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Published: Saturday, May 9 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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sad that this is truly about Jerry Jones instead of college football. this is just another BSC-esque move for college football.

Sam Bradford...

...just threw another TD pass.

This is going to be UGLY!!! Or awesome, depending on your perspective.


After the Y beats OU in this game similar to what happens to OU in BCS games recently, it should help the Y recruit more high school talent from Texas and Louisiana who will be going to the Y instead of OU, Texas Longhorns, LSU, etc


"...a big chunk will go to Cowboy season ticket-holders."

Why? And which Cowboys would those be? Wyoming or Oklahoma State?

Some Lame Ute Fans

Time for some lame Ute fans to start making snide remarks. In '08 it was "But the Y didn't play anyone tough, waaaaahhhhhhhhh." In '09 it's going to be, "But the Y got slaughtered by OU." Meanwhile, BYU will march to another 11-2 or 10-3 season as the Utes still bask in their '08 glory and stumble to an 8-5 season, talk about how great they are for beating a "tough" San Jose St. team, and how the Poinsetta Bowl beats the Las Vegas Bowl any day.


so when will the cowboys start winning again

What idiots

This article was about the BYU - Oklahoma SOONERS football game in Dallas.

Why does everyone have to make this into a UTAH is great or BYU is terrible article.

How pathetic!


"And which Cowboys would those be? Wyoming or Oklahoma State?"

Probably the Dallas Cowboys.

Uncle George

I agree with What idiots.

wake up

The Dallas Cowboys you moron! How does oklahoma state or wyo figure into a game here? Arlington is in Texas. Are you geographically challenged to where this is news to you? Have you ever heard the name Jerry Jones associated with Laramie or Oklahoma? Wake up and use the brain which your maker placed in your head. No, the cougars will be lucky to be better than 9-4 this year.


I'm a BYU fan but I can admit that Utah is GREAT and BYU is not.


Manhattan Construction is not from Kansas, it's headquarters are in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


I'm still waiting for all those Ute fans. I guess they aren't nearly as "lame" as cougar fans.

The Sooners are going to ruin BYU's "perfect" season and their unbeaten 0-0 record that they had to start the season. Oh well, the cougs are resilient and will probably get into a bowl game just to lose and ruin the MWC's reputation as being a giant killer.

Prediction, OK- 56 BYU - 17

And that's a wrap!


I'm almost tempted to go just to see this Taj Mahal of sports. I'm staying away, however, because I'd like to see the Cougars do a repeat of Miami w/Ty. But, the last three away games I've attended were not pretty -- TCU, UCLA, Arizona. I'd seen several games at Rice-Edwards north (the boink, the Sark, the Doman, the Harline) and figured I'd excised the curse, but... love the Cougs too much to jinx them. Still, Dick, you make a compelling case to go.

BYU has a chance

No one is giving BYU a chance at this game the same way no one gave Utah a chance vs Bama. Anyone in the MWC not pulling for BYU vs OU is stupid. This could really be the Y's chance to represent. It seems impossible for BYU to win if you don't visualize how it could be possible.

OU's offense is potent with Sam Bradford, no question. But the O-line is new, just like the Y's, and the main receivers are gone, with new Juco guys coming in. BYU's receivers have more D-1 experience up to this point than OU's do. If BYU get's a good pass rush going and create pressure, which will be tough with a good QB like Bradford, BYU can LIMIT, not slow down, but LIMIT OU's points. On offense BYU will be able to move the ball and score. Oklahoma defends the run fairly well, but they will have a task on their hands defending Unga. That will open up the passing game and OU's pass defense has shown holes against the pass.

I'm calling the final score OU 35, BYU 28.

If BYU does win

It likely won't be by a large margin. Chances are we will have to kick a field goal to beat them. Not a scenario I am comfortable with but just think if we pulled it off! Mitch Payne kicking a field goal to beat Oklahoma! Wow, that's almost funny. It could happen. Obviously the odds are against us but stranger things have happened in football. I can't wait!


BYU doesn't win big games. Why should this one be any different?


How foolish did I feel when I failed to recognize the irony in the comment about the Cowboys?

Sooner Livin'

BYU has a chance...new juco wr's? OU got one juco commit, the rest have been in the system, OU is reloading. Isn't BYU breaking in a new offensive line? That will be fun breaking them in against questionably the toughest front seven in the nation. The only new d-backs will be the safeties, and one got quite a bit of playing time, Quentin Carter, and he likes to knock people's heads off.

As far as the o-line, they will be more athletic than last year's line, and they just need time to gel. How good is your d-line? Is it better than the one that OU's line will face every day in practice? I don't think it will be close but I could be wrong, I have been before and will be again, but I hope they both play hard and good luck to BYU.


I think and rational person knows that BYU will have its hands full in this game. I will watch because I enjoy watching football but I won't slit my wrists if the Cougars lose. On the other hand, I will make no predictions, either (the best way to make a fool of oneself); after all, it hasn't been so long since I and my buddy took our seats at Cougar Stadium just prior to kickoff against #1 ranked Miami, I remarked that the weather was perfect, and even though we didn't stand a snow-ball's chance in hell of winning, it was good to be there.

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