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Published: Saturday, May 9 2009 12:35 a.m. MDT

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Give it a rest already, you freaks.


"..Petty, trivial and defensive, it worries away at the inconsequential and plays out as an exercise in self-justification".
Anymouse, I believe this is most appropriately applies to your remark and attitude.
Sit in your favorite chair, get help with a cool cloth on your forehead.
A simple prayer seeking foregiveness and understanding will give you peace.
God Bless.

All I know is.....

Jesus came to die on the cross so I could return to Heavenly Father.... That's it...


The entire book of Ecclesiastes(the teacher)ask questions about life and its meaning,but unlike this article,I would not go Buddha for my answers.

John 14:6 Jesus answered," I am the way and the truth and the life..

John 8:24 "I told you that you would die in your sins; if you not beleive that I am the one I claim to be,you will indeed die in your sins."


Anonymous has a axe to grind.


Holy crap batman! When will these people stop. It is getting rediculious.


Theology is important, 1John 5:16 "God is Love", In his essential nature and in all his actions,God is Loving,but"Love is not God"this is (pantheism)or all is God(Buddhism,)or its current mode, new age tree-huggers,ater all everyting is god. God is outside of his creation. I am concerned about this


LDS theology has had to change over the years because Joseph Smith's theology was a mess. It took Talmage, Roberts, and several others to work it all out, and even now it is incoherent. That is why the Church has acquired FARMS, renamed it the Maxwell Institute, and are paying highly educated people trained in philosophy, religion, and ancient texts to piece together a coherent LDS Theology. If you can't get a true theology directly from God, then you have to go out and buy one! That is what the LDS Church is expert at doing!

To anon at 4:15

Sadly, your ignorance makes your statements extremely sorry, to say the least. If you want to trash the Lord's church, talk to Him first. Maybe you will get your facts straight and get a "little coherant" yourself.

Also to anon 4:15

Who bought what from whom when? Your post is a bit incoherent, . . . but I'll bet Buddha would forgive you . . . coherently.


Anonymous nailed it, and the responses to Anonymous are pathetic. Is that the best you can do?


To Kevin: It does not matter what we say people like you and Anonymous will "NEVER" believe what we say, even when back by fact I doubt you and others would every except what we say. So will not try to attempt to convince you of the truth as "WE" see it, for there are so many different Churches so which one is right? That is for people to decide what they wish to believe or not to believe. There will always be naysayers and I believe so closed minded and hard hearted that well will never convince you that are intentions are good, no one is perfect and we have made our share of mistakes, both past and present and future as everyone in this world will do, it don't matter what believe you have everyone makes mistakes over and over again. So go ahead trash us it don't hurt be and most members it don't hurt we are just sadden that you fell you must trash that which we believe and will someday fact the judgment of God came judgment day and that is the same for us as well.

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