination if Shurtleff formally announces on the 20th. Tim has a strong delegate following, as will Shurtleff and now the problem for Bennett will be he may now be defeated in convention in a 3 way split of the delegates. Tim may have realized that Dave Hansen is just too popular with the Delegates to win the GOP Chair, but there will be enough conservative delegates get elected in caucus this cycle to retire Bennett. Polls mean nothing in a race like this, it's all about caucus night.

A better alternative?

Lots of political connections, Huntsman's choice for GOP head, running for this, that, and the other. Sounds like another career politician in the making.

John C

What a joke?
You need to get a grip on it, Lincoln ran more than twelve times before he was elected.
You should run for an office, it is no easy matter, regardless of who runs against Bennett it will be a tough fight.
Shurtleff should stay home and take care of his knees.
I like Tim Bridgewater, but he would be going against the repubbie machine...not good.

Richard Votaw

The only problem with being Huntsman's man to be the chair of the party... Huntsman hasn't got the respect of the party itself. He hasn't attended ANY county convention, even Salt Lake County, which would have taken only about an hour out of his 'busy' schedule of running for President. There are few party leaders that care much about the desires from a man who has been no friend of the party.

Being Huntsman's pick wouldn't exactly be a badge of honor right now. So Bridgewater has the endorsement of two people that will assure that it doesn't happen. Huntsman & Ridgway.


It's obvious Bridgewater had no intention of really being the Republican chairman with his comment that he doesn't like being a coach. This is the same lack of integrity and dishonesty that he exhibited when he ran against an honest man--John Swallow for the Republican nomination for Congress. When Bridgewater lost that election he refused to support Swallow and actually worked for Swallow's defeat. There are a lot of us delegates in Sandy who haven't forgotten that. No matter what Bridgewater runs for, I will encourage my friends to vote for ABB--Anybody but Bridgewater


I am doubting his claimed conservative credentials, any one who supports Republican Moderates like John Huntsman, and John McCain, makes it hard for me to believe he is a true conservative. Does any one know more about this guy?


Reasons to vote Bennett out: 1) He's been in too long. 2) For all the time he's been in there, he hasn't achieved the conservative agenda that his Utah constituency wants.
Reasons to retain Bennett: 1) His experience is a benefit, not a disadvantage. He knows Washington, he's well-respected among his colleagues, he has seniority in the Senate and on committees, and he's very intelligent. 2) No single senator can accomplish his own agenda, especially when he's a Republican in a Democrat-monopolized Congress. A freshman senator would be even less effective.


I seriously laughed out loud when I found out Bridgewater was running. Yea, he saw he had no chance at winning the party chair so now he's on to the next office. How many times have the voters denied him? Give it up or he is going to be the next Merrill Cook.

Plus, he really is not as conservative as people make him out to be. I agree with the comment that he endorsed McCain and we all know how conservative McCain is! Bridgewater has totally lost my respect now.

Bridgewater V Swallow

I still remember the awful campaign that Bridgewater ran against Swallow. If he hadn't been such a poor loser, refusing to endorse Swallow and spreading nasty rumors, we might have had a Republican in Matheson's seat. Bridgewater is one of the slimiest politicians ever and this situation just confirms how low he will go. Pretending to run for another office just so he can get more name recognition is just another instance of Bridewater's lack of moral character! After the Swallow-Bridgewater race I vowed to never vote for Bridgewater.

Professional Gadflay

No, not Bennett -- Bridgewater. Get a real job.


I'm a Democrat. And I can tell you that we Democrats really like Tim. He's a very moderate, thoughtful guy -- just like Junior Huntsman. And he has special ties to the Bush family, especially that one Bush brother that was indicted for various acts of dishonesty in business. Go Tim. Go. And tap into those excellent Bush contacts.


I would even vote for Micky Mouse over Bennett. Bennett has done nothing but feather his own nest; he is less than wortheless as a representative of Utah or the nation.

drk knight - watch the $

The acid test of any campaign is: can it raise money? The competition will be fierce for the $ if all these guys run.

That is where the incumbent has an advantage. I like Senator Bennett. I hope he wins.


Reasons not to retain Bennett:
1) He's been in too long. 2) he's no conservative,
3)chairman of the TPN(transatlantic policy network),
4)voted for and supported amnesty of illegal aliens,
5)voted for the first bailout and is not a fiscal conservative.

re: Merrill Cook

I don't know why people are saying Merrill Cook. Merrill is already running for office, well he and Steve Harmsen are running for office. You really don't get one without the other. I like Steve, never have liked Merrill and what is up with that.

I agree that Tim made a big mistake when he didn't support Swallow when running v. Matheson. I think he has learned something.

I like the choice of Bridgewater, Bennett and Shirtleff. Not sure who I will vote for yet, but I like the choice...

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